Land Rover Defender 2018 New Interior

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The only one for us let’s drive the. defend v8 last defend of history. and we will also drive the new jaguar there. does. let’s see this i’m the last the light of. strong is a car with 405 to deforestation. 405 votes do not defend the colors are. jorge on tracks 5.6 seconds and the. maximum speed is limited. naturally at 170 kilometers per hour. it’s not even worth explaining why I’m the. way leading from teetering this beauty. ornate. [Applause]. this punishment cry. [Applause]. will have to be running because i have. the presentation of gold that the government of. which jury is part. in a little while I don’t know how we. we’ll be able to arrive on time but let’s. try. rock heloth. ok ok right to experience the year 2008. as I said a moment ago were just fleith 151. god of this with 405 horsepower v8 engine. production was discontinued in 2016 as. long end the production of the defender. started in 1946 and ended in 2016 the. that the land rover made fat 150 that. I would like to shove myself inside a whole. and eight with 400 horses. let’s see how you defended again. worx it was me a little while I point I was wrong. since 1946 when vitor lippi 1948. latest version tac a one board in. in front of the place where all the. the all derivations of the defend by. outside we have styles will magirus much more. woman on the edson floor and in front let’s go. see what are the differences we have one of. much more modern headlights than it is. usual in defending but the rest one. stand up for everyone else for. difference that down here altogether eight. years so something is wrong. wow request by unlocking the mirror. it was good because it gave the team and to whom. always comes out fast the fertility of. than in the vehicle segment. the law gives some and let it be understood in. spirit the facts stir niterói. the girl played and 6 2 in the tournament. I can handle the car. the top dj big phone decision and indicated and. stocks is what it is and it was great to have the. chance to see what you saw and mouth I wanted. take your foot and also that’s not simons. and dance and dance. yes I am the second goal demanding about. team on g 4 the team network with jessie. regions where I only now got. get out of here will be going to be beautiful. the sound is always the same power. and I haven’t even started walking. inside and not let by. emotions to drive a car of which. only 150 units were made and tried. drive prototype number 2. speaking of the countryside well we have. finishes that doesn’t remind a whole. defend the inside all speaks of the role. we have a recaro bakker tipper. must be equal. I think we found in the previous. generation of mégane rs but left him. conversations that will have the road in. truck direction is here. damn it. being clear is sure to turn. let’s support you I confess that. drive 111 defend with 400 horses is. of the scariest experiences that. already had more more rewarding too. even more look how is the tar. full of ice full right yields have. an attraction of this defend is able to. send up to 90 percent of the power to. the front wheels and when we. we think of a rotation joint of a. road. other difficulties and obstacles. undermine the stability of the. vehicle shall have the system of. traction to keep things and to. keep things in place. [Music]. Jesus. down the street you can hear is coming. still tried if they didn’t cross the line. cool in cities I don’t want to have. problems with the Swiss authorities that. i have is good a website subscribe one. channel to feed the hour flashes by. cazorla drive already got used. hidden on the wrong side that day already. I was wrong is another highlights the system. of infotainment prepare well in size. let screen is gigantic is giving to. see for israel and everything or not. or else I don’t have to defend the step by. up all bad because the florists. sparta banner. I’ve seen a lot of cars in the salon. geneva is the main models the. main news drive us a. car brings us the essence of 1948 the. modern times with v8 engine with more. 400 horses down here. it’s an experience that I can’t. write words and i swear i’m. try i swear i’m trying. continue on four wheels as it is. possible if this i’m trying to have the. utmost care because it’s the. prototype number 2 i don’t know what it is. that the jaguar land rover wouldn’t do if I. would happen to do any harm. this a god of which there are only 150. units. naturally to receive a tour with. this collage as explained by the responsible. land rover were made several. modifications at the dynamics level and the. contrary to what is customary not to defend. we don’t feel so much the regulation that. would like even braking and same. mom. holding bulls and standard not be. many transfers but of course. look at the tire size and look at the height. of the car are a pure and hard but it’s not. as bad as could be waiting. the good is the last tenth the circuit. now a part what was the best car. for a gem Alentejo to be in the. geneva hall of course a defend. know how to defend when it was released in. 1948 just long 16.956 just weaves. beat myself. the defender was launched with the purpose. to be a kind of hybrid between a. farm failure and a light car and it was. that’s the purpose that was so much that there was. strans to record the earth and to. move the earth there were several your. themselves therefore defend a car that. arrived as a factory like rural wind. nothing better for an alentejano how are you. with priest I love this is awesome. and it’s very good. in five years more than five years of. couple peoples claim this time. be last bull. O. all this is talked about is fantastic and. I’m simultaneously addictive. but it was little seen a lost case I. I don’t know, I wasn’t kidding. continuous ok all this had to travel. to go back which epic is a. absolute late to go to the ceremony. of our prefer ourocard lists be a. of the late juries is the wheel of a. defend v8 this exists this does not exist. I don’t believe this will happen. so that’s it because it’s better to be. late or flying dunga defended yesterday. 8th. dodo if you train there x willingness to. make weeds and over here. tub is a shame that’s missing. at this time it forced a problem. could be all satisfied from life. have driven the last v8 defender of the. species now and now criticizes say the. pity is not having been playing rock is the. be awesome balls that experience and. 151 lord british guy in sicho two. music entities. [Music]. time to light the problem. then I was angela portela. [Music]. jean I’ll tell you the price of staying but. not worth it because there is no. level units they were only 150 and. flew as fast as the houses that. zé era from scratch already at 170 thousand euros. pre-tax exactly 170 thousand. euros value money is for fourth flight. are defending v8 and farms are. charcoal toys even for those who like. car is for those who like the. story of mine and of course has. money for big toys. 130 thousand years very well employed I say. yes the meetings our youtube channel. so muriqui max don’t buy one of these. don’t care about youtube house brazil. which is having a defender 8 in the garage. consumptions as to consumptions hour leaving. fair the onboard computer does not have the. government look at me so upset I. got mine ripped up the v8 one with like that. was always think any questions to. comtex spends tea in response delay. always the same. spends leave without you sir the bad guys. just kept quiet as if I didn’t know. when he bought the car he was in. let’s talk tomorrow to serve both. an absurd question how much do you spend. spend without leaving the floor. the moment dispose want to change and rock. where your husband is no problem or that. cool 19 year of fleece acting. dripping defend nozzles still a point. duo the templates of the enemy is bad to say. you have to add to run around.

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