2020 Nissan Z New Review

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Today is the 2020 370 C 50th anniversary. well I think this is the last year they’re gonna make this car and they’re gonna celebrate it with the 50th. anniversary edition let’s take a look at this car I know that the Z car has not done well in the past and they’re supposed to be coming out with a new C. car that’s in conjunction with Mercedes. Benz I like with the Toyota Supra has. done with the BMW but anyway so this car. right here and it is a 50th anniversary. and of course you’ve got the Z badging. with the 50th anniversary decals. Bridgestone tires red calipers just like. my Corvette red calipers. but anyways disease have never really. never competed with the Mustangs and. Camaros but these cars are all about the. driving experience but hopefully that. when they do come out with a new one if. in fact they do that they will improve. the power on these cars to make it. compete with the big boys let’s take a. look at the MSRP on these all right 37. thousand six hundred and five dollars. and then of course we’ve got their. dealer ads and stuff those in negotiable. but one thing that I do like about the Z. is you know you’ve got Corvettes with. rims being made China. you know Mustang you know a lot of this. stuff Japan vehicle content major source. of parts 100% Japanese so you know it’s. gonna be reliable but let’s take a look. at the inside of the Zeke our 50th. anniversary Floor Mats Z on the door. seal I doubt if it lights up. but anyways you’ve got some really nice. stitching embroidery on the seats. celebrating the 50th anniversary of the. Z car and you got these red seats that. are kind of like I would say it feels. like suede you know suede and leather. both together red lava seats. yay but anyways this a manual. transmission and of course you got your 50th anniversary. you know this Z car has pretty much. stayed unchanged for over a decade and I. think that this car is very well proven. as far as mechanical and everything that. they’ve done with these cars because. they’ve had a lot of time to get things. right you got what feels like an. Alcantara steering wheel the gauge is. never changed they’ve been the same for. ten years this does not have the. navigation so it does have a storage bin. heated seats power seats I’m sure that. these cars handle very well but it just doesn’t. come on babycakes really nice if these things had just a little bit more power. as far as the drive experience but like. I said you know I always thought that. for 2020 that the sea would be. redesigned and with new motors but. obviously this is a 2020 and it still. does have the same motor and basically. it’s the same car as the previous years. but we’re gonna get a cold start on this. car let’s get a cold start on this car in the the salesman got him right here. okay 2020 370z of course it’s got the push button start. it has always been the thing with these. V sixes is that you just don’t get that. growl like you will and the big ol. American v8 mover but nevertheless these. are awesome cars that is a cold start on. the Z it’s really nothing to write home. about but it is what it is and like I. said they’ve been making these cars for. well over a decade and six point three. miles or is it 12 miles that are on it. they had just gotten this car in. actually and of course this is the. Heritage three cluster instrument on the. – that’s been on disease for many many years. very smooth you know it just seems like. being improved the quality of a lot of. the plastics in here you know right here. is also suede as well nice feeling shift. knob short throw I like it I really do. just too bad I don’t have room for a. third car at home maybe I could just. leased one of these and have three cars. but this is where I guess you stick your. key in the hole fabien if if it. malfunctions and you can’t get the car. started. the Corvette’s got with something. similar to that to both system is. standard but for $37,000 you know it’s. it’s it’s a good buy I mean I’m sure if. you take one of these on the curvy road. do some Canyon carving that this is an. excellent vehicle to do it in but. anyways this popped a hood take a look. at the motor. like I said throughout the years these cars have never been changed. and I will say that this motor on all. throughout the probably one of the most. reliable voters out there and the fact. that I love about Japan. gotta be good if it’s from Japan but. anyways this is the 370z X or the 370z. 50th anniversary. no that’s the fairly and a lot of people. don’t even know that these were actually. called fair ladies back in the days but. anyway son we are over here at Surprise. Arizona a cultured Nissan and this car. is for sale here and they do have a lot. of inventory of all designs trots and if. you are interested in the C or any. Nissan product. have come give them a visit. we’re looking up online I’ll put all the. description down on the below of all the. information where the dealership is at. and who you can contact but anyways I. like to see it’s something that I would. over considering as a third color but. anyways if you like this video please. give me a big thumbs up please like. subscribe comment tap notification bill for future videos and I’ll see you the. for future videos and I’ll see you the next one thanks for watching take care.

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