Golf Gti 2019 Redesign

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hey everyone welcome to our data section. today I’m sitting in this beautiful. Nardo grey Golf GTI performance this one. is the new Golf 7.5 it has 245. horsepower and 370 Newton meters of. torque 0 to 62 in just 6.3 seconds. it’s a beautiful car I think this is the. best color which you can buy the golf in. this is the folks rockin Golf GTI. performance it produces 245 horsepower. and it has 370 Newton meters of torque. that’s really good 0 to 62 and 6.2. seconds and the top speed is 250 km/h. limited the engine is a 2 liter 4. cylinder in-line petrol engine this is. the performance the more powerful GTI it. has a 7-speed automatic transmission DSG. dual-clutch system the fuel economy is. 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers that’s. really good. now let’s take a closer look to the. performance GTI very aggressive front. bumper with bigger air intakes special. bits to the performance looks very. aggressive you have the LED headlight. system with the new LED daytime running. lights the red goes into the headlight. special to the GTI lovely looking front. end very aggressive looks super I really. liked the performance GTI it looks. gorgeous at the site it has the red. brake callipers this is also special to. the GTI it comes with Continental tires 19-inch rims. beautiful card GTI logo on the site you. can we will look at the interior in a. few moments fully loaded car almost it. has the panoramic sunroof tinted windows. you can buy it with the sight assist the. Blind Spot Assist new LED tail lights in. my opinion this is the best looking golf. ever dual exhausts the new LED tail. lights with the dynamic turn signals. looks lovely new diffuser to do exhausts chrome tips very nice done by Volkswagen. now let’s take a look at the trunk space. of this car the rear camera pops out of. the emblem folk-rock emblem good amount. of space you can also buy it with a. spare tire which is extra the car weighs. thousand three hundred and thirty seven. kilograms the trunk space is 380 liters. when you fold the rear seats down its. thousand two hundred and seventy liters. this engine is really powerful it’s a. four cylinder with great amount of. torque and power it is a TSI petrol engine of course. now let’s take a look at the interior of. the GTI performance it has a tented. three windows sort of a carbon trim. looks good red stitching looks lovely on. this car you have the storage area very. big and the seats are special to the. performance edition with the red accents looks low. inside the circles as you can see the. help aid the speed and so on there’s. automatic Vipers automatic lights of. course sport petals being a GTI. beautiful interior the discoverer pro. system special seats for the GTI with. the rat these are special for the. performance of Alcantara of leather with. red stitching again even the armrests as. the red stitching and it is adjustable. by the way over here you have the sport. area this out key looks like by the way. it has a keyless entry and keyless start. function and it has a push button. ignition over here you have the. cupholders you can also close this part. it has the electron can’t break out of. old a place to put your key 12-volt. power outlet the sto of course double. clutch 7-speed again with the red. push-button ignition different different. modes you can turn off the start/stop. ESP parking sensors you can also buy it. with automatic parking system over here. you can buy it with the wireless. charging for your phone over here you. have the USB input high gloss trim and. over here your the climate control. settings with the heated seats three. settings for that beautiful GTI screen. when you start top extras dinah audio. sound system this is a full cloth screen. with touch-sensitive bottles on it for. luma adjustments home menu and so on. this is the main menu you can also buy. it with the swipe function. as I showed here different modes. available being a GTI this is very. important of course you have the Eco. normal sport and individual with. individual you can adjust steering the. suspension the even the lights the. headlights the dynamic edit the. headlights are adjustable the navigation. big screen. I like the start button I like the red. in the seats and on the steering view I. think this is the best-looking folk-rock. and steering view available with a flat. bottom design GTI were written on it and. it has the dark headliner a song gloss. compartment over here you have SOS help. 8 sort of control LED lights in the. interior by the way and the huge. panorama sunroof you can tilt it and. slightly backwards if you want and you. can close this part if you want there are different pages available on the top. car status lap timer being a GTI of. course you have the lap timer few help. aids the navigation it is a beautiful. system I really like the active info. display and when it shot down you can. see the nice black panels pti performance. discover processed up with gastric. control GTI steering wheel with red. stitching lovely performance seats. I really like the active info display. you have also the panoramic sunroof this is the space left I one meter and 83 you. is the space left I one meter and 83 you have also.

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13 Photos of the Golf Gti 2019 Redesign

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