Audi A5 2019 Spy Shoot

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Audi a5 Sportback. now normally I don’t wait this long into. a model year to do a feature video of a. particular car because the audi a5 is. due for a facelift both the exterior and. interior but because the art John got me. really intrigued in the sport back. segment I figured why not do a proper. feature video of this car so in this. video we’re going to take a look at how. the a5 compares to its competitors like. the BMW and the Kia stinger’ GT and also. what it offers in the price range of the. Volkswagen RT on now before I get into. this video I like thank her chambers. Audie of Burlington and Burlington. Massachusetts for allow me to this. review that link will be in the. description below so you can check out. their extensive outie inventory and so. without wasting any further time let’s get right into this review. if you’re familiar with the automotive. industry this decade it appears that the. age of sedans is coming to an end thanks. to the dominance of crossovers however. one final bastion of hope for consumers. not interested in purchasing an SUV is. the Sportback sedan segment. fundamentally sedans with coupe like. seat pillars and the practicality of. crossovers when it comes to rear cargo. volume make sport back the ideal vehicle. of choice due to its overall versatility. this market has seen growth over the. last few years and new vehicles have. joined the fray to make this a very. competitive segment heading into 2020. the big three German manufacturers own. the luxury fastback market with the Audi. a7 Biondo u6 series and mercedes-benz. CLS with most brands having already. filled out the higher end of their. lineups and consumers wanting. practicality bigger cars and luxury at. an affordable price Sportback for the. perfect compromise especially with sales. numbers dropping for entry-level and. midsize luxury sedans the Audi a5. Sportback are right in the United States. as a 2018 model to go head-to-head. against his closest competitor the. beyond a 4 Series Gran Coupe design very. similar to the coupe variant with a. sporty front fascia aggressive body. lines and distinct taillights the a5 has. a more unique road presence while also. retaining the traditional family sedan. appearance they defined with an Audi a4. the Audi a5 we have for this review is a. premium Plus and is equipped with the. s-line sport package which will include. 18-inch five-spoke wheels wrapped in all. season tires. s-line bumpers s-line sill blades and. sport seats for both the driver and. passenger full LED headlights come. standard and with progressive turn. signals not being legal in the US I. already found a way to incorporate them. into the taillight design while still. complying with US laws which gives the. Audi a5 Sportback a more upscale look. from the rear when it comes to. dimensions the a5 is about 3 inches. longer than the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. four inches shorter than the Kia stinger. and is slightly longer than the Audi a4. this will give the a5 an advantage when. it comes to the interior over BMW. which we’ll check out later in this. video it should also be noted that when. compared to its bigger sibling the Audi. a7 there’s close to a 10 inch. discrepancy in size and the reason why. it’s important to bring this up is. because many journalists have questioned. whether the Volkswagen archaeon is. competing with the a5 but upon closer. evaluation consumers are more likely to. stick with a smaller sport back in this. price range and the Argent’s place in. the market is for buyers looking for a. more affordable alternative to executive. luxury sport backs as it’s 5 inches. longer than the a5 and close to 8 inches. longer than the 4 Series Gran Coupe for. performance the a5 Sportback gets a. turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder. engine because 248 horsepower and 273. pound-feet of torque and is paired with. the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission for. 0 to 60 times outta rates it at five. point seven seconds but journalists have. reported acceleration closer to five. point three which falls right in line. with its competitors all-wheel-drive. comes standard across all trims for the. a5 but as optional on the Audi a4. Premium Plus and prestige which makes. the sport back more appealing in. northern regions of the country for fuel. economy you can expect to receive 23. miles per gallon in the city and 34. miles per gallon on the highway. inside you’re greeted with power just. full heated leather seats for both the. driver and passenger for an additional. $800. you can option for ventilated seats as. well standard on the Premium Plus outies. virtual cockpit will likely be what. attracts your attention the minute you. get behind the wheel using the buttons. mounted on the heated leather wrap. steering wheel you can change the. display to adjust the size of your. gauges so that the screen is dominated. by the navigation system which is my. personal preference every time I Drive a. new Audi this display will also show. your fuel efficiency and other useful. information that you can scroll through. moving over to the infotainment system. you get an 8 inch screen with apple. carplay and android auto compatibility. unlike the a6 a7 and q8 there’s no dual. touch screens and instead to access. different menus and options a rotary. dial and touchpad will help you navigate. throughout. and on my display with interior facelift. expected for the 2020 model year a. touchscreen will likely be added. following in the footsteps of the. updated q3 which we got a preview of in. this year’s New York Auto Show you’ll. get a rear backup camera with trajectory. along with rear cross-traffic alert a. 360-degree top view camera will only be. available on the prestige trim which. will also be packaged with additional. safety technology on the a5 Sportback a. drive mode selector is included which. will affect the auto response but the. changes in driving dynamics probably. won’t be noticeable as we move down. towards the centre console you’ll find. the buttons for your three-zone climate. control settings and three level heated. seats below that you’ll find the drive. mode selector and your track control on. an off switch in front of the gear shift. lever you’ll find the rotary dial and. touchpad along quick access buttons that. lead you to different menus and screens. you’ll also have touch sensitive radio. presets located here as well along with. the radio volume control for the centre. storage compartment you’ll find a. wireless phone charging pad and a USB. input. now the most important question is what. is the rear legroom like now where I am. positioned where I’m seated behind this. seat now it’s not all the way back but I. do have some legroom. now let’s be honest I’m not the tallest. adult out there but unless you plan. having adult passengers all the time in. this car you will only have maybe. adolescents teenagers and kids in the. back and they are certainly not going to. complain about being cramped in the back. now one thing to remember here is that. the Audi a5 Sportback is about one inch. longer than the a4 and it’s about four. inches shorter than the Kia stinger GT. however despite the discrepancy in. length. you only give up about 1 inch of rear. legroom the a5 Sportback is also a. little bit longer than the BMW 4-series. grand coupe which will translate to. about an inch and a half more legroom. than inside a 430 i grand coupe now also. one thing to remember that if you are. comparing this to the kia stinger GT or. Kia stinger that passengers in the back. will get climb control as well howdee. offers three zone climate control which. is exactly what we saw on the Volks like. an RT on now also with this thanks to. the cold weather package there will be. three level heated seats now when it. comes to actually sitting here on a. longer drive really depending on how. tall the passenger is in the front or. how tall they are in the back I think. they’re going to be comfortable I’m not. gonna sit here and complain about. legroom just because I think we focus. way too much on that when in actuality. and and most likely unless you’re an. uber driver you’re mostly gonna have. adolescents or teenagers in the car and. they’re not going to complain at the end. of the day when it comes to legroom but. for me at least a person at my size. around five five five six I’m actually. rather comfortable so of course one of. the plus sides of owning a sport back is. the power liftgate but also how much. cargo room you get now the Audi a5. Sportback is rated at 21.5 cubic feet of. rear cargo room which is about 8 cubic. feet more than the Audi a4 so just for. instance let’s load up this car with my camera gear. now obviously there is plenty of room. actually what the rear seats folded down. you’re looking at somewhere around 35. cubic feet of air cargo room which is. actually putting the a5 Sportback and. crossover territory and then when you’re. done loading up your car just press the. button and it closes automatically now. if you’ve been with me on the shelf for. a while you know that I usually review. and feature cars that are the higher. trim levels that have the most packages. included so you’re probably asking why. is he reviewing a Premium Plus now this. has a lot to do with the Audi a5. Sportback competition with the kia. stinger GT but also the Bandai forces. which in my opinion is his closest. competitor the premium plus there’s a. $48,000 but this one starts at 53 and. that’s due to the cold weather package. the Bang & Olufsen surround sound system. and the s-line package I personally. think this is the best bargain with the. a5 Sportback just because if you’re. looking at upgrading to the prestige. you’re paying like fifty five fifty six. thousand dollars and I’d say at that. point just get an s5 get the bigger. engine have more fun behind the wheel. but the premium plus to me offers nice. sense of luxury but also offers features. that you’re not going to find in its. competitors the Kia stinger’ GT and the. B and a 4 Series Gran Coupe as of right. now with the 2018 4 series does not come. with a digital information display and. with the PM plus package you get out. ease virtual cockpit. what I also like about the a5 Sportback. as well is that leather seats come. standard whereas with the 4 Series. you’re looking at faux and imitation. leather which I really do not like it’s. one of the things I don’t like about the. 4 Series Gran Coupe at least the current. generation in my review of the RT on I. said that it had a very oddly like. interior which it does but I have to say. that the audi a5 Sportback to me has a. more classy interior now I honestly came. from saying this as a BMW guy and some. people would disagree with this that the. center console just interior itself I. prefer this over the BMW 4 Series Gran. Coupe I prefers over the f3 generation. 3-series especially with this being a 20. model that’s what I would say now the. Foresters Gran Coupe does not have an. updated interior yet but if you’re. looking at 2018 for both models I prefer. this more. more welcoming more classy it feels a. little more luxurious but for me. personally I really do like this this. center console the interior and a lot. has to do with the fact that has an. information display it’s outies virtual. cockpit that alone to me as a seller I. like that I have that I like that it’s. the best quality really right now on the. market now for the infotainment system. this is always MMI interface reminds me. a lot of BMWs iDrive from last. generation because this isn’t a. touchscreen it’s very responsive I’m so. used to using these rotary dials it’s. almost second nature at this point I am. just glad that it’s not a touch pad like. Lexus and Acura but one thing I will say. this isn’t outies most up-to-date. infotainment system the Audi a6 a7 and. the q8 that I featured last year has. dual touchscreens for both the climate. control and infotainment system most. likely for 2020 model there will be an. update to the a5 Sportback there won’t. be most likely dual touch screens like. in those models but from I’ve seen the. q3 there’s gonna be a touch screen. integrated into the dashboard where it’s. not like the screen that’s kind of its. own piece now I can’t continue one. without throwing in the Kia stinger now. obviously it’s not a luxury brand so you. expect to have a v6 at $41,000 but again. if you want performance you’re gonna. upgrade to the s5 Sportback anyway and. again the Kia stinger is not gonna have. a nicest interior in this segment and to. me it’s really for somebody who wants. performance at a cheaper price whereas. if you want luxury this is the way to go. if you want comfort. I think the a5 Sportback is the way to. go and again if you’re really comparing. cars in this segment really go closer. with the Bandai 4 Series Gran Coupe. whereas that’s really the closest. competitor right now for the a5. Sportback so guys thank you so much for. watching this video please like comment share subscribe for more and I’ll see. share subscribe for more and I’ll see you guys next time.

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