Suzuki Swift 2020 Release Date

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welcome to one more chapter of got. cars today we will dedicate scan. boxing al suzuki swift in the version. Sean m I want to thank you automotive. authorized suzuki car dealer. in the city of armenia for lending us. this suite for the net. find our statement of. responsibility as a network down in the. video description without a doubt. this suzuki swift is one of the sedans. most interesting subcompacts that are. they can get in the national market. although it does not have a great length. or size is a vehicle what. wide enough and comfortable for. bring five occupants especially those. that go back they have a good space. to stretch the legs the aspects. keys of this vehicle are your good. equipment price ratio its scarce. 880 kilograms of weight that give it a. very agile driving dynamics apart. of exceptional performance in. fuel that makes it the best in its. segment to all this we must add the. mechanical reliability worthy of suzuki products which is more than. tried for many years in. our market will be reviewing the. motorization technology proposal. security spaces and equipment.

For now let’s start by knowing your. dimensions the vehicle they see in. screen me almost 4 meters long and. just over 1.7 meters wide. it comes with an economical propeller to. 1.2 four-cylinder gasoline. 16 valves liters with variable system. of time that develops 85 horses of. force and 1 115 newtons meter torque to. from 4,200 revolutions per. minute. it should be noted this propeller does not use. timing belt this propeller. a manual transmission of. 5 gears in this version of the suite that. they happen if they want to see the transmission. automatic of this vehicle can check this link that I am sharing right now. the key to our partner x suite is. maintains opening function of. vehicle and closing and activation of the. anti-theft alarm. here you can meet the spacious. inside of the suzuki swift sedan and the. arrangement of controls for the. driver and companions. ah. in the back comes with a. comfortable bench for three occupants with their. respective seat belts and. two height adjustable headrests.

Suzuki Swift 2020 Specs and Review
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We will hardly find in a. vehicle of this segment a. central armrest on the rear bench. and also some ventilation nozzles. like the ones we are seeing here that. they have. to cut off the flow even I can. guide the air flow to the sides. independently in each of. the nozzles works very well in this. moment is on in the air and. we will also find a 12 shot. volts and a space to store. objects. in the back seats we are going to. find isofix anchors for. baby chairs. It comes with a trunk of 378 liters of capacity. which basically comes with its tire. spare and storage spaces. safety implements and tools. It comes with a convenient bottle holder and. front doors on the doors. rear. in the central armrest of the back. rear and forward in the center console. between the driver and the co-pilot. reviewing the spaces we will find. the whole water here. map holder on the doors in the console. central we will have this space for. store objects where we are also going to. see here a 12 volt socket. auxiliary unipost and other usb for the. infotainment system and below. of this part of here the brake of. hand we also have this space for. place coins keys devices. mobiles or cables. already making the inner film then in. the plastic doors are hard but. they transmit a very good feeling to the touch. and durability chrome handles the. keypad looks very solid from very good. touch sensation side panels. lined in quilted fabric just like. here the armrest the steering wheel is. ergonomic in the form of C. part here is completely flat. we have some metallic inserts. around the gear selector. here on the wheel at the nozzles of. ventilation and the bearing is in fabric. in the team part we will find. raises electric glasses in the four. automatic driver’s windows. one touch to open and close the. rearview mirrors are adjustable. electric. The driver’s seat is adjustable in. height. like the steering wheel. the address is electro assisted. well right now we are at. board of our suzuki swift sedan. let’s turn on the vehicle to. see how it illuminates the cluster of. instruments we will check the computer. travel in the different commands that. we have here the steering wheel system. source of attention and the system. air conditioner then let’s put in. ignition and started the vehicle.  good in cluster instrumentation.

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We are watching the speedometer tachometer. and trip computer to handle this. travel computer we will use. this button that is here to handle the. odometers let’s use this one that is. here we will review it then. let’s make the approach here. so there we are seeing in the part. from above the time if below we will see. the fuel reserve here we are going to. see the current vehicle consumption on. average consumption range autonomy. of fuel and we return again to the. current consumption part here we will see. system commands. entertainment then we have command. the volume yes. the ‘news command the command for. jump from application to application. and we also have the browser command. to jump from station to station or from. folder or music file in the part. from here we will find the commands. of the bluetooth system that is going to. allow us to receive calls and. also connect our device. mobile to listen to our music from. our mobile device here the. infotainment system is a. color touch screen and it has. radio interfaces or tuner. radio different things presets or. station memories tracking system. of stations we have. also here the interface to handle. well all the devices of. usb storage then there. we have the folder manager or. music files we have here the. phone interface that is going to. allow us to have here. our contact list the record. of calls and dialing too. we have this part of the cause is for. pay on the screen if we are already a. little fatigued with light. we have the auxiliary cable interface. if equalization general settings. et cetera et cetera and also here we are going to. see the classic air conditioning system. of three knobs here to handle the. fan intensity the different. ventilation modes inside the cabin. internal air recirculation and the. temperature not here to activate. rear defogger and activation. or deactivation of the air conditioner. It has brakes with system. anti-lock abs electronic distribution. ebd braking and protection bars. side doors.

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Inside in the cabin comes with double. front driver air bag. and co-pilot. halogen headlights in high and low the. vehicle comes with explorers. and LED turn signals integrated into. rear view mirrors. and taillights led technology. I hope you liked this one very much. suzuki swift in the silk version if. they need more information about this. sweet their prices and their other versions. I recommend contacting. suzuki car dealership in the. average automotive city with the data that. appear on the screen or down in the. video description can also. consult zero point. wait a boxing later with. our suzuki through this network. he got cars don’t forget to leave me his. comments and subscribe to our. network can also follow our. activities through our networks. on instagram and facebook I don’t feel anymore. until next time.

Suzuki Swift 2020 Release date and Specs

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