Citroen C4 2020 Specs and Review

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The latest learned released by. citroen but now the full review. from citroen c4 cacti our turn of a thread. 2015 good people this god and four acts or. 2020. I think a car that has a front. really very beautiful right. the hood he’s totally smooth doesn’t have. no line here we have to rl right. have some chrome tapes and it joins. here in the citroen logo. we have that bright white detail. around the fog light is entrances. false here free area entry from. headlight wheel box that have masks. black people also please here front is. very beautiful very interesting style. here we have wheels already mounted. really beautiful we have these plastics. around the side wheel box we. we don’t have any lines on top just. down here let’s go here. this plastic detail with this. really beautiful blank detail. rearview mirror painting bright white. quite interesting he has even had tone. neviton and has a white ceiling has a rack. black ceiling lights too. side we have spirit. really beautiful characteristic. is the rear right to bring there are those who like. there are those who don’t like it right. it’s this office this chapter here you have. that I came personally even if you never. saw. then you will find something else. rear I found it really very pretty. we have here the citroen c4 logo one point. negative is that the boot lid. she’s a little tall so if you have. with a box. you will have to lift her and then. put good let’s see c4 lighting. katz. good people this of eliminating four. cacs his lighting I think it’s pretty. we have to rl over led. the flashing and the beacon that are not unheard of. fog lights that is also intense. the side we have to flash. rearview mirror. I don’t have the flashlight here. on led. the brake does not flash and it is not. good people complain and four karts. our wire version is face to face we have. car lock. the port opening mouse and. nice cool unlocking that left as. I said it takes a lot and I will. to exchange. the key here in the voice you can lock the. car you simply imposed on. doorknob and he open the lock it’s just you. see there around that corner and it hangs from. new very interesting this function. well this one the key c 4 cacti like. I already told you is face to face. have console that push the start button. stop. good this here I before and four karts and. I think the steering wheel is really pretty. he has these pretty postures. black piano and silver finish that. also on this side we have the controls. sound and that will pass the functions of the. board computer also well. interesting here on this side we have a. tap three arrows auto light. from the lighthouse. we have only the fog light. front down we have a pilot. automatic. we have a rain sensor too. we must not forget that he has. height and depth adjustment of. steering column. the new store we have a noise in your. parking. the electric rearview mirror but he. don’t remember electrically and we have the. electrical boards too. good people this idea citroen panel. c4 karts we have here is is a panel. all digital very interesting. here on this side we have a. gauge a tank gauge of. fuel here we have the tachometer. and speedometer total footage position of. temperature exchange and here eco indicator. also remember the past the functions of. onboard computer is that on that button. proof but here at the lever also the. functions are these here he has the. trip computer and he has consumption. instant quite interesting autonomy and. is a very complete panel this is the. four karts panel 2020. good people this is to join a team of. four cards we have less here with. radio or tank – we have navigation. we have acclimatization if you can is what. you mess with climate control because you. no buttons. here you can’t also have on. speed is just that on the last day 6. so here – we have a phone on. bluetooth case. we have apps that he owns a. high droid and the p. then you can not take the isi and the. google maps we also have vehicle in epe. pretty cool diagnostic tire pressure. he says he’s having a problem with the car. which is the fuel level go down here. the ever based eye light beacon. interesting when you block a. interesting car the sound quality. also gives just tested a little here I. I found it excellent for the car has great. serious abuse too that shows us. we have a volume knob is that some. climate control buttons a depletion. rear and front we have the lock. from ka and the blinker but down here. we have a button to start. in the car. we have a briefcase here fits a. phone here depending on the size and. 12 volt outlet here also being. some more we have a menu of. two cup holders since. we have the exchange we have a mode s. eco model also changes neither panel the. exchange we have to have here too we. we have a storage compartment the parking brake. full in handsome he has this. finishing here we have an object holder. very teeny that make up the arms. in good fabric these here are the benches. from c4 cactus. they are in fabric I found beautiful that he. have these lists not even more curious. but clarin and the tabs are medium. here on the roof in the driver’s heart we. we have mirror with lid and door. document the rearview mirror is not. photochromic we have led lights of. reading I found the lights very cool. car without very cool led and the sun visor. passenger also have mirror with. cover without lighting. good people this one is panel four. karts 2020 is he’s all plastic here. on top I found it is all plastic in. up. here it has a slight finish. maximum in a more expensive shade one. piece of fabric that comes back from the. air conditioning on black piano too. here at all exits here at central. multimedia more black piano is i like. enough of the design of this panel I think well. beautiful a console here we have silver. with a very large area here black piano. the door is all plastic here we have. fabric is a small port objects haq. bottle holder and silver door handle. also here we have an object holder and. glove box it does not go down smoothly and. no citroen c4 internal lighting. letters saw i found the inner space well. big right. who enters like on eb1 space with the. head is also excellent. the citroen c4 rear seats of. little three-point head and belt. before the middle and the fixed also the. door trim is all plastic. silver fabric knob and a small. port a small object holder there in the. banks we don’t have any kind of. record in the ceiling we have a. clothes rack here. good came to take a citroen c4 pact. he has a very good space I liked it. enough of the finish too you don’t. see can. we have an elimination that we also have. also cool steppe that it comes with a. filter here I love you he loose in. portamalas he comes with seized. here we have finishing too. it’s not car paint and the cover you don’t. see any kind of wire. nor the act showing up and we have a handle. r good people you found in three and. four wire karts 2020. well I like this 34 cacti a lot. I find his design on the outside and inside. also very beautiful he comes well. complete here comes the multimedia center. six-speed gearbox driving modes.

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