Infiniti 2019 Models

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By the 1980s, Japanese car manufacturers were expanding their horizons. They had already found success building affordable economy cars that people were looking for in the wake of rising gas prices. The big three names in this market were Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, and by the early ‘80s the United States in particular was seeing a booming stock market. People wanted luxury cars. All three manufacturers set out to build luxury sedans for a shrewd clientele.

INFINITI was Nissan’s answer to the burgeoning luxury car market. Founded in 1989, the premium brand launched with two models, the 2-door M30 and 4-door Q45. Throughout the 1990s, the brand focused on making subdued luxury cars that emphasized softer colors and padded leather interiors, eschewing laminated woods and chrome. But it wasn’t until the release of the G35 in 2003 that everything changed; it turned the marque’s brand image almost overnight into a true match for Germany’s veritable sport sedans. The G35 was a hit, and with the subsequent successful release of the FX crossover, INFINITI was on exciting new terrain.

Since the early 2000s, INFINITI has focused more on performance, whilst never leaving comfort and refinement behind. In 2013 all coupes and sedans moved to a “Q” designation (meaning they would all start with the letter Q) and all SUVs and crossovers use QX.

INFINITI on Camelback’s research tools are designed to help you find the perfect car or SUV for your everyday commuting needs and weekend adventures. Get started on your search now by clicking the “research” or “compare” links above! We’ve included all of the specs and vehicle highlights you’ve been looking for all over the web on one centralized website, plus we’ve got a great car comparison tool that will enable you to see how your favorite INFINITI models compare to competitors from brands like Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Acura, Kia, Ford, Toyota and many others. So, if you’ve been trying to figure out how the INFINITI Q50, Q70 or QX60 compare to their BMW or Cadillac competitors when it comes to reliability or safety, for example, our comparison pages will help you do just that!

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You may be surprised by what you learn when perusing our collection of INFINITI car reviews and comparisons. You just might discover that an INFINITI SUV is a better choice for you than another SUV you were considering, and the same is true when it comes to our cars, coupes and convertibles. Once you’ve spent some time reading through our vehicle overviews, please contact our INFINITI dealership in Phoenix with any additional questions that you have about our lineup or about current INFINITI offers that may be available to you.

17 Photos of the Infiniti 2019 Models

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