Honda Odyssey 2019 Picture

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Odyssey we’re gonna take a look inside today at the Honda Odyssey Touring model. that’s the top-of-the-line Odyssey and I’m gonna show you ten of our customers. favorite things in this vehicle this is my new favorite. feature in the Honda Odyssey cabin watch and cabin talk cabin talk comes available. in the Odyssey ES above and cabin watch comes in the Touring model so. let’s check it out you’re on your way to an appointment your two kids are in the. car perhaps there’s a little bickering going on and you want to maintain full. concentration on getting there safely you can check out what’s going on the. back seat by pressing the cabin launch and there’s my friend Tanya sitting in. the back looking fantastic if we want we can zoom in and Tony can wave to us. there she is we can check out the state of affairs. with the kids in the second row and then if they’re watching a movie you can. interrupt them and give them an important message like. by just by saying keep your hands to yourselves. so Honda’s thought of everything in this new Honda Odyssey including the fact. that we don’t go anywhere today without our phones and what’s most important. about our phone is making sure that it’s fully charged and so there’s a charging. tray in the Honda Odyssey touring and all you have to do is lay the phone. there and it will will charge so no more cords tangled or not connecting well you. can get a charge just by laying it there on the tray this car is fully connected. it is its own hotspot with the AT&T hotspot so what happens here is every. new Odyssey Touring comes with 3-month trial of the AT&T hotspot you don’t have. to give you a credit card you don’t have to give any pertinent information you. just get to try it out and see if you like turning your van into a hotspot for. yourself and your passengers this way you can access the Internet wherever you. are in your van inside most Honda Odysseys comes a Honda vac who doesn’t. love to vacuum Cheerios so it’s it’s high quality it’s a shop. vac it comes with bags stored right here reaches all the way to the front of. the vehicle gonna show you how it works here because who doesn’t love to vacuum. this couldn’t be the ultimate family vehicle without remote start and so. remote start comes on all Honda Odysseys regardless of the trim level that suits. you and your family the best can warm your car up on a cold day or cool it. down in the summer on the Honda Odyssey Touring level it comes equipped with. rain sensing wipers so you want it set to auto and then as soon as there’s. moisture detected on the windshield your wipers are gonna start one less thing. for you to think about while you’re driving and then you can you can adjust. right here the sensitivity of the wipers what a great way just to simplify life. the Honda Odyssey Touring model comes equipped with snow mode and when you’re. in snow mode the drive systems in the vehicle will adjust to be better. traction on the road this is a great feature for weathering through those. tough Canadian winter days the Odyssey comes equipped with a rear cross-traffic. monitor helping to keep everybody around you safe when you’re reversing you know. those days you drop the kids off for school there’s lots of hustle and bustle. around you want to make sure you don’t hurt anyone as you’re backing up and. trying to get on to work on time well when you’re in Reverse you’ll see here. and then all of a sudden my friend Tony is gonna walk by and the vehicle is. gonna alert me that it is unsafe for me to reverse right now because I would. clearly back into Tanya so this is a great feature to have when you’re. leaving a hockey game or an arena dropping the kids off from school just. gives you that peace of mind and that safety little ones or big big kids. hanging out near your vehicle aren’t gonna get hit the Honda Odyssey comes equipped. with a blind spot information system and what that does is it alerts the driver. over here on the pillars that either there is a vehicle or some other object. in your blind spot so it’ll just stay a constant orange to let you know that. there is something in your blind spot to be alerted to that now if you have your. indicator lights on that you want to change lanes and it’s unsafe to do so. then it’s gonna flash that same orange color so that you know that it isn’t. safe to change lanes and that just helps to create a better safer driving. experience the magic in the second row is that you’re on a long road trip and. your kids are getting along and they want to sit closer to one another I have. two boys they’re five and seven they always get along fantastically well if. they’re not wrestling one another so we can move them closer together so to play. video games or do whatever or perhaps not just to let someone into this third. role here and then magically you can separate them when the time comes as. well now if they want to sit so they’re right in the center of the vehicle to. give them a little more you through the front for better view of. your entertainment system here you can move both captain seats right into the. middle so one of the great features on this 2019 Honda Odyssey is the. hands-free tailgate like any busy working mom who doesn’t have a time for. round a golf after work and with the Odyssey it’s made really simple just. come right up to the vehicle. and then another. back down so probably you’re not gonna have golf. clubs in your hands if you’re a busy working mom but it’s great for groceries. hockey bags and all that other stuff you and your family lug around well now. you’ve had a chance to see some of the great features that have been built into. this new Honda Odyssey Honda has gone above and beyond to make driving this. vehicle fun and exciting and easy for families on the go. Odyssey out on a test drive enjoy it on your own and see what you think.

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