Mercedes Glc 2019 Spy Shoot

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Mercedes-benz GLC coupe a this is the. phase Li version and selenite metallic. paint job these are the new daylight LED. running stripes and multi beam. headlights. this car has exterior mg package also. the interior AMG package so with that. come different alloys different front. bumper and diamond grille in the front. and yeah the car was also different in. the back but I will show that in a. second so this would be quick overview. of the car exterior and interior I did. also for review on the car on my channel. so you can check that out and also later. in the video I will show you the park. turning and also the full drive in the. city and on the highway so stay tuned. for that and make sure you subscribe for. plenty more videos in the future so now. we can check these five twin spoke mg. alloy wheels with michelin tires and. these are the latitude sports to eat. tires these are 20 inch size to 55 45 20. inch and they have also perforated sport. brakes so from the back we can see this. car has different they lamps different. design inside of them I really from the. beginning when I saw that first time in. Geneva Motor Show I really like how they. look of course I saw it on the GOC SUV. but they are the same on the coupe a2. and immediately you know that this is a. different car basically today’s also. positive of this of this design but yeah. overall I think I like it or from the. real-life view it looks much better and. then the old ones also have diffuser in. the back. [Music]. [Applause]. so right now we can open the door and. take a look at the interior so the. interior has also AMG interior package. as you can see also has a wood trim and. illuminated door churring with. mercedes-benz and also the AMG floor. mats mg steering wheel mg seats. these are comfort seats but they are AMG. style AMG line style and also they are. very good and very comfortable also so. this is very good this is black interior. you can see this new twelve point three. inch screen which has like imitation of. the front of the vehicle during night so. it really looks really great if you if. you’ve seen it first time it’s like. magical and then it changes to three. modes so you can have a sport mode which. I have now here you can change it also. to the classic and also to progress you. so this is the new one it’s called the. progress you is the same also on the a. class and also progressive plastic and. sport my favorite would be would be. sport and followed by the progressive so. also the middle display is bit is bigger. and also what is revolutionary this car. also has an Ambu acts system unlike the. Neo c-class so this gets also the same. features as the a-class and g le GLS and. all new mercedes-benz vehicles so this. is great news and also you have ambient. lighting. you have 64 colors then PN lighting it. also in the middle panel as you can see. here I show it with my hand and it’s. really beautiful interior the wood. stream is really nice you can have also. different trims in the interior like a. car bone these are the AMG seats they. have nice support I believe this is. article leather but I’m not 100% sure. but I think it is articulated which is. synthetic leather in the back you will. see soon how much space I have it’s. really spacious I didn’t think it would. be so spacious for me I’m 6 feet 2 or. 186 centimeters so really gorgeous car. from outside and also inside. I am 186 now I still have like this much. space so I think is enough Headroom you. like it like this so I think it’s good. for a head room even for adult person. and I would take this over the SUV. because it looks better like this we. look more sportive and all this is not. sporty but if you a family car you want. to have a little bit sporty so I really. like this is also like a shaped here for. your head so great so let’s open the. boot space so if you press on the batch. in to open automatically 500 liters and. this is 10% less than the GOC SUV it’s. not so much I would say I would think. the Cooper shape would take more room in. the boot space but it’s only 10% so you. need to decide if you want 10% more or. or it’s fine for you this size. personally I think this is enough for a. family but you need to decide yourself and now let’s go for a test drive. this is new progressive display yeah. please progressive display so my test. drive will be in the city in small. streets and also on the highway so not. right now I’m changing to progress. through this plane and setting up all the different settings. so this is fixed so special note I just. fixed in AMG package it’s lower but it’s. still mechanical suspension this is our special approach truck. so I draw also the new jelly like two. months ago now straight straight and this feels like more compact. I like this more that it’s compact maybe. because I Drive a class or me Julie was. very big. I think it’s American standard of an SUV. yes it’s for an suspenders. it’s smooth like I don’t know like sheep yeah. and neither had aromatic of suspension so it was like very good. and we got straight to the end of this rock. and this is two-liter engine to it four. cylinders 194 horsepower 400 kilometers it’s like a 35 mg. but it’s very good the suspension is not adjustable but it’s like yeah very good. this is like a higher C class basically see cause SUV yeah. this is the same platform yes just sit sitting higher. okay we go to the highway uh-huh right right. we can make something around 12 kilometers. I think I like this smart and progressed. you looks like Angie. I see you have a really cool drive style yeah because this is this or car so. and there will be like higher speeds now. and of the city this is a this is the. end of the city. and some dinamic a we have. 17. kilometres per hour. votes. right now they’d start the highway. and highway is 120. one Flint it’s not exactly the highway this is Express Road. we have a highway and like a motorway expressway and they are both 130. it’s more smooth than in a closet. glasses the sport mode is art more. aggressive. this is the other gearbox then I cross this is hit early okay. so that’s my appeal. your books have really drugs. seven point nine litres that’s good for what we did fight City Drive hands. I think on the long journey then go. around maybe 650. it’s possible but for the hour in our. test drives you have the greatest. consumption of other are here witches. all right we go to the right because I. try to drive right people who drive and. every day so usually like people drive. in Slovakia because some driver fast some calm but. I never drive in the cold. comforts further in need the huge. advantage of eco mode it’s automatic possible too. to take cuts off and you working out. girl. yeah like a neutral. [Music] and you saved we can try it. if the d1 change color for green at the. clutch is half system of parks tronic and we go near their left side. okay.we right. or tomorrow okay. please take the gear on now press. it’s we have press it now or after okay. now now press the touchpad or on a. screen we take rivers. the green light. it’s tell us about that’s we have automatic mode. when I first tried with my car I was in stress. oh okay. oh so I guess that’s it for this video I. hope you enjoy it and let me know in the. comment section down below which you. prefer GOC Koopa or GLC SUV so guys. that’s it for this video make sure you. are subscribed for plenty more videos. like this video share with your friends and I’ll see you soon in the next video. and I’ll see you soon in the next video have a great day.

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