Aston Martin Db9 Review

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Sometimes a car just takes your breath away – in every imaginable way. It’s even better if this experience is totally unexpected.

This happened recently with our transportation team when we checked out an Aston Martin DB9 for a few days. The DB9 isn’t exactly a new car – it’s been around since 2003. The formula for this grand tourer is quite simple and involves two parts. Part one is a gigantic V12 engine stuffed under the hood. Part two is an abundance of suave, British tailoring.

Because what we have in the DB9 is effectively an English Corvette, minus the bone-crunching redneck ‘Vette associations. They’ve been replaced with the requisite infusion of James Bond, which makes sense as Mr. Bond has always been an Aston man.

Honestly, we weren’t expected to be so thoroughly captivated by the DB9. With “only” 510 horsepower, it’s left in the dust, on paper, by several competitors these days. But massive horsepower can be a mere number – it’s in the way that you use it, to borrow a line from a famous English guitarist.

And the DB9 uses all its horsepower to perfection. All while looking so, so good. I’ve had a lot of sexy cars in my driveway, but the $200,000 DB9, in a striking red paint job, stopped more than a few folks in their tracks as they strolled by.

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