2020 Ford Expedition Spy Shoot

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All right thank you everyone so much for. tuning in for this 2019 Ford Expedition. review this is the limited trim right. here and with typical Ford fashioned we. have the XLT the limited and then the. platinum on the top for this expedition. now starting out with some of the. exterior features here we have the quad. beam LED headlights and you’ve got that. LED daytime running light running around. there it’s flickering right now but it. doesn’t actually flicker in real life so. these are full LED headlights I’ll show. you some of those in just a second also. LED fog lights as well and you’ve got. your space for the intercooler and a you. know kind of an accent piece there on. the bottom so definitely a very premium. looking front end you’ve got Ford’s v. bar grill right there as well the. headlights themselves are bright indeed. they do a nice job but I wish they were. a little bit wider once you turn the fog. lights on that takes care of that very. well but generally these these. headlights have done pretty well for me. and one thing with the expedition is it. has retained its relatively boxy shape. and I am a fan of it I appreciate SUVs. that maintain their boxy shape I think. it’s you know it’s good to the tradition. of the SUV and this is the ruby red. metallic premium paint I’d love to know. what you guys think of it. I think it looks good in the daytime it. looks good in the nighttime it’s just a. nice looking red paint and our model is. the Texas Edition and we have these 22. inch wheels with the black inserts right. there they are definitely pretty big. obviously the bigger the wheels. typically the worse the ride quality and. we’ll talk about that in a little bit as. well and these mirrors have the turn. indicators in them as well. they are Auto folding auto dimming and. they have approach lamps with them and. then right below the vehicle you can see. them right there we have the power. folding running board so they kind of. fold out and they’re very very. convenient they even have a nice little. strip on the side of them to stand out. we also have the roof rails up top and. they do have some decent clearance with. the roof so you can probably fit quite a. bit of gear up there without it really. being in the way of the roof and give. you enough flexibility with that you’ve. got a nice chrome belt line running. through the SUV here as well and it’s. just a pretty sharp SUV. in general now in terms of the length. this is 210 inches long whereas the max. expedition is a foot longer and this. gives us nine point eight inches of. ground clearance and a fully independent. suspension which helps give it more room. inside and just a better ride overall. and there’s actually an optional. continuously controlled damping system. that you can get as well and once we get. to the back we have LED tail lights I’ll. talk about some of the some of the. towing capacities here in a little bit. and they are definitely impressive and. then right below everything is where you. get the spare tire if you’re curious. about some of the latest safety features. optional safety features are what you. get there’s not like the code or the. ford co-pilot 360 standard here but we. have the driver assistance package and. some other things that give us adaptive. cruise control lane keeping system pre. collision with emotion to braking rain. sensing wipers automatic high beams. parking sensors front and back ford. enhanced active Park Assist blind spot. monitoring with rear cross traffic alert. and trailer blind spots so that’s quite. a bit of safety features and this. vehicle is priced at about seventy. thousand dollars all right now getting. to the cargo of the expedition this is. definitely a one place that it excels so. right under here there is a little sorry. right under there there’s a little tab. you can push and that will open up this. lift glass then you can lift that up so. if you don’t want to open the whole. tailgate you just want to slide. something back there stick something. back there you can do that no problems. but then in addition to that we have the. hands-free opening lift gate you can. open it on the key fob inside however. you like as well there’s a grab handle. up there and then the button to close it. and Ford gives us this cargo management. system so that gives us this this little. shelf right here that can kind of slide. and pop in two different ways there’s. nineteen point 3 cubic feet behind here. and there’s a little storage bin right. back there as well you’ve got your jack. kit back here a couple tied ons and. storage bins so to get this thing out of. here. whoops you can have it just like that so. it kind of latches into place and then. you can lift it up and fold it down so. it’s just a nice flat area and this is. where your 19.3 cubic feet is now the. big difference if you get the Expedition. max you’ll have almost double so you. have about 34 cubic feet behind here. instead of this 19.3 cubic feet and. there’s a cargo light back here now you. can fold down the third row and the. second row oven back here so I’m gonna. you can do the left or right or you can. do both just by a push of a button and. there it goes. now with those folded down you’ll have. about fifty seven and a half cubic feet. which is definitely very very spacious. if you have that third row down you’ve. got tons of options right here and then. as I showed you you can fold down the. second row so you’ve got the left it’ll. just pop down you’ve got the middle just. pop down and then you’ve got the right. you can do each of those individually. now those don’t lift back up from here. you would have to go up front in order. to do that but look how big this space. is right here this is just massive so. this is about a hundred and 4.6 cubic. feet with all of the seats folded down. the expedition max of course is going to. give you more than that with up to about. a hundred and twenty one cubic feet now. like I said you can’t get the second row. folded back up but you can get the third. row to fold back up just like that so. that’s nice that the third row is. completely hands-free the Ford. Expedition gives us their intelligent. access right here with this key fob that. is pretty large and bulky so if that’s. something that matters to you this is. this is the only key fob you get right. here but you get remote start you can. open the tailgate and the way that the. smart key system works is in order to. lock it press down on those lines you. can’t just tap on you have to actually. press but then that will fold the. mirrors and to unlock just got to slide. your hand behind there and you’re good. to go now hop it into the front seat of. the Ford Expedition on the exhale -. you’ll get 8 way adjustable seats but we. have these nice 10 way adjustable seats. with two-way lumbar support falling. backwards not up and down lumbar support. which kind of surprises me at a vehicle. of this price point but these are heated. ventilated seats they are very. comfortable and one function that we. have to do when you started up you’ve. got this and when he turned off about. this moving seat came steering one that. you can adjust the steering wheel is. power tilt and telescoping and it’s got. a pretty good range of motion as well so. shouldn’t have any trouble getting. comfortable with that I’ve been very. comfortable I’ve got a little bit bowls. were here on my legs so bolstering out. my sides the headrests are also. adjustable they’re kind of ratcheting so. if you don’t want your head rest all the. way forward you can let it back and kind. of lounge out you can adjust it a few. different ways which is really nice I’m. five foot nine I’ve got no problem. fitting in here I’ve got pretty good. head space we even have this panoramic. roof so head space is pretty good these. seats can even move down a little ways. so just by anybody should be able to get. comfortable in here but if you want the. massaging seats the multi-contour seats. those are on the Platinum trim now. hopping inside of the expedition up top. we’ve got nice soft material right here. you’ve got this pretty nice-looking trim. piece good soft padded armrest and you. know pretty solid grab handle right here. you’ve got your three position memory. settings for your seats right there as. well Plus these cubby holes down here. and my big bottle does not actually fit. right there because of this lip but most. bottles probably will an umbrella some. trash maybe things like that a good. solid door slam and there’s a grab. handle for us there’s also a grab handle. for our passengers over there and taking. a look across this interior there’s nice. materials up on the dash and then the. center stack looks very typical forward. looks a lot like the f-150 we have a. heated leather wrap steering wheel right. here as well and one cool feature is. I’ll kind of go over this right away is. you push this button. so those headrests back there in the. third rail are already down but if you. push it they’ll go down no matter what. so if they’re up you don’t have to go. back there to move them to help with. your visibility and over here we have. our light controls as well with your fog. lights your parking brake and your. adjustable pedals right there the. steering wheel like I said is leather. wrapped and it is heated it is very. comfortable there’s a little bit of a. bulk grip over here you’ve got this open. in the middle you’ve got your cruise. control settings your distance right. there all your information display. buttons right here that I’ll show you. bluetooth controls for your phone as. well as all the audio controls right. there nothing on the back of the. steering well Ford gives us this large. information display it looks just like. the f-150 with your analog gauges on the. side and then the large digital display. in the middle so you can configure a few. different things that you want to see on. your own right here you can customize. what you do digital speedometer and this. is pretty much accurate with the time. that I’ve had the vehicle for about a. week. if average probably closer to about 20. but I’ve been sitting here idling doing. a lot of sitting still in this parking. lot here doing some filming so 19 and a. half or so miles per gallon not too bad. and this right here I did not change I. believe this may be at least for an. extended period of time or the life of. the vehicle maybe 18 and point 3 miles. per gallon combined and then you can. scroll through more trip computer. information vehicle information you can. look at engine information even your. transmission temperature if you’re. hauling some important information and. even will show you which passengers have. their seatbelts on or not so if you want. to see that that is pretty cool of. course a tire pressure monitor all the. necessary information you’re trailering. information so this is pretty cool when. you go to get set up you’ve got a. connection checklist there’s like I said. you’ve even got trailer blind spot. monitoring on this as well. Pro trailer backup assist so very cool. indeed you’re off-road settings right. here and we don’t have four-wheel drive. on this one so but you can still have. that with the two-wheel drive you can. see your ankles where the traction is. going all that good stuff and then of. course settings for your safety systems. you can turn them off or on if you want. and make adjustments to those as needed. as we move over right up above we have a. really nice large cubby that is got a. it’s got a rubber pad on it as well my. DSLR camera even fits up there you can. store some stuff out of the way and then. right up above here you can turn your. lane-keeping on or off and you’ve got. your 360 camera button right here you. can put it in reverse and they’ll. automatically go through that otherwise. you can just scroll through these. buttons and this is how you turn off. your auto stop start feature it. it’s two on but you can always turn off. if you want and then of course traction. control your hazard lights here is where. your drill or trailer backup is so if. you’ve got something hooked up obviously. I don’t have anything to tell but you. can basically guide it and tell it where. to go push button start even a trailer. brake controller right here so that is. really nice we don’t have one connected. but you can control that right there so. this does come with apple carplay and. android auto this is an 8 inch screen. and we have an 1100 watt Beano speaker. system which sounds pretty darn good if. you ask me you can change the background. colors on here a little bit as well it. doesn’t really look like anything you. know super modern but it is functional. indeed there’s a lot that you can see on. here as well and you can change. different settings one cool thing in. here is that at least some of you might. think it’s cool some maybe not it’s a. little gimmicky but you’ve got several. different ambient light options so if. you scroll through all the ambient. lights it definitely looks pretty cool. at night my wife loves to have the. purple on different blues red green. orange a bunch of different colors and. it even shows up in the backseat so if. your children like it you know they can. tell you what color to put it on and. there you go we have some pretty large. knobs right here and buttons they feel. fairly solid easy to use and control. with that same with our dual zone AC. right here you and your passenger you’ve. got your ventilated and heated seats. through b-tier functions you can have. all of this on auto heated steering. wheel button as well as storage cubby. down by your knees in this nice soft. area right here and one interesting. thing so we put it in reverse. there’s our backup camera with our 360. camera it really doesn’t take getting used to. that right here you can change through. your drive modes as well so when I hit. that we’ve got normal snow and wet. towing hauling sport and eco the. cupholders are pretty large and. accommodating but the inserts those. little plastic things are pretty. impressive so I have to actually give it. quite a bit of force to get it in even. with some takeout drinks it’s just fine. the center armrest is just massive easy. to share for you and your passengers you. got a sliding bin right there there’s a. 12-volt power outlet back here you can. even hang folders in here it’s just a. really nice area tons up space over here. is a 12-volt power outlet as well and. then there is a little storage bin under. there that’s handy for you and your. passengers the glovebox. is soft opening and fairly large and it. locks just like our Center storage right. here actually locks. we’ve got sunglass holders you even have. your conversation mirror right there. which is pretty cool all your controls. for lights and your panoramic roof which. is pretty awesome it’s mostly for your. rear passengers but still at least they. have that your visors will move you have. garage controls automatic dimming. rearview mirror so a really nice place. to be here’s a look at visibility it’s. fairly boxy so it’s not too bad in some. angles but the worst part is right here. when I go to turn around and look behind. myself that pillar is massive and that. handle gets in the way so Plus this. headrests so when I’m looking that’s. about what I get I got a really peek. back there and it’s hard to see so. something to keep in mind it’s it’s. really bothered me on the highway. actually it’s just I just haven’t. noticed anything quite that bad but you. do have blind spot monitoring as a. backup please do not rely solely on your. blind spot monitoring but overall this. is a really nice interior nothing super. fancy modern but it seems to be well put. together. I’ve been comfortable in here and that’s. the main thing now the back seat of the. expedition is where things get really. nice so this vehicles definitely built. through passengers in the back seat. space it’s really good sitting behind. myself where that seat was where I was. comfortable I’ve got a lot of foot space. I’ve got tons of knee space no problems. at all these seats can even scoot. forward and backwards and with this one. all the way forward if you want to give. third rail passengers more room this is. excellent. and one little bonus feature with this. middle seat is that you can scoot this. thing all the way up so if you have a. car seat right here you can have it here. and you can have it really close so gear. your parents in the front seat wants to. be over here and check in on the baby or. just be really close that’s really. convenient you can just slide it right. up just like that. and if someone bigger instead of a baby. wants to sit in the middle I can sit. here and be just fine get this headrest. out of the way I can sit here be just. fine I still have good foot space and. it’s a almost perfectly flat load floor. another bonus feature is that these can. recline back pretty far so this is. definitely lounging out this is like. this is a very comfortable back here. that’s all I have to say and then just. for your own little pleasure of viewing. pleasure when you have this panoramic. roof up here you can see quite a bit it. comes all the way to pretty much right. above the back some passengers head and. if that wasn’t nice enough there is an. optional entertainment system that you. can get and these outdoors your outboard. seats are also heated controlled with. this up here we have a house bug hunter. ten volt power outlet two USB ports as. well as your own climate controls back. here as well in the air vents and what. grab handles are right here plus to make. it even easier for your passengers again. and you have these big bulky grab. handles right here as well definitely an. A+ for this back seat no one thing I. forgot to show you before I get into the. third row is just how much cargo space. there is in the door right here there’s. a little bottle holders storage bin and. other storage bin and another storage. bin so even soft materials up here so. definitely a nice back door for the. passengers. now getting into the third rail right. here you don’t have to pull the handle. or a lever or anything like that there’s. a little button right here hit that. button and it will kind of kick the seat. up out of the way and then all you I do. is give it a little shove and it opens. right up so children shouldn’t have a. trouble too much trouble doing that and. they might need a little bit of help but. it gives you a nice large opening even. big enough for adults like me so if I go. ahead and climb back here as you can see. that seat kicks up quite a bit you can. pull it back in or your second row. passengers can and that seat is all the. way back and look at this I am still. actually quite comfortable I am very. impressed. this seat is actually up you know up. high enough to where it gives you a. little bit of thigh support which is. fantastic and then that second row seat. I have scooted up partway so if you want. to know what it’s like if those second. row seats are screwed up I’ve got tons. of space good foot space this is just. fantastic. my hair is brushing against the ceiling. but other than that it’s a really nice. place to be each side also gives you a. USB port storage bins and cup holder. there’s also a tie-down for cargo area. right there there’s even a grab handle. on each side to help yourself get in we. have air vents on each side there’s a. hook as well an LED light back here and. then one of my favorite features is you. can even recline with those buttons. right there so these third row seats. recline but if I recline my head is. hitting the ceiling but children people. shorter than me should be very very very. comfortable in here definitely an. awesome second and third row experience. under the hood of the 2019 expedition is. an EcoBoost all across the lineup but. the limited or excuse me the Platinum. has a little bit more power and I’ll. talk about that in just a little bit but. this model right here is the 3.5 liter. EcoBoost engine that will put out 375. horsepower and 475 feet of torque and. miles per gallon is going to be 17 City. 24 Highway with this two wheel drive. model and every single one of them comes. with a 10 speed automatic transmission. and we’ll talk about how it drives here. in just a bit my favorite thing about. this three and a half liter EcoBoost is. that it’s direct and port injected so. you kind of get the best. of both worlds and with the towing. package on this two-wheel drive model. you can get up to nine thousand three. hundred pounds of towing capacity that’s. flirting with full-size pickup towing. capacity not quite f-150 towing capacity. by a few thousand pounds but still this. is very impressive nonetheless. especially if you want the towing. capability but the passenger space of. eight people that’s very impressive on. top of that you’ll get trailer sway. control and we have the trailer pro. backup assist which I personally have. not used but if you’ve seen any videos. of it it’s really awesome you just turn. the dial and you basically it’ll put it. right where you want it to go now if you. really thirst for power and you just. want a big engine same sized engine but. the Platinum model will give you 400. horsepower 480 pound-feet of torque. which is pretty impressive not quite. high output EcoBoost numbers of the. Raptor but still very impressive. nonetheless and every single models. going to come with the auto stop start. technology alright everyone we are off. in the Ford Expedition on the test drive. always my favorite part. if you’ve stuck around this long thank. you so much for watching this video I. hope I’ve answered your questions on. most of the vehicle and if you’ve stuck. around the song go ahead and hit. subscribe down below I’d really. appreciate it. so right off the bat it killed the. engine right here I have the auto stop. start enabled pretty quiet and there’s a. little bit of a shimmy with that when it. starts up and of course you can turn it. off but it’s not too bad it’s it seems. to be ok my first impression of this. vehicle right off the bat is that it. feels big but it it just feels it. doesn’t feel lumber ‘us to move around. if you know what I mean now as I usually. do I want to get an acceleration run for. you guys right here so get around this. corner see how this turbo and 10 speed does pedal down. and it’ll get you going I mean it goes. through those gears pretty quick but one. thing I want to bring up about the. transmission is that under most. acceleration times it seems to be pretty. good and pretty smooth but I’ve had this. in some stop-and-go traffic and it has. been miserable I mean it was herky-jerky. there’s times where it was just not. comfortable whatsoever now I don’t have. any real sharp turns but going around a. few corners right here. the steering itself feels nice so when. you’re driving you don’t feel like. you’re just gonna constantly drift from. one side to another you feel like you’ve. got a pretty good feel for the road the. steering is not too heavy it’s not super. light but it’s light enough to make it. easy to move around and even with just a. little bit of turning right there you. definitely get a little bit of body lean. that’s something you’re gonna have in a. vehicle that’s big but really I haven’t. found myself going around corners fast. enough or needing to to where it’s. really gets you uncomfortable with the. steering so it’s it’s a comfortable. steering it’s a relaxed steering it’s. just a nice nice vehicle to drive and. there’s no there’s no fuss with it now. let’s give that transmission another. shot so right now we’re going about 37. and it’s an eighth gear pedal down it. dropped down to third pretty quick and. it’ll give you some power there’s really. not much too late all it dropped down. pretty quick you’ve got that turbo boost. and you can even hear that that whistles. sometimes which is kind of cool one. thing I want to say about the ride. comfort is I’ve had this on all sorts of. different roads rough roads smooth roads. bumpy roads and when you’re on a road. where it’s just potholes and cracks and. things like that. this thing is excellent it shines it. feels great it smoothens everything out. but when you’re on a road that’s kind of. wavy and windy and it’s it’s got some. real bumps and stuff that make the. vehicle move man this thing is kind of. scary sometimes I mean it’s like I don’t. know if it’s the lightness of the. vehicle or what but it’s just like. bouncing off of some of these bumps and. it’s darn near kind of nerve-racking. sometimes so it’s not terrible like all. the time it’s just on certain roads and. I’ve got a road by my house that I go on. that’s that’s kind of like that so. I’ve experienced it but for the most. part the ride is comfortable but if. you’re on something that’s kind of. roller-coaster it’s gonna make you jump. around one of my favorite things about. this expedition is the noise now I’m on. a smooth blacktop road right now so of. course this is quiet and it’s just it’s. whisper quiet I mean this isn’t the. quietest vehicle that I’ve driven and I. would assume the Lincoln Navigator is. quieter than this but my decibel ratings. were both below 70 on a smoother road at. higher speeds and a rougher road at. lower speeds and I was on a road where. pretty much the surface of the road was. gone they kind of went down to the. foundation which is usually really loud. and rough and it was still fairly quiet. in here so there’s laminated glass in. here which is awesome it’s just a real. nice quiet place to be now let’s check. out the brakes. break test was a guy riding his mower so. I didn’t want to freak him out but the. brakes have a softness a little bit. right away but once you get into the. pedal man these things bite pretty hard. and a lot of you are probably going to. be carrying around quite a few people in. here and I had six adults in here and it. didn’t feel slowed down at all the. brakes still grabbed really well so you. got a family in here there’s no worries. about it about it getting around and I. kind of had that concern with that 5.3. liter from from General Motors in that. Tahoe I was recently and I felt like it. could probably be underpowered let’s get on it right here. now some power train noise definitely. gets in here and that’s okay it’s only. when you really get on it but enough of. the driving around fast this thing’s got. plenty of power which is great it’s. merging on the highway I’ve done that. quite a bit it’s excellent it’s got. great pick up and go the ride is very. good except for some roads where it gets. the whole vehicle moving then it gets a. little nerve-racking but overall very. comfortable vehicle very spacious. vehicle I was really impressed with that. third row space the second row space the. cubbyholes in here all of that so I’d. love to know what you guys think down. below please be sure to leave your. comments subscribe for weekly reviews of. all sorts of different vehicles sports. cars regular cars SUVs and even a couple. minivans so I appreciate you all for. being here be sure to subscribe down. below give the video a thumbs up if you. liked it and leave your comments below. of what you like of this vehicle or not.

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