Land Rover Defender 2019 Price and Release date

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the Land Rover Defender is a tool of concept. Varane is the perfect place to test the. new defender simply because it’s got an. incredible diversity of terrain tusks. partnership with Land Rover goes back. over 15 years tusk is an African. wildlife conservation charity we want to. use this year to really highlight the. plight of the Lamb. we are now in a situation where we’ve. got less lion in the wild than we have. rhino and I think that is a pretty shocking indictment.

As a Kenyan myself I had no idea until I. started working here but we’ve only got. 20,000 Lyon left in the world it’s crazy. the lion is actually canyons are. national animals so it’s intertwined. with us as our people on Borana we have. a team that’s dedicated to tracking and. monitoring lions and they have to be. able to go where the Lions go and make. sure that they are safe the process of. tracking and monitoring lions involves. fitting of gsm devices which we normally. call colors which are able to tell you. where there anymore goes and what it is. doing when it comes to coloring line or. tracking line at any point there they. hardly ever on the roads so that means. that we need a vehicle is capable of. going off-road I’m quite an adventurous situation. it involves moving in with the full. veterinary team this team will use a. tranquilizer that an animal will be out. for around 40 minutes to maximum one.

Land Rover Defender 2019 Price and Release date

Well when they’re we take a little. interesting measurements and a few blood. samples and things just to keep up on the Lions general health. and now you have this data which will. help you better manage the animal.  The new defender has demonstrated its. skills in every environment that mother earth can throw at a vehicle. when you see lion cubs and know that you. know we have new alliance in the. landscape you know I can see that I’m. making a difference big cuts are the. epitome of all the cuts in that line of. evolution they are magnificent they are. beautiful they are wonderful to be with. Haas as the human race should make every. opportunity for future generations to. enjoy the same spectacle of nature we. are so privileged to witness and observe. Photography is 95% about access it is. not about this this is just a piece of. metal it is getting there yourself in. the position to use this you need a car. that can take you to inaccessible places. I spend more time photographing wildlife. than anything else I don’t think it’s. been done particularly well in the past. that’s not being immersive enough and I. think to make it immersive you have to. get dirty and also to get in a position. to get dirty you need Land Rovers help. to get you to fairly inaccessible places. I’m in awe of polar bears for their. fortitude I mean of tigers for their.

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Ruthlessness but then the most. emotionally intelligent animal of the. whole lot is the one right behind me. Land Rover and tusks and both very. special not just for me but for the. conservation world. piranhas ecosystem is much less a. uniform than just and about any other. National Park I know in Kenya it’s hilly. its rocky. there are a lot of roads that if you. rented a car at the airport you couldn’t. make it down here so you need a Land. Rover it’s appropriate I think that the. first time people are seeing this car is in a place labor honor. there’s an old saying that your ships. safe in the harbor but ships weren’t. really made for barbers they’re made to. go to the final extremes and in the. modern world you need cars that can take you to the final extremes.

Land Rover Defender 2019 Specs and Review

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