Honda Accord Sport 2019 Spy Shoot

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what’s going on guys this is Chad thank. you for watching another is that Chad. hunt abuse video it’s never going to be. taking a look at the all-new 2019 Honda. Accord sport this is gonna be in the 1.5. liter trim level there’s also a 2-liter. trim that’s offered as well I will be. doing a video on that as soon as the car. comes in so this video is gonna consist. of a walk-around of this car as well as. about my thoughts opinions and all of. that as well if you guys have any. comments or have any suggestions or have. any questions about the car please make. sure you drop a comment as I do read all. of those I’ll get to that so let’s go. ahead and jump into the card as we lower. out of the front of the car the first. thing you’re gonna notice is this grille. on the car it’s a sweeping front grille. and it’s gonna go all the way across the. headlights you notice a lot of the cars. are starting to go to this that’s the. Civic the pilots gone this way as well. the HRV looks the same way so it looks. really aggressive it’s a signature Honda. thing at this point the next thing. you’ll notice is going to be the. headlights are gonna be led low beam LED. daytime running light as well as the LED. turn signals there as well the only. thing that’s not going to be LED is. going to be the high beam this is gonna. be your regular regular halogen light. that’s the one thing I think they could. have probably gotten LED with probably. doesn’t even cost that much to do but. other than that they look beautiful on. the car very very bright as well next. thing is gonna be these LED fog lights. they’re gonna have the four draw lights. going down there look really really nice. in the car I really like what they did. with the grill as well as having it go. down and swoop down low like that I. think it looks awesome it almost looks. like a Lexus looks really really nice. guys this color is gonna be the platinum. white pearl it’s beautiful it’s a super. super metallic it looks really nice in. person when the Sun hits it let’s go. ahead and take a look at these rims are. you gonna be 19 inch rims and tires that. look great on the car I think they look. better than the last model of Kord rims. on the sport rims let me know what you. guys think about that though a lot of. people seem to like the kenai older body. style more so as we go ahead and. approach the back of the car the first. thing you’re going to have is going to. be that deck lid spoiler that’s going to. be right there on top sweeps across the. top sport is going to be the only ma. that gets that spoiler you can get that. as an option on the other ones though. the next thing is gonna be the door. outlet exhaust down there and then these. taillights um man a lot of comments. people really don’t like these taillight. designs I don’t think they look bad at. all I actually kind of like them let me. know what you guys think about them go. ahead and show you guys the amount of. space that’s in the trunk there is no. there is no where to open it down here. so let me go inside got to push the button there. so guys a huge trunk. lots of space of course it is the. boarding rear seats are small with that. split both of those levers being right. there. you do get a spare tire in the car it’s. gonna be a full size diameter but it’s a. smaller width so it’s still just a. temporary tire of course you do have. three years a Honda roadside assistance. so if you’re lazy and don’t want to deal. with it call those guys they’ll take. care of it for you down here to the gas. its capless fuel filter this year as. well just stick the nozzle right in. there go and show you guys the backseat. space now the front seat is scooted all. the way in the back position and I’m six. foot one so let’s see how much space is. available in here tons of space lots and. lots of space in the back of this car. now the seats are gonna be half leather. half cloth in this car so that outboard. sections of the seats are gonna be. leather where the middle sections are. gonna be cloth I think it’s a great idea. the leather tends to get really really. hot so you really don’t want to be. sitting on that too much anyways the. outside section is also where the seeds. tend to rip so it’s really nice to have. that extra bit of protection there. without leather let’s go ahead and hop. in the front seat now while I’m back here actually there are no type of. outlets back here in the rear you can. get that as an accessory though if. that’s something you guys are interested. in doing now something to point out as. well there is no smart entry system on. this car but there is gonna be the push. button start go ahead and hop in here. now guys I really really like the way. this seat feels the way everything looks. in here just looked really really nice. very premium it has that leather. steering wheel which feels awesome on. the hands go ahead and turn that off you. can see our speedometer here now I have. it in sport mode right now so you see. that turbo turbo my meter right there. but as soon as I push that sport button. turn that off that’s what it looks like. of course you do get the paddle shifters. on the sport model you do get the Honda. sensing as well which is gonna be that. adaptive cruise control lane keep assist. lane departure warning and all of that. you will not get the link. sorry the blind spot information system. though that comes in the e^x and above. trims going to the infotainment system. you do have your physical buttons as. well as your volume knob physical. buttons over here with your scroll knob. as well it is going to be a touchscreen. audio system just really really nice. with apple carplay and android auto. capabilities go down here you’re gonna. have our dual automatic climate control. system no heated seats on this model go. down a little bit further you’re gonna. have a little cubby here to put. everything but your phone as well as a. couple connective devices right here on. the writers we’re gonna plug your phone. in for the apple carplay and android. auto close that up with this little guy. here it was really nice it’s a really. heavy door very very nice quality go. ahead and go down here this part does. have the CVT transmission in it when you. get to the 2-liter Sport you actually. replaced this with the push button. selector right there you do have a sport. mode which is you push right here as. well as the economy mode which helps. does the complete opposite of what the. sport does it just helps you save gas of. course the electronic parking brake in. the electronic brake hold so like I said. if you guys have any questions about the. car please make sure you drop those in. the comment section as I do get to all. of those comments. I am also gonna be doing a drive of this. car so if you do want to see the jive. please make sure you go ahead and go to. my channel and check out the job I also. have a huge variety of every other car. so if you guys want to see the Civic CRV. anything like that please make sure you. check out my channel to find that kind. of information now with that being said. guys that’s gonna wrap it up for the 1.5. a chords board if you guys have any. questions let me know. and thank you guys for watching another is that chad honda beach video i’ll see. is that chad honda beach video i’ll see you on the next one.

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