Isuzu Panther 2019

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Isuzu Panther Specs

Machine Type: 4JA1L
Super Charging System: Turbocharger
Cylinder Capacity: 2499 cc
Diameter X Step: 93 X 92 mm
Maximum power: 80 PS/3.500 rpm
Maximum torque: 19.5 Kgm/1.800 rpm
Fuel injection system: Diesel Direct Injection
FUEL Tank Capacity: 55 L
Px L x H: 4535 x 1770 x 1920 mm
Axle Distance: 2,685 mm
Weight: 2,170 kg
Front massage Distance: 1480 mm
Rear massage Distance: 1455 mm
Capacity: 7 person
Tyre size: 235/70/R15
Material: Alloy Wheel
Front Tire: Bridgestone
Rear Tyre: Bridgestone
Rear Reflector
New Back Door Garnish
Moulded Door Trim
Fog Lamp
Engine Hood Ornament
Foot Step
Side Body Mould List
Outside Mirror with Turn Lamp
Roof Rail
Rear Spoiler
Rear View Camera
Air Conditioning: Doubel Blower
New Meter Complete: New illuminationwith
Warning Indicator (Driver, belt, door, fuel)
Seat Material: Vynil (Touring), Leather &
Vynil Combination (Grand Touring)
Inside Mirror Monitor
Radio CD + MP3 + DVD + Roof monitor (Grand Touring)
Radio CD + MP3 (Touring)
Power Window
Glass Mounted Antenna
Hi Type Console Box
Leather Stering Wheel
Remote with Integrated Key
Reverse Sensors
Rear View Camera

Design and Dimensions

Dashing and mighty are two words representing almost all of the spec in the Isuzu Panther body. Moreover, it is indicated by the dimensions of length of 4535 mm width of 1770 mm and 1873 height for the Panther Touring version, while the Grand Touring version has a height of 1920 mm, so it is worth it if the size of the measure can be guessed if the second The Isuzu version of the car was impressed so big, and made it look fierce. But with its size so big, make this one car has an interior space is quite spacious plus loose, which can accommodate up to 7 to 9 people if forced.

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In addition to the size, the design on the front, Buddy will find the grille formed in a sturdy line, in which the center is inserted ISUZU emblem, then on the bottom of the cultivation is made of a plate that is hard enough, and do not forget Head lamp that contains the combination of the main lamps and sein to in a single container, and the FOG lamp underneath, which all shows when the car MPV from Isuzu is very strong plus that is ready for you to bring adventure in various terrain. Then on the side, Isuzu set a horizontal line that is made of Monojol in every part of the door, both right and left.

And at each top of the body, an additional protruding portion of the tire is curved in shape, making it a dashing cloth. Switching back, there is a bumper that is also made of materials similar to what is used on the front, with a new design complete with a back door garnish, which makes it open just looks dashing but also sporty. You need to know, still in the back part, it turns out Isuzu added Rear Towing to the right corner, as well as an exhaust with the type of Exhauler Cutter that only can mate find on the Grand Touring version.

Next we move inside or interior. Where as we said in the beginning, the space is spacious, loose with a high level of comfort can be a friend feel the silence of the Panther version. However, for features that we mentioned can only be buddy find on the Panther touring version, including the New Complete Meter that is on the side with various important indicators, which can be easily understood if something different on the Isuzu Panther By the driver. There is also entertainment such as DVD Monitor embedded in the roof of the car, which is synchronizes with the player on the dashboard, with radio CD + MP3 + and DVD features.

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Then on the mirror in the embedded LCD panel with the function as a parking monitor connected the camera at the back below the left spoiler, so that parking also feels easier and still perfect even though there is no parking lot. Besides that, other features such as Subwoofer are also pinned by the Isuzu to satisfy the ears with a bombastic sound, which will make the journey feel more enjoyable. As for maintaining the indoor temperature, water conditioner in front and back can also be called Double Blower, then users can still feel comfortable and cool despite being in the scorching hot weather though.

Engine performance

Hesitate, throw away tuh words, because the machine used by Isuzu Pnather from generation to generation always prioritizes quality parts, which can maintain performance every time. As used by both Isuzu Panther Touring, which is reinforced type 4JA1L with Turbocharger machine that is run on a Direct Injection Diesel fuel system with a 2499 cc engine cubication, which can cause a maximum power of 80 PS on each round of the engine 3500 rpm. As for the score of the Toris can reach 91.5 Kgm at 1800 rpm.

From the real calculations and tests that we do, Panther touring feels so comfortable and so idle on every pull, especially when shifting, the sensation is very different and more convenient than a gasoline-fueled car or Gasoline. The power produced is quite large. Especially for the business of climb, no matter the height and the stability can be faced lightly by this car, and to achieve maximum speed also does not take a long time, and according to us for touring version and Grand Touring feels more Responsive. Then for fuel consumption, thanks to the support of the injection fuel system, it makes it very economical and pocket friendly although it is a distance of thousands of kilometers in a single time.

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