2020 Jeep Wrangler Exterior for 2020 Jeep Wrangler First Drive, Price, Performance and Review

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See a lot of ATVs all-terrain vehicles. or small ones and then if you think. about bigger real cars so to say which. ones do you see there the Jeep Wrangler. because this one is still the real. off-road deal and we’ll have it here. today in Germany and out of the fuel. your number one resource for in-depth. car reviews and your number one. community to discuss cars who is Thomas. take a look at the exterior the interior. and of course the driving experience in. this new generation of the Jeep Wrangler. the JL let’s see what it delivers for us. here today full HD full screen and full length let’s go. [Music]. thanks to the folks at Jeep. they got me an ocean blue pregnant. that’s of course my favorite color right. here looks amazing this version here is. called Sahara. so of course named after the very famous. desert this one is basically a top spec. top trim level of regne of course there. are also those very base specs available. which are used rather for the very. rugged off-road driving however no. matter which one you go for you can. always use this car for driving also for. serious off-road driving I will soon. also give you those off-road features in. the numbers the front of the new. generation you see here this one here. features this very long bumper here also. in in the very front that’s of course. it’s totally different to any other car. you see on the market then this typical. vertical front grille that has been. there since the villas MBG have you seen. our episode of that I was driving the. very old military version once and also. preparing to the previous generation of. this vehicle here that also episode you. should enjoy the headlamps also come. optional with LED now or then with Syria. equipment as for this one because you. already get it in sin then when you have. those top trim burns they always come in. with the LED light and you can release. the front hood right here will also soon. do that for you LED daytime running. light is placed right there the length. is at 4 meters 88 or 16 foot for the. photo burn or 5 tour and 4 meters 33 or. 14 foot 2 for the three-door version so. depending on the definition you know if. you take the rear hatch as another door. it’s 5 2 or 4 door and the other one is. to door 3 doe but the main difference is. there are two different lengths one that. has some space for passengers here in. the rear and the other one that is just. shorter and better for off-roading for. true off-roading because you know across. the descending and the approaching angle. is a little bit different and so on so. short wheelbase of course better for. offering somehow this one here then if. you want to have some passengers there. the contrasting side mirror kept to this. ocean blue color those ones here 80. inch rims and they still look small. because of those big rubber tires those. who are also some house offered capable. of course and they also change to. driving feeding if you have so much. rubber still on the tires left and you. can be really sure that you do not. damage result rims because it just have. so much tire around to protect it really. interesting for sure and those are the. street tires already with the Rubicon. version you can even get off-road tires. those are street tires and that’s one of. the things that is cool about the regna. you also find some ECX for example at. the rims they have the the vilius logo. here with the iconic shape and of course. there are so many other Easter eggs you. can find all over the vehicle the. classic shape every child loves to play. with a toy car or something I also love. just to and you’ll play with those toy. cars here when I was young and then. those shoulder areas here and those very. flat doors and there’s also typical for. Jeep Wrangler you can take the doors out. complete you can take out the roof even. though we have the heart of burn here. today there’s this hardtop you can. retract everything that you can drive. all open like a real Safari version the. NASA soft top and the dual tops or. something in between depending on what. you really desire so what do you think. here about our five-door Wrangler today. wait a minute. true Jeep Wrangler fans just told me. there’s something missing tada. and here it is that’s the old-school. antenna and you just screw it in like. this and yes it’s wobbling around a. little bit while high-speed driving and. stalls on so I somehow you know like to. have it just removed what do you think. you have to remove it by the way in the. carwash and there it is in full glory. old school the air so what about this. hot tub it’s actually quite easy to move. it in the front remove this clamp and. then there here. one two three that was it. and then you can already take it out. like this and then you basically have. some Jeep convertible of course a girl. with the software will be more practical. than and you do it the same way also at. the other side it’s just you always have. to start with a driver side because this. party overlaps a little bit just to make. it you know also covered against rains. and stuff so always start with the. driver side and then you do the same. thing with the codes co-driver side and. to put it in again is also as easy as. putting it out and then I have also. simplified the process a little bit and. the only tricky thing is if you go for. the rear part there’s also you know here. in those in the middle console there’s. always some tools available and there. you can and also because you need to. unscrew the stuff right here then you. can also take off the rear the whole. apple rear part of the vehicle and yes. you can see it here even the windshield. can be unmounted or folded flat in the. front like with those very old. traditional military versions that’s. also the reason you have those plastic. protectors there that the windshield can. actually just lie there but but will be. quite windy on the interior compromising. in the rear of course with a. characteristic replacement tire there. that’s also the reason why the rear. hatch is opening sideways that’s with. the real of a vehicle soon we’ll explain. more about the trunk area you can see. those LED realize the earlier daytime. running signature in the rear also has. this somewhat X shape we’ve seen also. with our from some of the Jeep renegade. where they’re playing around with that a. little bit towing hook really massive. one here in the rear to get the car also. out some oh well this would this week. rather if you tow someone out somewhere. in this new generation here the Jeep. Wrangler lost about one o’clock revs and. wait by the way so some weight savings. they have done and also to give you some. off-road figures 25 centimeters of. ground clearance. approaching hanging on the front just. about 36 degrees. descending angle in the rear about 31. degrees those figures for the two-door. or three-door Rubicon version Philipose. those would be the maximum. figures that are available here today as. I said the four or five door Sahara. version Oh in 76 centimeters of waiting. depth so you won’t drown and with this. one so told you you can almost unclamp. everything with this vehicle and leave. it just with the chassis ended well you. also can unclamp the front hood and in. the very front all the way there’s no. help to open this when you just have to. do it many ways you basically to flip it. to the sides and then no hard rock. struts because that would be also not. suitable for a rugged vehicle this one. you today the 2.2 liter diesel was 200. horsepower that would be the main engine. for Europe and there’s also a 3 liter v6. diesel was 264 and from our. predominantly for the US the petrol. engines 2 liter 4-cylinder was – and 71. horsepower or 3.6 liter v6 with 290. horsepower all there with the 8-speed ZF. gearbox when you have an automatic. version and by the way the towing. capacity is 1.5 tons for the two-door and 2.5 tons for the four-door version. not secular with the interior girl you. see how slim those doors are so you can. very well look to the outside side from. the inside then we have for example door. openers from the inside which look like. the clamps we have on the front hood. very nice electric window support just a. net here for securing some stuff at the. inside of the doors this one by the way. another proof that you can also just set. those doors free then you have basically. sill here to get inside side step also. an awful feature but you know also used. for lifestyle purposes a hit in this. case this is the steering wheel the. interior has been modernized soon we’ll. get to the infotainment functions but. you can see the whole interior is now we. really a vertical setup and totally. different than from other modern SUVs or. something round gauges zoom alludes to. that those seeds are of course high and. upright and the Sahara only comes with. animal skin of course you can also get. fabric seats specially in those base. versions don’t sweat them them so much. then manual control for the seat and you. can see they have definitely modernised. and cleaned up the interior a little bit. but they also here stayed true to the. original characteristics anyone look. here again by the way from this. perspective to this top part as I shown. you you can also remove them now let’s. get inside and it is really a vehicle. you can also use tools handles here you. have to climb in and boil for your feet. this is totally okay it’s a little bit. you know unusual not to have like a. separate front area to put your left. foot on if you have an automatic gearbox. and you know those you know those secure. fabric here for to hold doors when you. close the door. then it comes close or hits well it’s. your lower leg that can be a little bit. distracting while driving just to. mention that a moment is 86 or 6.1 and. leaves. your head room still that’s absolutely. problem also for taller people it’s. actually no problem to sit here the. steering column can be adjusted and hide. and reach with a smooth process the seat. by the way is all the way back already. so that’s the five hours it goes and. then you can pump it up your butt. you already sit so high at least I don’t. really need it this part in the front. controls the lumbar support I usually. you using lumbar support I never do that. but I know guys who always push them all. the way in thing it just depends on the. body and with this strap right there you. control the anger then off the back part. of the see it’s a comfortable high. seating position in such a unique view. especially out there to the front and I. want to show you again when I close the. door how easy it look is to look from. the inside just the way down in here. overview with a rugged strong design or. vertically oriented and super flat in. this perspective some condo stitches. right there you start with a 3.5 screen. on the left and seven-inch on the right. options and 7 inch on the left and 8.4. inch here on the right the biggest one. that is available and the biggest one so. far then in this Jeep Wrangler he did. see we is also available the classic. climate control you can control it like. this this robot-pets you around those. ones they will get used quite quickly I. supposed I’m not sure you know but both. of build quality right there but overall. they have really improved build quality. so everything looks and feels pretty. solid and is also easy to use use PC and. normal USB right there and window leave. us in the central part because you can. opposite take them out the doors so you. shouldn’t put anything more you really. need at doors as for the commands right. there and another 12 of power supply we. can just remove the whole cap right. there. sumon is to individual screens the steam. will also have some commands for example. M as for the cruise control the right. side and voice control on the left side. or picking up the phone set temperature. to 22 degrees setting temperature to 22. degrees even that works already in the. refrain yeah that’s quite nicely done. then there’s this additional shifting. lever for the off route features some. more deals to that where you can set. that to and the big shifting me before. the automatic gearbox again with a nice. Willys Jeep here on the top has another. Easter Egg instruments lifts rpm and. rides at speed analog and then you’re. gonna have digital speed also in the. middle part mph km/h also consumption. figures and tire pressure and also. what’s going on with the drivetrain for. example and on this Left screen you can. also see which driving mode you are in. at the moment so 2h is rear-wheel drive. and for its outer I can put in as well. that then would be the all wheel drive. automatic you can also use this now for. street driving there won’t be any. consequences for that so I’m not all to. talk about that while we drive and then. standing still and then putting neutral. and you can go to for each part time we. just just leave the part time out it is. a permanent all-wheel drive then so that. when already offered an only and then. for L this one is then the additional. offered gear reduction it does not come. standard you have to pick those those. ones or comes with the Sahara and the. Rubicon for real severe off-road. situations infotainment screen up close. let’s take a look at that map you can. see they also work on the responsiveness. you can zoom in and out on that probably. well you can connect your phone either. we have Bluetooth or also apple carplay. is available here with the apps and. Android auto so you also have the direct. connection and with the cable that’s. cool to have for sure the climate it can. be also accessed right here but again. it’s I think just easier to control it. then with the lower buttons and the rest. of the middle console here is some. adaptive cupholders. manual handbrake and then this armrest. is split the first one here for the. tools for example for the rear roof. dismount and then there’s a significant. amount of space below that here and. since in the front it’s not so well also. good to have like your smartphone. hanging around there you can also pull. it in there with the USB port and this. also connects it to Epic a plane and. Oconto both three and five 200 are made. longer just a little bit here in the new. generation and so we also have more leg. room as I said they will see this all. the way back and I still can sit here. it’s getting a little bit close but for. for toy adults it works also here with. the rear and by the way and then with my. head already over the roll bar so just. you know inside of this top roof part. but over the roll bar with my head so. think about rolling over than here hmm. might not be a very good idea what do. you think hmm then also those handles. right there with the seats itself Ian. area you cannot control that much you. can of course as I’ve shown you earlier. I’m control them from here to flip them. you can see they move a little bit down. the back pad here so it’s actually. possible that you can pull them all the. way flat well that’s just a cable and. here there’s also separate lever just to. pull the head restraints down then you. can also see better from the front to. the rear that’s then definitely useful. thing and this lower party has funny. that the head restraint folds on because. on the inside back part there are the. cup holders right there and then your. armrest you also have those window. levers here in the central part even in. the rear and then there’s two more USB. supply to normals to use PC really. sufficient and a real power plug to you. you can even charge laptops here for. yourself open that rehash always fun to. see him by the way this one here then. also folds up if you think about. slamming and pack again don’t do that. because then this happens. so always just put it slowly back and. then it’s keeping tight so there we go. and now we have total access this is an. additional floor mat you don’t have to. go for it by the way here also on the. back part it has some you know terrain. stamped servers interesting details and. though here you’ve some more space and. those ones here there are some small. holes you can put them in there safely. don’t lose them if you um unmount the. rear roof and you can see here by the. way this one is still the video or the. roll bar because when you have removed. the top roof this one will be standing. freely you know as a true convertible so. to say Alpine sound speakers here by the. way additional one is actually pretty. decent sound here for such a rough. vehicle the lengthier and the trunk is. well little it’s everything less than. one meter in length here so because um. the rear headrests will also be closing. right here so it’s more like ninety four. centimeters in length and the width here. is yeah just about meter here and width. and well it’s just really high so that. is 80 centimeters so it’s more about 85. almost 90 centimeters in height and. that’s the same over the whole trunk and. that of course makes it very versatile. to use in this respect also a 12-volt. power supply at their side here and then. if you want to flip those seats you can. also do it from here if you reach over. right there and then they’re already. flipped here you can put this stuff on. down to and that works quite well was. flipping it you can of course also go. around depending on how you want to do. it doing like this here we go. and so you’ve got a very even loading. surface and if we check the length here. then to those rear seats we can also do. that so there to the end and this one is. little over 1 meters and 60 and of. course you can also load longer things. through in the middle if you have the. two or three dollars in the show. wheelbase one you have of course a. little bit less length overall but it’s. more about them that the rear passenger. compartment is missing what do you think. here and I think you know you can still. use it for all the stuff you want to. transport in your everyday driving life. that’s for sure especially like really. those square dimensions in the opening. and if you you know just want to see a. practical example if you put a cabin. trolley in here see how I lost it is. basically in this trunk so also it’d be. compared to you know I’m a modern SUV or. so you don’t have to make any. compromises when you’re installing. luggage that just angular building form. of this car comes handy in this case [Music]. welcome to Thomas’s deriving lounge it’s. a special one today with the Jeep. Wrangler because this car is indeed very. special in so many ways so also this. driving party will be a lot of fun I can. promise you and I want to talk about the. different driving options you have for. also the engine the general feeling you. get when driving this car and so on. there’s really a lot to talk about so. the first thing you notice here with the. new generation it is in general a little. bit more silent of course this car due. to the building style and this very. upright windshield there in front of you. will never be the most silent car on. this on the street but it’s a little bit. more Sam little bit better insulated. than the predecessor here just a short. motorway part where we go to 100. kilometers an hour or about 60 miles an. hour by the way I can always just when I. press ok here switch the speed 2 miles. lets you know pretty nice especially if. you have to switch between those areas. or something and of course for car. reviewers who do reviews for those. Europeans and Americans and for all over. the world so great feature for us here. we had 63 miles an hour. 110 101 kilometers an hour setting the. cruise control that’s working quite well. to electrical control not in this. vehicle but the normal Christian role so. far doing quite good. you can also see it from this camera. angle how well you can just look at the. side of the vehicle that is so crucial. when driving off-road you can really see. what options are ahead you even don’t. have to lean out of the window you. already see it but then of course if you. leaned out of the window those very slim. doors come even and yeah that’s really. cool the side mirrors deliver a very. good view to the rear and there’s also. the blind spot monitor on so when this. car now is approaching. me I get the yellow triangle and when I. also set the turning indicator then we. also get the acoustic warning that is. very loud by the way to my tastes a. little bit too loud but obviously I. thought you know when you’re driving a. little faster and this car is not that. silent anymore then you might probably. need it interesting also between those. Street driving modes at the moment I’m. in just a real drive mode and that was. recommended before this new generation. and the thing I feel yes of course. you’re just getting pushed from the rear. and to me in city driving that feels a. little bit more agile I figured that the. car is a little bit more silent because. no power is transported to the front. wheels no I’m you know sending. differential is working or something and. you feel that the front axle is a little. bit lighter so for city driving I prefer. this rear drive mode indeed but then on. the motorway you sometimes have the. feeling that the car is getting a little. bit less stable because when you’re. driving a little faster and with those. tires which are well they are the street. version but they are still off-road. –is– if you compare it to normal car. tires and then you have to correct the. steering quite a lot and when you then. go to this four-wheel drive mode it will. improve it a little bit because you’re. also getting pulled from the front so. that’s what I felt so I would still. prefer the real dry floating city and on. a motorway I would go to this 4-h. outdoor mode which you can keep the car. in now so I’ve tested it both with. rear-wheel drive driving arrived and. just put the outer all-wheel drive there. is no friction or something or you feel. that you can’t do it because of a lock. differential or something. for example when you turn it even all. the way around when you’re standing. still and then parking in it out you can. do this in the 4-h auto mode but that’s. not possible that’s a big change and of. course that’s pretty cool only if you go. then to the next this 4-h part time mode. that is then a fixed permanent all-wheel. drive. there you should not use it on the. street you will destroy your car. basically not directly but you know it’s. not good for no for for friction and you. know the durability of the cars on no. high speed no big we steel removes with. it because that’s also done with a. center differential lock it’s a little. bit misleading that this 4-h part time. mode is called part time because it’s in. no way part I mean everyone is writing. and telling that and I wonder why did. they name it part time because it’s 4-h. full time you know I don’t get it. and the thing is also between the out of. the forge auto mode which you can drive. on the street and the 2h you couldn’t. switch to mods we like to think with 72. kilometers so that should be like about. 50 miles an hour. you can switch just while driving here. pull the other gear lever now we’re in. the 4-h auto mode that’s no problem for. the car just not if you drive too fast. and of course if you go to the the gear. reduction mode if you have them you know. then like here the version with gear. reduction as well then you have to be. standing still and put the car in. neutral because it’s like like a second. gearbox that’s working you know so. awesome and sings here I can go back to. the rear wheel drive mode and again it’s. some artists more fun to drive with. rear-wheel drive that’s not only. something that discounting for sports. cars also some offer here but I will. switch it around again when we are on. the motorway and I tell you something. about the difference in general this. driving feeling is also so special. because we have the great upright. seating position you have been good. overview to everyone use it he looked. down on everyone to the front world this. is little bit caged in its dark and top. you see also on camera how dark it is. here with the closed top and this very. small winstram windshield and you look. down to this front hood it always makes. every right to unit next Baker or. something a special experience unlike. you would have just with the car that. you bought just for getting from A to B. this is really unique also with the. dashboard layout you see even if you’re. just driving here on the road you feel. like wait a minute when it’s my next. off-road experience beginning. so that’s the great thing about this. vehicle and as you know I’m also an. offer drive a two-wheel and four-wheel I. would just just love the stuff and so I. really appreciate the features that this. car is having also by the way when you. look to the rear there with the upright. windows you can see everything very well. and then you also have the blind spot. monitor if you like that too some more. assistant systems here for this. generation that’s also the advantage of. modernizing everything with this vehicle. back to those tires they have a lot of. rubber they’re left especially here with. winter tires and so it is a little bit. shaky on the road so you don’t get a. stiff experience of course an off-road. suspension that’s really cool so the car. is very comfortable in the ride it. doesn’t shake up too much that’s okay. you know when you turn the steering. wheel mm-hmm but something’s on the road. especially if there are some road ruts. you feel the car is searching its way on. its own and you have to work against it. and that’s actually desired when driving. off-road that the car search it’s its. own best way through the mat it’s also. the reason why those awful steering’s. are not that progressive so you will. also see when I’m going in the next. around about very soon I have to turn. the steering wheel a lot it’s light to. turn but you have to steer a lot and. that is desired when driving off-road. because when off-roading. you don’t need sudden steering wheel. movements and you also want the car to. search its own way a little bit. however when street driving at higher. speeds that can be a little bit annoying. yesterday I was on a longer motorway. trip and also with higher speed and it. was very very windy and I was constantly. working the steering wheel to keep the. car in lane and that can be a little bit. exhausting this 2.2 litre diesel we. drive here today let’s accelerate 80. kilometres or from 50 miles to 100 kilometers let’s go. yeah it was a little too early for me. but always almost so about that you see. notes on the camera that was pretty. quick so even at some higher speeds this. small engine still got power reserve so. excavation figures I told you earlier. below ten seconds to one and kilometers. or six two months now are that’s totally. ok so you get along with that and the. consumption is also totally ok. considering the size of the vehicle so. that’s about 8 liters or more kilometers. for motorway driving and 10 liters on. one kilometres for city driving with. more stop and go that would be 29 mpg. for the motorway and 23 mpg for the city. driving and something in between we also. scored recently with the Audi q8 for example and. they have all spoken with the same size. as for the length you know. so under complaining about that of. course this one has not the best wind. efficiency but considering it is super. and wind efficient that still okay some. of them. it is also windy again today outside a. little bit but you horse already hear. the wind noise is here coming from when. I’m driving a little bit faster yeah and. when I know. um well at 100 I cannot switch them but. we need be two modes I gonna drive a. little bit slower I can and sit on the. motorway I felt that it would be. somewhat better to stay in this 4-h auto. mode it would be a little bit more. suitable because it keeps the car little. calmer so when I’m here folks I’m. accelerating now also the front wheels. get some of the drivetrain and then. they’re stabilizing the car just a. little bit so long motorway trips at a. higher speed are not necessarily that. much fun but just a part at the school. awful seating position that makes it fun. but not the driving characteristics with the you know. log to your long to turn steering wheel. the very soft tires with a lot of rubber. so that’s not street optimized you just. have to realize that for sure if you. have lower highway speeds if you think. about most highways in the US and so on. that’s actually no problem then it’s. more you know a German thing then again. one hundred is still or what a kilometer. or sixty miles is still something okay. for this vehicle. everything about that gets a little bit. uncomfortable see here how far I have to. turn the steering wheel for this. roundabout but also check out the how. stable the car remains as for the. shaking here also when I’m turning to. the other side again so it doesn’t lean. too much to the sides that’s actually. pretty good. also when I try to induce it like this. here little slalom. that’s okay from a suspension but the. reason is of course always since this. thing we set up in this off-road way. what I’m doing here now in a cow that. reacts more progressive as for the. steering I will check it up a little bit. more because the wheels are turned up. steeper I’m not going back to this for. auto mode again by the way to accelerate. all of this call and then fu but also. the front wheels are pushing me in that. is delivering more understeer I’m going. to the outside of the corner there so. that again proves my point. that as long as you at slower speeds the. rear wheel drive is somehow cooler. somehow sporty Drive you have less. understeer for that but I think it’s. good especially when you have you know a. little bit more fierce condition or snow. mm/yr not like not super slow snow but. also where you drive at normal speeds or. something then you have the possibility. to also have an all-wheel drive mode for. the city or for road driving and I think. that’s definitely good accomplishment we. you you will actually use it and also. quite a lot depending on the the reason. the area you’re living in so it is still. a lot of fun to drive it’s weaker. because it is so unique but definitely. if you feel the faster you go the less. optimized this car is for that of course. so this is one of the very rare cars. where this true off-road character is. so significant that you also have to. make some compromises at some point if. you think about which car could be. compared in driving this one the Land. Rover Defender is at the moment not. built any more that’s the small Suzuki. Jimny you will also see that a lot of. the fuel in full review that’s a. different segment however if you think. about the short regular or something and. he comes a little bit closer but not. that and then as of course the Mercedes. g-class which also still has this very. characteristic building style. it is more comfortable to drive it is. extra also better in high speed also. create some some wind noise then that’s. that’s clear but this one here feel. definitely more foolish and Rafah of a. Bose speakers and Jeep Wrangler are of. course very much often capable and well. if you spec this very vehicle here to. the max so as we drive this car here. today this one is it’s a sixty one. thousand euros and that’s really. expensive the G classes of course even. more expensive then if you think about. some base versions of the regular and. especially for our friends over in the. US you can maybe stay like at about. $30,000 or something and and of course. you couldn’t think about getting three. or four Jeep Wrangler for one Jeep car G. Class you know only if you here in. Europe and then go for the high spec. version of this one versus a low spec. version of the G Class then they would. some mean it just be a difference of. about twenty thirty thousand or. something in other cases the differences. of course really massive and then I. really have to say if you think oh this. G class ride is so great and well the. Jimny is too small for you or you don’t. want to you know drive that’s particular. car or you want something more then you. can actually also get this great. off-road experience while driving even. on the street with the Jeep Wrangler. about just Jen. recommend to golf me for a little lower. spec version not to boost the price that. that up you know because then for such. an expensive price I would probably get. to know a more comfortable SUV for also. a little bit faster driving on the. motorway or something of course even. Jeep have ever extensive lineup for that. too but this one year I think as soon as. I would have some awkward situations at. some point and I read me to trust in the. vehicle and have some really rough. situations then it was this one would be. very suitable however if you are a true. fan and think oh you know not going. off-roading that often but still so cool. to drive this car I don’t care if it’s. loud on the motorway and of course still. the car for you and I think that’s also. what they’re still aiming at so with. this version here also in the high hi. spectrum they also wanna you know want. to offer some customers to have this. Road lifestyle SUV they say yeah ok I. know it’s a little bit whatever if I. don’t use it for off-roading so much but. still somehow cool and so if I want the. one spent my money I just spent my money. on that and you know consumption wise. see it’s of course less than an oven if. you just drive a small car that’s for. sure but if you compare have a big SUVs. or something this one then is not. especially you know I’m so high in the. consumption I’m talking about the 2.2. litre diesel here which is the main. engine for Europe it’s of course. different when you think about the big. petrol engine or something they will get. burn more fuel there will also be a big. difference to a Mercedes g-class because. we’ve been testing that one as a diesel. recently and even as a diesel I was like. concerns like what is going on here it. was like wow off the charts basically. so I’m back to some more driving. impressions here again you know due to. this indirect steering you can keep the. car a little bit common and so that’s. that’s fit to the vehicle however I’m. not too unsatisfied with the steering. since mmm let’s still like to control. and that’s not so much happening at the. rear directly which is again intended. but the serum it also does not have any. dead zones so you do have a feeling for. the steering at all times and can apply. very precise steering commands do you. hear that my a bit of the way so when. I’m accelerating this for its auto mode. and have the forward drive fan activated. and somehow if the feeling that is then. louder some are as you would hear what’s. going on in the front there if I go back. to this to drive mode and accelerate all of this Hill and then you listen again. I don’t know if it’s just me or you can. all also hear that on camera. but I fear that the two-wheel drive mode. and the rear drive mode is more silent. in general and it can think it’s just a. little bit more agile to drive around. with that one so what do you think about. road driving the Jeep Wrangler here in. the sahara version of course the one. thing i really would love to do with. this guy i stake it out to Moab Utah and. really drive those slick Rock trails and. or maybe pink sentence also in Utah. playing in the Samba this vehicle is. really great if you also would like to. see that because here we are where I met. about when there’s no suitable or for. trade which you know which would be a. little and be even be some work to a. channel of this car this guy no is. laughing at any semi off-road situations. so the only chance is to go somewhere. else and do that and if you want to see. that please put it in the comments and. just say maybe we can address it also at. the at the Jeep press department that. they should organize a trip to Utah for. us with this con and you can see it at. there as well so I’m just telling me in. the comments tumblers I would love to. see you driving it in more buta and. please tell that please tell please tell. Jeep they should organize something like. that and I can just gather those. screenshot and send them to to Jeep then. when we can maybe do that I would love. to do that with with you together on. both of course behind the camera there that would be really amazing. so what’s your take on the Jeep Wrangler. here in the new generation and if you. are a jeep wrangler owner please share. your comments your experience there – I. love to read some customer comments. maybe you know experience with live. reliability and also your own role both. and offered experience with the Jeep. Wrangler really looking forward to read. those [Applause]. well it has been a lot of fun for me. today with the Jeep Wrangler and this. new generation is for sure a little bit. more normal I guess for the driving. experience because it’s more silent it’s. a little bit easier to ride to drive and. so on you get more important system blah. blah blah but it still stays with a true. characteristic of the Jeep Wrangler you. could see it here on the exterior it’s. it the very rugged car the interior also. with the year’s iron still very offered. capable just when you look at the side. of the window that’s the thing you know. you can see all of the obstacles and so. on and finally also that you can remove. this hardtop this has remained the same. a little bit easier now in the new. generation but I said earlier you can. also go for other versions if you. appreciate the open top feeling a little. bit more and want to you know be a. little more flexible for example with a. soft top or the dual top the rumors over. in the interior is also quite ok and you. have to think about in the five to one. it’s really already a big SUV if you. compare it to other modern SUVs the. thing is that when you go higher speeds. then you feel this off-road character so. this is a disadvantage of course driving. on higher speeds on the street but then. again this one really stays offer. capable all the time so is it also a. lifestyle SUV well somewhat if you think. about the fun factor because it is. really unique and a lot of fun in. driving because you always think oh. you’re next off-road experience is you. know maybe about to start but you have. of course to live with the offered. features it comes when you go for street. driving so it’s for sure pro and con but. that’s why this vehicle is bought by. enthusiasts who don’t care if it’s a. little bit you know. wobbly advanced 20 kilometers now on the. motorway therefore you can still go up. you know maybe those logs behind us I. would try that out and I hope to see you. then sometime next soon at the real. off-road driving episode of this one. that will be amazing so thank you so. much for tuning into our dual fuel what do you think about the new generation of. do you think about the new generation of the Jeep Wrangler.

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