2020 Audi TTS New Interior

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To tell you my actual first impressions. of the TTS the car is a press car by. Aldi just got delivered I literally. drove it from the shade towards here for. a better the better position for the. purpose of this video so I haven’t. really drove the car so it’s going to be. actual first impressions and if you’re. new to this channel make sure to. subscribe like and share you hit the. notification about you know all the. story if your gonna like what you see we. are in fact at the never cream but the. track is currently closed but later in. the season hopefully we’ll be able to. take out this car or any other car on. the track anyhow first impressions of. the car what do we have here it is a TTS. latest model TTS with 300 and something. plus/minus horsepower 4-cylinder 2-liter. this one has a competition package so. different bumpers so the extra spoiler. which I very much like it’s a very nice. and appealing car and the first thing I. don’t like about this about this car in. particular is because it’s such a nice. weather I would like to have it in well. in a convertible and the roaster or well. however you want to call it in your own. language but hard under that in terms of. exterior it’s a very peeling car the. quadruple exhausts very nice some well I. would say fake elements of the the air. intakes or outlets in this case but if. he wants to really use this car for. competition purposes which will only. probably 5% or 10% of the actual buyers. of this cars are going to do you can. very easily take those out as far as I. can see and then you can actually make. it functional but if that would be. functional or functional from this from. the factory you have a lot of time. part-time cleaning and reaching it and. etc well on the front the same story but. overall design wise I really really. really like it and especially with this. amazing tango red color what we can see. here the brakes very much decently sized. definitely for the size and the weight. of this car the wheels are the base. model wheels because they are on winter. tires because although it is like pretty. warm right now but it’s still officially. winter season was still snowing last. week and that’s why also not much of a. performance comparison is going to be. done. I would have to say that but anyhow. again spoiler very nice I’ve really. liked this addition the competition. package cost six-and-a-half thousand. euros exterior wise I liked it. performance wise probably we’ll see if. the the wing adds extra downforce when I. tested the r8 RWS last year the car was. missing a wing and I said yeah that. definitely does need a wing and later I. tested the r8 with a wing and it. actually worked. so the days are gone we’re kind of the. original originally produced products by. car manufacturers are just like simply. for the aesthetics they actually. function so again I’m pretty sorry for. myself as well not only for you guys. that I will not be able to take it out. on the track because the track is simply. closed for construction works anyhow. let’s get inside first impression now. the first thing that we see here. actually I’m sorry let’s get outside. because there’s one thing that I want to. show you and check out myself. is actual bird space what do we have. here in the back so let’s quickly open. up let’s use the key why doesn’t a key. not working there we go perfect the. witch base I must say it’s pretty decent. for the car of its size you can. definitely take this car on the trip it. does not offer well you cannot go to. Ikea with the WC but this that’s what. the car is made for if you want an Ikea. car by an rs4 for an s4 and eight for. you name it funny enough those are back. seats but as you can see from the front. seats. nobody can fit in there not even a. tumbler the question is why would those. seats be there in the first place I. heard some people say that manufacturers. produce back seats the same goes for the. Carrera 911 etc for insurance reasons in. some countries where cars have like back. seats and as a four-seater you pay less. insurance or tax even yeah. don’t ask me what or how if it’s true. but apparently that’s the reasoning. behind it and I mean if you really want. to try I mean first of all you can store. anyhow something in the back seats and. well maybe if we can move the front. seats you can put someone on the back. but with such a sports car it’s extra. people and just extra weight you want to. have weight reduction anyhow let’s get. now ready to the back. so what do we have here the first thing. that I immediately notice is this. amazing sealer wheel and by amazing I. mean it has Alcantara I believe it’s an. extra option it has the 12 o’clock mark. in leather the rest is in leather but. the shape of it is actually similar very. close to actual race car the pretzel. shape I would call it if I may say so. also another thing it’s similar or. pretty much the same or probably even. the same steering wheel as in the r8. another thing it does not have any extra. screens here because the TTS and our. rate is completely focused on the driver. so this is what I’m very much like. furthermore lots of carbon fiber. Alcantara Bang & Olufsen system seats. all their audience do know about me. that’s very particular of my seats the. first impression is very good the. leather quality is very soft it’s very. nice this is what I will be wearing. later for the test-drive but it offers. some side support so my first impression. of the seats is good but then again OD. quality comfort is good then the. headrest it’s actually pretty far to the. back this means that you could wear a. helmet so you could go on the track with. it so that’s a very good thing to keep. in mind for the rest again actually the. interior is very much alike as the new. r8 that’s pretty much the copy again of. it so basically it’s a baby alright so. that you can get for fifty five thousand. euros I believe the ger the car is. starting from but then again six and a. half thousand year of performance or the. competition package and then a lots of. other Alcantara based goodies the red Xs. on interior I like them because they are. not too much in your face if that would. have been some yellow color I tested a. one last year the new a1 and we had. yellow color and that was just like a. great way to distractive but the first. impression here it’s actually pretty. good again how Cantara I’m mentioning it. again but that’s what I really like on a. sports the steering wheels that’s a very. good carbon fibre now okay let’s start. it up the starting button is here. however what I want to say immediately. on our rate you have it here convenient. you have also mode selector that you see. in latest Porsche models it’s. Viji thing but here the drive select is. here which is inconvenient however there. is this button that you can assign to to. have any function you want so you can. have it like the next track or like any. mode change or engagement and in this. case I always assign it for the drive. selector in case I need the extra push. and go from the casual to the net dynamic mode ok let’s fire up the car. it doesn’t sound too loud some pop some. bangs as you can see the car is worn. because it’s just been delivered after. 500 kilometer trip by the way I asked. the driver who delivered the car what he. thought of the car he loved it and asked. him in particular Oh sighing silent. silent silence yeah there we go. I asked him what he thought of the seats. again if they were comfortable or for a. long-term trip and he loved them he said. no no issue though he actually was also. the one who delivered the RA to me and. he said that he loved this car more than. our rate because our rate is a bit too. much it’s a really sports car but this. is something that you could use on like. everyday basis if you want to again in. terms of the screen very good impression. I mean again the same words that were. used of Audi you can select two remotes. have different views that’s good so. again very good very much like that it’s. very driver-oriented driver focused and. yeah latest model OB air filter so not. too loud. that’s it it’s a good sound I mean. obviously if you want to buy this if you. want this car to be louder if we want to. like use the car on the tracking we can. put different exhaust on and then you. have the typical TSI to later DSG or a. Stronach has Tiptronic gearbox and you. know the pop some banks that you’re. gonna get so it’s not good okay. I would say let’s go for a drive and see. the first impression alright one more. thing I should mention very handy is the. wireless charging for your phone over. there so when you put your phone there. it should yeah there we go. it’s starting charging so that’s very. good then hope you and you don’t notice. it anymore. also very nice this a place to put your. key here and the climate control yet the. climate control controls that you can. use not very distractive okay let’s have. a look how it feels like again I very. much enjoy the feeling of the steering. wheel it’s very narrow very good grip. Alcantara always good and we are already. doing the maximum speed limit so again. 300 horsepower that should be more than. enough for the street use the first. impression the suspension is pretty firm. the steering wheel I’ll be honest with. you how these are being known for the. base model all these are being known for. very I should say very little feedback. very easy steering wheel so that you. will not have too much resistance and. thereby the people who prefer the sport. you’re driving and they would say like. okay yeah I’m already going over the. speed limit as you can see. yeah people prefer the sporty feedback. they’re missing that and they very much. well what’s the cult they criticize the. searing in this case the first. impression it’s lighter than a casual. sports car or supercar that you would. feel but but it’s a lot more there’s a. lot more feedback happening than a. casual all the models so very much I. would say a positive thing but some. people might still find it maybe a bit. too light but as you can see it’s very. responsive the suspension setup is. pretty firm I don’t know let me see. basically again we can go through the. settings at this point it is already on. dynamic let’s not go on comfort and. let’s stay on this roundabout to see how. the car handles yeah some traction. control kicking in because the tires are. not warm and again they’re actually not. even at warm what am I saying usually. they are not warm in this case those are. just winter tires so they’re actually. not even good now here we’re gonna have. a small stretch away that we could test. the acceleration but again as a public. road so there’s not the much greater. that we can do. and that’s basically it so performance. wise it’s good again if you’re really. much into the what should I say the drag. racing and the straight line performance. then you should probably go for a TT RS. model which offers a lot more tuning. potential but for the track this is a. lot better because it’s less heavy you. have the four cylinder engine which is. actually inside that the mid engine. whereas the TT RS I know we asked our s3. or s3 the engine is actually over the. front axle so that gives you more. understeer at all but in the S versions. this is a lot better car for the track. because it’s very much well-balanced and. if we talk about North Korea in. particular very nice od country over. there then it’s especially a lot better. because you don’t need much horsepower. everything around 300 between three and. five hundred is enough everything in. excess of that is too much now we can go. check some twisty roads see how the car handles like. the acceleration out of the corners is. very good. there is no turbo lag all-wheel drive. again and we’re not doing anything too. crazy because we’re on a public road. with other cars as well but the first. impression is very good the most. important thing is actually the. suspension is again firm but it’s not. bothering me because seats are actually. pretty plush on the on the bottom of it. I will for the lower back section so the. ride does not feel hard the seats are. actually I would say they catch up of. the some of the bumps that would. actually make you feel that the car. would be otherwise too stiff so it’s. actually a very good here’s a very nice section of the road. yep goods again we cannot do much. because it’s public relative you should. obey the speed limits as far as the car. allows us to I would say I was slightly. on accelerator when we’re coming out the. corner there was no what should I say. there was no light popping out for the. traction control this means that the. traction is there even though we drive. on winter tires and should I say what. can we see the temperature has passed 14. degrees that’s actually a bit too much. already for winter tires you can see it. over there so yeah the first prefer. initial performance of the handling is. very very good I’m very positively. impressed again that makes me even more. sad that the yeah the track is closed. for construction works yeah what should. I say first impressions very good or the. turning circle is actually also not bad. good so that’s good there and we’re. doing the speed limit some pubs and. banks happening as well from the stock. exhaust I think that’s a nice plus even. though the car is equipped with opf. filter so that’s good well there’s not. much more I can say stay tuned for the. full review I just gonna go do some. groceries I don’t know I mean the track. is closed again so let me just remind. you of that you know that tracks cuz we. will be up in two weeks so stay tuned. for that ok I hope you enjoyed this. first impression again don’t think it’s. a review it’s an actual first impression. we drive in car for the very very first. time it just thinking telling you what I. think of it so not much negative that I. found a bit so that’s good but we will. see what the long-term review will have. to say about it it’s a nice car I’m very. happy thank you all you. one more fun detail when you switch off the car listen to this the hardy sound. the car listen to this the hardy sound nice little touch.

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