Volvo S80 2018 Interior Review and Specs

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Generation it is still a bit. getting used to because I was born and raised. with April 30 Queen’s Day anyway. could get used to that king’s day. I ride today in one. volvo a very special volvo from 2001. this is a s80 and yes the rest. yes this is the real original one hundred ah. and ten became this car. For many years he was used for. the transport of guests of the. royal family and that had to. of course on level well he is. significantly extended is a car that. has been converted by the bodybuilder. news in sweden the purveyor of. follow what we are about. limousines and look like cars well he. has special couches he put his. or the heart just as firmer than the. original container in it he has. on both sides there was a very luxurious DVD. screens a real DVD player. he has it was his also a luxury. a telephone on board. he still seems to do it and. of course a beautiful screen. just now it is not doing this at all. more a beautiful screen that you. if you want privacy again. to have. just glass and if you’re in the back too. not considering the being the driver there. the blinding also passes and then. you can do a bit of everything in the back. a royal family can afford. I borrowed this car from Hans’ block. cell and colorful man he owns. a sustainable event center. Event center were but also. tree nursery the netherlands and. collector so collector of. all very special follow she has. there are a hundred and ten, and this is there. one of these s80 has a two point 4. liter engine with 170 hp to seems like a. a lot when you consider that this car is 1860. weighs pounds then you should put this on. but yes you drive it stately with this. high visit in the back of such a car. 2001 was delivered cost a hundred and. twenty thousand euros that sounds like one. a lot but for such limoux it is really good. actually along and that is characteristic. for our royal house because if you. looks over at other colic houses. world are ours. Calvinistic with their fleet I have. a few years ago for the kro. I participated in a broadcast of. the Court of Audit have looked at what. the royal family spends on cars and. it is actually not too bad for our stomachs. Queen Beatrix enters for example. years then with that. ugly scorpio or raised and. extends and that thing stayed but he is. what the long new can buy but them. did not do it as economically with car he. was also not armored by the way because the. Queen thought that was not necessary. to be in a country like the Netherlands. and then you might wonder why. actually drive the lucky house with follows. whether there was driving I should say. our king has him in between the switch. made to an audi. but in the time of beatrix they were. volvo’s first fort later birds and there. is a good story for long. ago it was that fort in the netherlands. the manufacturer and amsterdam. port area there were all kinds of species. built from tranzit to even the fog. and was built there and therefore it had. coffeehouse a big heart for the brand. ford and became ford the main supplier of the. oranjes then later the scorpio. production went for it had no cars. more that really yes in the king house it. cement cupboards and since volvo. was the luxury branches of fort at the time. she switched or volvo and it is. actually our current king who is in one. is the revolution has done and. faces we no longer do i go already. who drive. Beatrix actually had nothing with cars. so therefore for her all was allowed. they remain sober and neat. good. our king certainly had something with it. nice pot damage form must. enter it in the past. nowadays relationship until they drive in. their audi a8 that no doubt today. pedigree come along something. I drive around in this for a while. beautiful old full dreaming back. from the time the queen was still queen. was and I wish you all well. nice partying.

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