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New Toyota Landcruiser you can. probably see it behind me there I’m. gonna be driving it over the next three. days in a variety of conditions so on. sand on rock on road it’s going to be. pretty epic so I hope you enjoyed the. ride the trader Land Cruiser has an. off-road heritage spanning 65 years it’s. available in more than 190 countries and. over the next few days I’ll be going on. an epic adventure to find out exactly. why it’s so popular this time yesterday. I was stuck in traffic on the North. Circular in London today smashing across. the sand in Namibia I mean look at this. look at this that is spectacular going. up a berm now wait my gosh are the guy. friends bailed oh no don’t stop don’t. stop don’t stop don’t stop and he is in. trouble never stop when you’re on sand. got to keep the momentum up like here. there power power power power yes you. won’t want to be driving over this if. you’ve got piles and Toyota literally. sells piles of Land Cruisers is the. market leader in ten European countries. thanks to its a legendary toughness this. is one car that can take you to the most. interesting of places so we’ve come to. Lille stop off having driven the Land. Cruisers for a bit and you might hear. this weird noise well the reason is that. we we’ve come to a seal colony yeah look. just a load of big stinky ass fighty. seals apparently you shouldn’t get too. close to them because they will bite. doesn’t really have much to do with the. turtle and cruiser but it does show you. that the Toyota Landcruiser can get you. any way it can get you to a seal colony. this current generation Lang Cruiser has. been around since 2009 but it’s just had. a major overhaul with the addition of. improved off-road electronics including. a sort of low speed cruise control right. so I’m gonna put the car into low range. mode now because we’re going uphill so. I’m gonna lift at the air suspension now. I’m going to put the car into cruel mode. so effectively just drive it up this. slope for me and I can control the speed. of it by just turning a dial car does it. all really this is child’s play for this. Land Cruiser I’m pretty sure what’s also. easy is spotting the latest revisions to. the cars look so this Land Cruiser may. not be all new but there are significant. design changes to the exterior the one. you can probably notice most is this. look at this big scoop out of the bonnet. now that helps with forward visibility. believe me from behind the wheel you. notice it but the grille still very. classic Land Cruiser vertical slats it’s. got that kind of presence hasn’t it now. the ducting on this car is positioned so. that like when you’re wading you can go. up to a depth of 70 centimetres without. having to worry about sucking water into. the engine or damaging the electricals. speaking of electric also the lights. clusters they’re new so you can get full. LED headlights now on this car and the. main bulbs are positioned inward so that. if you’re going off-road you hit a. branch you don’t wipe out your lights. down the sides you can get 17-inch alloy. wheels or 90s it’s going to look a. little bit more kind of straight now the. actual ground clearance on this car is. almost 22 centimetres which is pretty. high and you can get it with air. suspension and you can jack that up. further if you want to and the back is. very similar to before but the when you. can only see them because they’re. covered in sand from the desert the. light clusters are different but you’ve. still got that classic. well I can’t cruiser style tailgate now. in the city this is not quite so. practical when you’re parked in a very. tight parking spot but when you’re out. in the outback it’s really useful and. yeah as you can see we are in Namibia. that’s probably not been very good right. in that for the paintwork but I will and. that’s the thing with the landcruiser. it’s designed to be able to take abuse. not just look good on the school run and. if you think big SUVs are rather dull to. drive in the right or should that be. wrong conditions they can be a total. laughs so this is a lot of fun just. blasting this car over this rough road. and you got hidden dips like this one. coming up here you have to watch out for. and hear about quite but you know this. car stuff you know it can take it and. I’ve got a 2.8 litre four-cylinder. diesel engine yeah it’s got 177. horsepower which doesn’t sound like a. lot really and not sixty takes around 12. seconds but it’s not about that it’s all. about the low down pulling power so. you’ve got 450 Newton meters of torque. from around 1600 rpm so when you put. your foot down it does just haul this. big thing along Oh rallying people drive. them and Kensington Chelsea and all that. and they never feel the benefit you know. this is one of the old-school. off-roaders as well it’s still built on. a ladder frame chassis so your body on. top of the strong chassis beneath it and. that just makes it better for. off-roading. not so good on road though with on road. today and that’s the thing you pick your. tools for the job if you’re just going. to be on smooth tarmac the whole time. I’ve been to be x 5l dq7 or Volvo xc90. or a better Drive but if you need a car. which is comfy enough to live with it. can take you into the bush and get you. back again without a hitch I’d rather. put my life in the hands of the Toyota. Landcruiser. put it this way probably nine out of. every ten four-by-fours I saw in Namibia. were a Twitter the suspension at the. front is fully independent wishbone. suspension at the back I’ve got air. suspension on this one. it’s. still has a rigid axle very very. old-fashioned in arcade but it’s tough. and it works and this car actually has. pretty good chassis articulation and. that means that it can move its wheels. through quite a range of motion now it’s. got anti-roll bars but when you’re. off-roading the car knows it decouples. anti-roll bars are the the wheels across. an axle couldn’t move independently so. they’re not like hell together and that. does mean that it can might walk its way. over rocks better than if it had fixed. anti-roll bars so I don’t give you some. facts and stats on the car now this. thing has an approach angle of 31. degrees and that means it can approach a. slope that’s 31 degrees it can leave a. slope the departure angle have one. that’s 25 degrees whoa also it’s got a. break over angle so it can crest a hill. of 22 degrees without bottoming out the. thing to think about is the gradient. that your car can go up so this thing. can scale a gradient of 42 degrees which. is pretty bloomin steep also it can. drive on a bank of 42 degrees as well. without toppling over so this is getting. more extreme now really careful not to. catch the size of the con these rocks. because they’re so jaggedy I’ve actually. got a device that I can press a camera. and look and see exactly where the sides. of the car are and where the front. wheels are so you can actually walk it. using the camera on the screen over the. rocks and what I’m gonna do next. should be pretty awesome and this I. it up and then it be massively. embarrassing and we could be stuck for a. long time ahead was a big sand dune I. needed to scale which posed a very real. risk of getting stuck so a minor. adjustment to the car was required now. just before we go in the sand this chap. is actually alone the tire pressures. from 3 bar 2 to bar so the tire is. actually softer there lies it to grip. onto the sand better than if it was. harder because a greater contact patch. in the sand which is really really loose. and. very fine so there’s a real possibility. that we might get stuck however the toy. trick would count for nothing if I. didn’t use the appropriate off-road. driving style right so the trick with. this because we’re going up a steep. sandy slope where it’s very deep is to. just hoon it and keep the momentum going. and don’t let the car bog because if it. bogs you’re done come on gone I know. there’s a bit that’s quite deep round it. yeah hopefully the car just wow that was. a lot of fun but let’s not get too. carried away you see the Land Cruiser. may now start from 33,000 pounds with. the entry-level utility grade when the. UK buyers want luxury the range-topping. invincible version I’m driving costs. from 52 thousand pounds so does it feel. worth that inside right let’s have a. look around the inside of this new. Toyota Land Cruiser so this is the. range-topping. invincible version so it has all the. bells and whistles this is Toyota’s. touch two infotainment screen so you’ve. got your media you’ve got car stuff you. set up this one’s in probably. ukrainian-russian or something down here. you’ve got your controls for the. four-wheel drive system because of the. brains top you get all this different. terrain settings the crawl button you. diff lock although all models have a. diff lock you’ve got multifunction. steering wheel there leather seats are. standard now the interesting thing to. note is that this is designed to be. luxurious vehicle go anywhere luxurious. vehicle burst of the quality it’s yep it. just doesn’t feel as posh. there’s something like a Land Rover. Discovery here’s the back seats very. roomy as you can see making it as a. five-seater a 5 or 7 seater the range. toppers all come with seven seats and. I’ll show you the seven seats working. there hopefully if I press this button. here we all get the seat pop-up in the. back and love the way the base comes out. it’s pretty cool and there you go that’s. a seat in place pop that back and I will. check out the room here in the back well. let’s play room in the middle row so. let’s check out the very back you can. probably see that I can just about fit. in here it’s not the most comfortable. place but look I have just about enough. room so there you go anyway I got back. into the front seats and continued with. the journey but first I had to set the. car up to scale a slope once again the. new off-road technology helped him make. the job as easy as possible but the car. suspension raised I’ve got it in low. ratio mode I’ve even what the diff lock should be good to go. I’m gonna get the momentum up together. this Sunday bit well yeah and then what. I’m gonna do is cheat a little bit put. the kind of crawl mode and let it just. crawl and return steam at this slope so. I can just control the speed by this. dial I’ve got five different speeds and. it’ll just do all the work for me. obviously I have to steer but bear in. mind there’s a bit of a truck anyway the. car probably follow the ruts that’s how. I don’t do anything I think off-roading. is a lot easier than it used to be there. are some other cool off-road features. like surround cameras which really let. you place the wheels exactly where you. want them and various off-road modes to. deal with a variety of conditions such. as a muddy riverbed so this is a. particularly tricky bit we’ve got to do. there’s a big hole there we need to. simply cut across keep the power on and. it’s gonna bounce Oh. oh no it was do that or get bogged down. because there’s a huge huge hole where. you’ll just bottomed out it’s so in. front of this riverbed bits of water and. it just gets a little bit a little bit. sticky in places fingers the Toyota. never came and stuck what’s even more. amazing is that this very car had. already done this trip twice with. another bunch of journalists and would. have to do it once more time after I’d. left and that’s a real testament to its. durability. ok then we’ve come to the end of the. journey so we’ve done a 600 kilometers. in two days most of it on extreme rough. terrain even when he wasn’t that extreme. it was rough and we’re piling along at a. right old rate and these vehicles they. have stood up to it they are tough they. are rugged I’m really really impressed. with how a Toyota Landcruiser can stand up to some real hard driving now.

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