Ford Ranger 2018 Overview for Ford Ranger 2018 Concept, Redesign and Review

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The Ranger is back and it’s awesome now. I may not need a you day-to-day but the. amount of times I wanted to maybe pick. up some furniture or some garden things. or drive a cement mixer through a muddy. construction site doesn’t make owning a. year pretty appealing and modern news. have a great mix of practicality comfort. and off-road capability making them even. more appealing today I’m looking at the. 2018 Ford Ranger FX for special edition. now last year the Ranger was the second. most sold car in Australia so let’s take. a look at why the range is such a. popular choice the Ranger looks rugged. modern and reliable while still having a. modern sleekness shall we say the Chris. Hemsworth of use in this trim level. aside from the general outline the. Ranger comes with black sidesteps. mirrors fog lamps special edition grille. and door and tailgate handles all black. also black at the bonnet roof racks roll. bar apparently the design is like black. if you want to go full Batman you can. opt for black paint if you’d like a bit. more contrast you can pair the. blacked-out details with either magnetic. gray white or silver paint the wheels. are also darkened and they’re 18-inch. with a car this size they are a little. bit conservative but the bigger tires. don’t make them look too small load box. is illuminated and bedliner has a 12. volt socket while the lid has these. cupholders and mobile phone tree these. last parts tell you about the real. nature of the Ranger sure this is a. pretty cool-looking creation but the. main appeal does lay in its practicality. and capabilities and guys it’s a little. dirty. we have been offroad this morning so. please deal with it the engine in this. particular one is a 3.2 liter I 5. common-rail diesel with 147 kilowatts. and 417 Newton meters of top from 1750. reps per minute this also shows the. Rangers main goal official fuel. consumption figures are 8.7 liters per. 100 kilometers for this automatic with. the fuel tank capacity of 80 liters this. gives a range of good autonomy with a. weight of 22 hundred kilograms the. mighty diesel is capable it’s a. confident and comfortable Cruiser a. well-versed off. and approve encargo hora this one comes. with a 6-speed automatic gearbox with a. sequential shift function it works. really well with the engine and makes. the most of the load torque range. greatly reducing noise levels and fuel. consumption on the road you’ll enjoy. commanding presence with some pretty. nifty safety features including adaptive. cruise control and lanky resist you will. also love a comfort which is good for a. car of its class the engine is refined. and a perfect match for the body giving. the Ranger enough capability in all. situations while still being cost. efficient if there’s one thing to. complain about on the open roads the. wind and road noise is pretty high but. that’s pretty normal for use in the city. the Ranger is like a bear on the loose. it’s a big car and driving it’s awesome. but navigating tight alleys and parking. spaces is not the easiest thing yes I. know there’s bigger options out there. but that doesn’t make driving the Ranger. in a crowded city any easier. what does make it easier to drive is. electronic crash prevention features. we’ll talk about later and front and. rear parking sensors as well as a. rear-view camera but get off road and. the bear is in its element off road and. working conditions and where the Rangers. shines thoughts tests showed amazing. efficacy even while pulling one ton of. load up a 45-degree incline calling the. range of just capable and sturdy would. be an understatement. it’s a wonderfully vers machine with. reassuring stability and heavy-duty. construction further aided by the. electronic stability management system. it can carry ample cargo or logs both. forward and backwards and on pretty much. any terrain as its structural rigidity. and traction control systems work their. magic however there is one thing to. bigger about towing capacity is three. and a half ton and that’s by no means. little but it is 700 kilograms less than. the previous model long gone are the. days where trucks were simply workhorses. confident luxury are more present now ok. maybe not in that rugged box on wheels a. 70 series Land Cruiser but comfort is. definitely apparent in the Ranger it can. seat five adults the front seats are. pocket and the fx4 trim gets leather. accented seats the leather theme. continues on the steering wheel and gear. knob you also get six speakers and an. eight-inch color touch screen with. sat-nav and with traffic management. channel and Bluetooth connectivity with. voice control and one thing I do like. about this is Leigh. and the ease of use the buttons are all. really big and easy to use I mean the. whole system’s really simple only took. us about 20 seconds to set up the phone. we also noticed that the safety singles. are really loud which if you’re on site. and you’ve got construction noise and. still means you’re gonna hear them which. is great so that even the most. challenged of workmates can still use it. with ease you’ve got a number of power. outlets in the Ranger including a 230. volt inverter in the rear console to 12. volt outlets in the front one in the. back and another one in the cargo area. comfort is further aided by a dual zone. climate and a cooled console the Ranger. has loads of Handy well sized and. accessible stories placed around the. cabin and if that’s not enough for you. you’ve always got the tray in the back. after all the praise some people might. expect a futuristic interior design. those people would be disappointed look. it’s far from outdated but it’s. definitely geared more towards. practicality than the design but I am. finding it more comfortable than the. whole in Colorado you need to be able to. operate everything with ease while. you’re on rough terrains small buttons. and complicated controls are the last. thing you need in those conditions some. of the Rangers safety features include. automatic headlamps auto dimming. rearview mirror adaptive cruise control. forward collision alert lane keeping. assist lane departure warning dynamic. Stability control electronic locking. bread.if emergency brake assist heel. descent and launch systems adjustable. speed limiter front side and curtain. airbags along with perimeter interior. motion and vehicle inclination sensors. parking sensors and camera rollover. mitigation traction control trailer sway. control all this translates to Firestar. and cab reading and the only thing. that’s missing is a eb the Ranger is. well designed recently refined safe and. packed with features and advanced text. and it’s a proper workers and has loads. of room storage space and it can hold. plenty of cargo while successfully. climbing up a greasy street pool again. there’s so many factors that contribute. to while this is one of the best song. vehicles in Australia however anyone in. need of such a vehicle will probably. love the range and more than I do. thanks so much in carts on TV now here. at car tow we’ve got ourselves a utility. month we’ve got the Ranger we got the. d-max. bt-50 Hilux and Navarra all my Lords so. if you love utilities you are gonna love character TV this month so stay tuned. character TV this month so stay tuned and peace for now.

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