Jeep Wrangler 2019 Release Date New Interior

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2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Edition and what’s amazing about it it. is featured in an all-new color. bikini pearl metallic so let’s talk a. little bit of history about Jeep before. we even get to this one. jeeps been around since World War two. that tried-and-true friend all the GIS. over the years people have fallen in. love with the Jeep and what I really. love about those people is that they’re. really true enthusiasts they hold sacred. to their heart their Jeep no matter what. the flaws are no matter what the issues. are they will drive their Jeep each and. every day with no question about it. fast forward to 2018 now the reason why. I bring up 2018 the Jeep Wrangler. received an all-new redesign for the. first time and remember think about that. for those designers that’s a scary time. because you don’t want to go too far. changing things because you want to keep. it true to the name of the game and I. think you’ll see that with this 2019 for. sure it is still holding true to the. Jeep heritage let’s dive in to this. all-new colour 2019 bikini pearl. metallic I love right off the bat when. you see a Jeep you know it’s a jeep and. that’s what you’re gonna get with the. Sahara Edition you have the traditional. round headlights these are full LED on. this trim level package I like the. silver accents perfect. it makes the grille the headlights pop. perfectly now one little tip when. looking not only at the headlights but. the fenders is that new for 2018 were. these extra lights so what that means is. is that if you see a Jeep and it doesn’t. have the extra lights in the fender. that’s not a 2018 or newer this was new. for 2018 obviously carried over into. 2019 now when you look at that vertical. 7 slotted grille the old wives tale is. this is each. one of the seven continents North. America South America Antarctica. Australia Africa Europe and Asia one two. three four five six seven and the reason. why they say that is because supposedly. it was Jeep that was on all seven. continents first before any other. manufacturer I do like the nice rugged. bumper I like the silver accents the way. that they bring that cohesiveness from. the headlight into the fog lamps I think. we could do without these fake grilles I. wish they would have just had that open. or just smooth so I am gonna Zonk that. but I’m definitely not gonna Zonk are. these rugged tow hooks definitely gonna. be able to pull you out or help pull. somebody out of a sticky situation and. then of course because it’s a Jeep that. 4×4 you got plenty of ground clearance. here to go down your trails go down your. dirt roads with no issues whatsoever now. as we get up onto the hood I love the. power bulge that they put into the hood. it’s a nice C shape another thing I want. to point out is when you’re looking at. the hood you see these old plastic trim. pieces here this is for the windshield. to fold down what I love about Jeep is. that it holds true all the way back to. the original that windshield drops down. you take down the claw top you take the. doors off how many cars can you do that. with none you could do it with a Jeep. external hinges as well. love the touches but let’s go ahead. we’re gonna go ahead and take a lap. around this Jeep now as we come around. that color just pops. even in this over cloud kind of cloudy. kind of day but when we get to the. fenders nice wide fenders as we drop. down you see little easter eggs little. treats that jeep gives you check it out. there’s that World War 2 Jeep logo right. there on the dark grey wheel I like the. brushed aluminum very attractive wheel. now this is an 18 inch wheel when you’re. looking at the tire it’s a 255 width and. when you look at the sidewall it’s a 70. series so you got plenty of meat from. those Bridgestone’s. nicely done I’m gonna have O’Neil kind. of swing around and show you the. suspension on the backside there you can. see the springs the shocks the control. arms all that great stuff that’s what I. love about this. type of vehicles that you get to see all. the inner bits and workings that are. hiding underneath the fenders now if. this was any other vehicle and somebody. just won a drag race I think but if this. was any other vehicle I would Zonk this. antenna but on a Jeep it is the way it. is it even mounts the same exact way has. those old style Jeeps now if you follow. the antenna down to the badging you can. see this this Sahara trim I like the way. they actually use real emblems instead. of just stickers everywhere Jeep and. then there’s your Wrangler Unlimited so. one thing I really have fallen in love. with with Jeeps. is that it’s not one size fits all so. many other brands so many other vehicles. it’s like you get two options and that’s. about it with Jeeps. you could pick and choose just like if. you were going to baskin-robbins you. could try all 31 flavors just like with. the Jeep you could do that or you can go. and get it perfect if you just want. chocolate just get chocolate I’m not. gonna argue with that now I wish that. there was some nice paint on these. mirrors but you know what it matches. well with the front bumper and. everything as we go around the doors you. could see the external hinges you’re. gonna be able to pull those doors off. nicely done the Sahara has the running. boards and I think that the way that. they have the same finish from the front. bumpers to the running boards and. Outback it makes a nice cohesive package. we continue down the side this top comes. all down folds away very nicely love the. fender flare and as we come around back. here’s where we’re going to see some. other Jeep touches so you have the rear. wheel and tire nicely mounted to the. back if you notice there’s that Jeep. logo that world war true to Jeep another. thing is if you look at the taillights. they’re actually shaped to look like. fuel cans that were on the backs of. those jeeps but if you come all the way. around what’s really nice is when it. comes to opening this one two three look. at the space you have back there I’m. gonna get out of the way have O’Neill. kind of show you what’s going on in that. back area very easy to get to really dig. in it another thing I wanted to show you. as O’Neill is backing out we have this. the same kind of. design here that mimics the front grille. on the back portion you have the jeep. logo that trail rail ready so I’d really. like that touch and then this is so. light and so easy to close and open no. power-assist or anything like that one. two three but won’t we go ahead pop the. hood and see what’s powering this Jeep. all right guys we got the hood popped on. the Jeep Sahara you can see. old-fashioned prop rod normally we would. Zonk that here on radius rise but it’s a. jeep thing that’s you just don’t. understand but underneath that hood. you’re looking at it 3.6 liter Pentastar. v-6 naturally aspirated 285 horsepower. 260 foot-pounds of torque you can. actually get this with a 6-speed manual. or an 8-speed Auto this one has eight. speed automatic. of course 4×4 with the sahara set up. you’re gonna get special suspension you. get the different pieces of the package. to make a nice overall experience with. your Jeep but if you’re ready I’m ready. let’s go ahead and fire up this Jeep. Sahara [Music]. alright guys we’re in the 2019 this Jeep. Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4×4 I know. you’re wondering well Joe I’m digging. that color I like this Jeep how much is. it MSRP on this one the way it is is. $48,000 let’s see what you get to the. door panels now door panel is just like. many other jeeps very simple but that’s. a Jeep thing I’m getting it I do like. the leather on the armrest the white. contrast stitching the silver handle to. open up the door nice style as we come. to the – what I like is how far forward. it is really gives you a lot of space in. here I think that this painted material. this grey painted material very nice. touch brushed aluminum around the AC. vents and then you’re gonna have this. beautiful size infotainment this is an 8. and 1/2 inch display look how nice and. clear the graphics are you could do your. heated seats heated steering wheel your. climate control very fast reacting you. see it it almost looks like an off-road. terrain there really cool features just. a little touch as I love to see AC vents. are simple but they’re easy to. understand remember there you’re gonna. be driving this through the mud and. stuff so it’s not like you’re looking. for leather and alcantara everywhere. that’s for sure you have your window. controls inside on the center console. because remember you’re gonna be taking. those doors off nice 12-volt look under. here guys they got you fully covered. even with an ox jack you got a little. slot to place your phone controls for. the four-wheel drive system this is. gonna get you through that 8-speed. automatic you see the World War Two Jeep. I love the little touches I love just. the fit the finishes that they have. really give it a nice extra flavor good. old fashioned ebrake if you ever. wondered well what does a jeep key fob. look like this is push button start. there’s your Jeep key fob almost looks. like a little canteen like I could drink. some cans some water out of my canteen. but nice little style two cupholders. leather armrest open it up you got a. little tray for your off-road goodies. and then you open it up and you even got. more room and another USB now when it. comes to the seats very durable fabric. this fabric is very very strong. love the Sahara I love the pattern in it. it’s actually very tasteful now I’m. gonna Zonk it though because for 48. grand I wish they were leather I know. you’re probably saying well Joe it’s a. jeep well guess what Rubicon’s have a. leather leather nobody’s arguing about. that 48 grand like to see leather but. they are very comfortable and. good-looking seat. speaking of good-looking why don’t you. come on over to the business end and. I’ll show you behind the wheel. all right guys business end behind the. wheel I love the wheel these jeeps one. thing I don’t love and I’m gonna Zonk. are these manual controls now they’re. easy to use for the lumbar and to get it. up and to get get the seat lower but for. 48,000 you know what I’m gonna say it. should have power assist steering wheel. though I love it I love the leather the. white contrast stitching the silver the. Jeep logo even the buttons feel pretty. good. – spot-on I love the analog tach analog. speedometer that digital display in the. center really gives clear look and font. and graphics nice touch love driving. these things but before we take this one. for a spin let’s check out that back. seat and see how much room do your. passengers have alright guys we’re in. the back seat of this Wrangler Unlimited. Sahara it’s pretty spacious I’ll be. honest. the seats are fairly comfortable my only. problem is is I feel like my knees are a. little higher but I do have longer legs. and if this was my Jeep I’m not riding. in the back seat I’ll tell you that much. what I do like is this little command. center you have AC vents you got your. window controls because remember we’re. ripping those doors off USB all the. connectivity and a home power source two. cupholders nicely placed I think if I. really wanted something I’d want a nice. oh crap handle back here but you can dig. your fingernails into the full rollover. brain structure which is nice that has. your speakers and everything mounted in. there to keep you you know planted as. you’re going through this is what you’re. gonna look like in the back of this Jeep. basically but anyways now that I’ve. gotten that out isn’t my system if. you’re ready I’m ready let’s take this. Jeep for a spin alright guys we just. left the gels Jeep in Palm Harbor. Florida. not somewhat much sunny anymore it’s a. little cloudy now but you know what. that’s not gonna stop us from getting. this review done you guys deserve. another Jeep review and this Sahara. especially in this color is just. drop-dead perfect it really is but. driving down the road overall it’s very. compliant in a Jeep the seats feel great. they’re cloth and what I’ve learned from. doing many reviews already is that cloth. seats they automatically feel a little. softer than leather seats leather it. takes a little bit of time for them to. break in but I love the seating position. visibility off the front is great side. back all that is fully covered you get. great mirrors this has blind spot. monitoring and all the other safety. features that you could imagine on any. other vehicle but you get to enjoy it. here on a Jeep and really if you have. not driven one you just don’t get it. drive one and you’ll know exactly why. people are willing to put up with the. quirks and the personality of a Jeep and. that’s what I love about it is that when. you’re driving a Jeep you’re driving a. legend you’re driving something that has. so much history so much personality and. I personally I’m willing to sacrifice. horsepower to have some of that. personality now I do love horsepower. don’t get me wrong but I like a car that. speaks to me and this Jeep really does. that in so many great ways turning is. really crisp very compliant it’s not. bouncy like some other off-road style. vehicles that we’ve driven on radius. rides like some trucks and whatnot very. easy to drive that 8-speed automatic. does the business every single time it’s. very smooth you are gonna get more wind. noise in here because it is a jeep we. have the cloth top my biggest song. overall is just the price forty eight. thousand dollars is a lot of money for a. Jeep especially one that does not have. the room. Opel hardtop and no leather interior now. of course we can’t option that in then. you’re pushing the price above $50,000. that’s Rubicon territory there which. remember this is the Sahara really easy. to drive though the brake modulation is. great. throttle sensitivity is spot-on I like. how easy it is to see the gauges I think. that’s so important and everything is. within arm’s reach very very easily and. the screen the infotainment screen would. make any Jeep before the redesign. jealous it is crisp clear colorful and. precise I really like that let me go hand get on the loud pedal. so that eight-speed drops down it shifts. fairly smooth it is a little noisy. because guess what you’re in a jeep and. you get a cloth top on but this thing. would be a blast to remove that top take. the doors off and go do some off-road. driving take it down to the beach that’s. what this is all about that’s the great. thing is you can enjoy this every day. and when you’re off of work and the Sun. is out or you just need to let it all. hang out you just take everything off. and you’re good to go. that’s what I love about this chief I. wish more cars and trucks would have. steering wheels like this one in the. Jeep very nice to grab on to it’s got. the perfect thickness and I like the. overall size of the round steering wheel. it’s not flat bottom or anything like. that and just smooth I mean overall it’s. surprisingly smooth even though it is a. Jeep and I think probably one of my. favorite things about the whole thing is. that you belong to the to the club when. you see another Jeep go by you give them. a wave they give you a wave it feels. good it’s nice to belong to something. like that because there’s a lot of. people I’m telling you and I used to be. one of them that was like I don’t see. what the big deal is with a Jeep but I could see it now and I’m enjoying it. let me go ahead and get on the brakes a. little bit harder this time. yeah there’s no issues you get those 18. inch wheels feels great very smooth it. does have the auto start-stop feature. which every time you can disengage that. which I always recommend doing because. you’re really not going to get that big. a deal in fuel savings and you’re in a. Jeep so if that was the case you’d be. driving a Prius if you’re really carrying about that. but it gets up to speed nicely it’s got. plenty of torque plenty of horsepower. for everyday use. you don’t need an 800 horsepower Jeep. you may want an 800 horsepower Jeep but. you don’t need an 800 100 horsepower. Jeep and this one gets the business done. but speaking of the business we’re gonna. wrap this one up we’re gonna give back. to Fitch jells Jeep so I’ll see you in. possibly has been another amazing. wonderful time here at fitzgerald’s Jeep. definite gotta give you a huge thank you. to Jason and everybody here at the. dealership so accommodating letting. radies rides bring you the latest Jeep. products at these are the types of. things you like to see on the channel. leave a comment the comment section if. you’re new and you’re on your way out. hit that subscribe button I promise you. it’s worthwhile coming back for more if. you are subscriber thank you for being. part of the radius rise family if you. want to help us keep making this great. content click the link in the. description get yourself some radius. rise merch it goes a long way for us. speaking of going a long way O’Neal. subbing in for big guns McGee big guns. McGee’s on a protein run for the next. month or so so hopefully we’ll see them. back here safe but O’Neal drove about. 150 miles to come record with us today. so thank O’Neal in the comments section and just like always guys I’ll see you. and just like always guys I’ll see you on the next ride.

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