2020 Holden Commodore Gts Redesign

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we put the call out on social media to. see what you most wanted to know about. Australia’s fastest and most powerful. production car ever the GTS rw1 and. there was a common theme everyone wanted. to know why it cost so much more and. whether it’s worth it over a standard. Commodore and today we’re going to check. out the SS Commodore and the GTS rw1 to see exactly what the differences are so. this is where you’re going to find the. biggest differences SS Commodore uses an. ls3 v8 for 6.2 liter it’s naturally. aspirated whereas this beast over here. uses a supercharged 6.2 liter v8 engine. this is an LS 9 this has been in. previous Corvette and is a monster of an. engine 474 kilowatts of power this is. just a little over 300 kilowatts of. power 800 Newton meters of torque Plus. that is seriously impressive now part of. the reason that this is such an. expensive proposition that engine their. cost as a crate motor around 13,000 US. dollars so straightaway there you’ve got. a big price jump now on top of that the. HSC engineers had to do a stack of work. here to make this fit we have a. custom-built carbon fiber Inlet for the. air this is the dry sump circulator and. this has had to be custom-designed. throughout the center to get around this. engine in this engine bay so there’s. been a lot of work here to make this all. work as a package now here’s some. impressive numbers for you the. supercharger that sits under there is a. 2.3 liters per revolution supercharger. so that’s how it’s rated now when you do. the numbers on that at 6,000 rpm this is. pushing through that engine an extra 500. plus liters of air per second now put. that into context that’s like 250 of. those 2 liter milk bottles you have at. home that is some seriously seriously. impressive stuff now the next cab off. the rank is the brakes and these are. important as well here we go you are. looking at some serious serious brakes. here on the SS you have a fairly. standard braking setup our car has the. optional performance package so it’s a. high durability braking system but it. has nothing on this. 410 millimeters is the measurement for. that rotor its cross-drilled as well. that is bigger than a v8 supercar but is. awesome. a pay racing six piston calipers at the. front these things are a monobloc. calipers which things they’re casting. for me one died. that is awesome normally on a car you’ll. find that their two-piece and then join. together and the high breaking stresses. it’s not a reliable form of braking over. longer term and and on a racetrack and. things like that where’s your single. monoblock caliper is more durable in. that texture than plant eight we also. have wheel guards here that set 12. millimeters wider on each side and that. will accommodate the larger tread these. tires are very impressive – this is the. only production car in the world that. has a set of t0 Trofeo art I’ve fitted. as standard now the reason you don’t see. more of this fitted to other cars is. because they are basically a semi slip. and that means that in the West this. thing doesn’t have any traction at all. so this is a very serious performance. tire that does everything to keep this. car stuck to the ground now let’s check. out the other impressive bit the. carbon-fiber bit the carbon-fiber. stretches from under the bonnet on to. the 3/4 panel and then all the way. through to the boot where it sits on. that brute lead spoiler under the bonnet. here as well you’re going to find these. very cool fixed-rate dampers they are a. super shock branded unit and they sit. upside down they are fixed rate and the. ride is very firm but that’s what you. need it to be in a car but is tailors. built for the track inside the cabin. it’s covered in Alcantara you’ll also. find diamond quilt stitching on the. seats as well which is very fancy but. aside from that there’s not really too. much to suggest that this is that much. of a leap in price from a standard SS so. hopefully that gives you an idea of why. this costs over a hundred thousand. dollars more than a regular FX Commodore. probably also it doesn’t help the fact. that these are only going to be produced. in limited numbers just 300 are going to. be built you’re probably never likely to. see one of these on the road and even. less likely to see one on a track so any. other questions about the ultimate of Z. performance car the HSV GTS rw1. leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll. below and we’ll insolent as bass weekend.

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