Audi A5 2019 Interior

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The second coming of Audi’s A4-based coupe, which you’ll have struggled to spot given this is Audi’s most subtle styling update on record. Besides a wider grille and slightly Tesla-esque lights there’s very little to tell the new two-door from old, which its buyers will be delighted about. Underneath, it’s based on the VW Group’s new MSB platform, so you’re looking at a 60kg weight saving versus the old car, and the ability to support all Audi’s latest auto-driving kit. All versions are turbocharged, from four-pots to the V6 S5.


Not the A5’s strong suit, if you’re coming from a BMW 4-series and fancy handling as smart as the cabin you’re now sitting in. The V6 cars feel really nose-heavy and inert, and though the adaptive suspension has come on in leaps so ‘Dynamic’ is now usable off a racetrack (who takes an A5 there?), this is a coupe that would really rather be driving itself than painting a grin on the driver’s face. Lighter four-pot cars are more agile and responsive, but the controls maintain all the alacrity of an Xbox handset. The S5 splits the difference, with huge Quattro traction and grip, plus ultra-accessible pace, but leaves very little impression behind to savour. Disappointed? You’ll be better of in a Mercedes-AMG C43.

On the inside

Usually when we say something to the effect of ’the coupe transplants the dashboard straight from the saloon’ it sounds like a bit of a veiled insult, as if that’s lazy and boring. So for the avoidance of doubt, the A5 sharing a cabin with the A4 saloon is Not A Bad Thing. It’s world-class, in design, execution, build quality and user-friendliness. The A5’s also impossibly quiet on the move, continuing the fine run of form started by the Q7 and A4. If we nitpick, then we’d focus on the high-set driver’s seat, and extremely cramped rear seats. It’s barely roomier than a TT back there.

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16 Photos of the Audi A5 2019 Interior

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