2020 Audi S4 Review and Specs for 2020 Audi S4 Release date and Specs

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Audi released an all new version of the s4. Just one year ago yet despite that. They are already making significant changes for the 2020 model year. We have a new base trim level new equipment and even updated styling all designed to keep it up to pace with the all new. rivals like the bmw m340i. Of course. We do want to give a special. Thanks and shout out to our friends at Audi of Lexington. For giving us access to this s4 black optic. And if you’re in the market for any new Audi be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website. which we provided a link to in the video description, so. With that all said let’s see how the s4 stacks up against the excellent competition. So getting started with the exterior, like I said things are surprisingly. different from the 2018 version. For starters, it receives the same lower fascia revisions that the a4 got this year. Which means there is a larger mesh area and a new square surround that goes around the safety sensors. you’re also probably noticing that everything is blacked out up front and that’s because this year we now have the black optic package if. You go for the black exterior like our model. It makes for a really stealthy look or you can get a high contrast look with the lighter colors. Otherwise everything would be finished in a matte silver. As far as the headlights they are fully led across the lineup with Auto leveling abilities. Now heading around back. it has not been changed back here except for the fact that the black optic package blacks out the lower diffuser and. Inside of that you have quad exhaust that pump out an excellent sound. Otherwise we do have a lip spoiler and Audi signature full LED tail lights with dynamic turn signals. So all in all the s4 has a seriously attractive design that looks both aggressive and also stealthy. especially with this black-on-black combination. Now as far as the wheels there are three different options to choose from. Every trim starts with the 18 inch star design alloys but 19 inch bespoke alloys are optional for 800 bucks. Or these really cool 19 inch gray alloys come with the black optic package. Additionally our S Sport package throws in the red brake callipers. Heading out to the mirrors. They have all the goodies like Heating auto dimming and power folding and here on the black optic model. The silver topper has been eliminated. As. Far as your safety features are concerned they are available in a couple tiers. All s4s have automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. And then the Premium Plus adds in blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert. Finally choosing the prestige throws in the driver assistance equipment like Lane Keeping Assist auto high beam headlights and. adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist. And finally ending at the fuel tank the fifteen point three gallon capacity is good for a range of. 367 miles on premium fuel. So now that we’ve seen the exterior upgrades let’s go ahead and check out the inside. So, of course most versions of the escort do come standard with out ease intelligent entry system. However for 2020 like we’ve been discussing the new premium trim. On that model, you will actually have to option their back on via the convenience. Now as far as getting inside the vehicle itself, all you do is grab the handle and it will unlock. and you have these signature. turning door handles. All right, so checking out the cabin of the 2020 audi s4. You don’t really notice any changes to the design versus last year. Um, however, this specific model has equipped a little bit differently than what is the most common versions of the s4. So I’ll point those details out in just a second. Now as far as your interior material and color selections. You’ve got three different colors to choose from black rotor gray or a unique magma color, which is really cool. And then you also have a few different leather selections now all models do come standard with real leather. However, you have the ability to get an optional full napa leather with equal to design in the middle. however, like I was just mentioning what’s unique about this model is we actually have the warm weather package and I just changed out a. Few different pieces in this cabin and one of those is that you kind of go back to the a for seats. So if you want the seat ventilation, then you have milano leather instead with the simpler looking design. That’s are you over here to your door trim it is of course very nicely finished. You have a leatherette material across the armrest as well as a nice color contrast stitching. Obviously all the other portions are soft touch and then we have the standard brushed aluminum trim on this specific model. All models do come standard with two-person memory seating and of course all four of your windows are one touch automatic. Turning over here to your seat. It is 12 way power adjusting across the board with four-way lumbar support. If you also have manual high extension unlike I saying this is Milano leather. So no matter what you choose you will get real other funerals to either have. The leather with the Alcantara inserts in the middle Milano leather or the stitched napa leather. So as far as the main parts of the design of the cabin. Nothing has changed. So you will continue to find these same materials for 2020. That does include a soft touch dashboard and then in the middle you have more of this. Really nice-looking brushed aluminum, it does continue from the door trims and all the way across the dash. you got more of it down here and. Additionally, you will find a leather wrap material on the console here with more of the color contrast stitching. And then of course as expected every s4 does come standard with push-button start. When it boots up you will see a. 8.3 inch display fire up on the Premium Plus and up got his newly standard to the Premium Plus for 2020. but if you go for that new base Premium trim you’re gonna have a 7 inch display instead. Now in a similar way to what I was just talking about with the main display. Out his virtual cockpit system is now standard on the premium plus and up, which is new for 2020. And this is the special s gauges of course since this is an S model. So you have this large center mounted Tecno meter and then two different sections. that you can customize or you can go into the more traditional view which minimizes that and. emphasizes all the. You know multimedia stuff. So of course, this is still one of the nicest setups since it has so much customizability. You would also find a head-up display on the prestige level and up but this is the premium plus of course. Now coming back to the steering wheel does electric power assistant, I mean all models will have a leather-wrapped wheel. Now standard on the s4 is a flat-bottom steering wheel. But you’ll notice we have the circular one and that’s because we have the optional heated steering wheel. Which for some reason turns it into a circle. But as far as the actual, you know buttons and stuff. That’s all the same. So this is your virtual cockpit buttons. And then on this side, you have got your buttons for your phone audio and voice commands as well as the heated steering wheel. Up top, you will find standard rain sensing wipers on all models. The steering wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping unless you go for the prestige model. And then you will also find traditional cruise control or if you have the drivers assistance package. You’ll find the adaptive cruise control. Now moving on to interior storage, of course, that’s not really the reason you buy an s4, but you do still have plenty of it. So coming over here to your center console it is basically the same as what you get an Audi a4. So you have a decent amount right here, but you also notice for 20209. That we now have a wireless phone charger. So it’s a nice touch. It does come on a premium plus and up. You’ve got a little place here for your key fob to. Illuminated a cup holders and then another decent-sized storage bin up here with a USB and a 12-volt outlet. Adi has been able to conserve some space by going for an electronic shifter. This is the same as we see in many of their new models. So you just pull back for Drive. You can bump over here to the right to shift manually, or you can do it via the paddle shifters. Then you can go all the way up for reverse. When you do you will find a standard backup camera pop up on all models. As you can see it just takes up part of the display and the other part is. dedicated to the parking sensors that is unless you go for the prestige and then in that case you’ll get the. 360-degree camera system. And then back behind the shifter you get your electronic parking brake. Now one relatively small shake-up of standard equipment. is that the upgraded Bang & Olufsen sound system the 3d version with 19 speakers and. 755 watts has been moved to only the prestige as standard equipment. And then it’s optional now on the Premium Plus. We actually have the optional system. So let’s go ahead and take a listen. Of course as you would expect the sound quality is excellent. And we’ll go ahead and move on from there the next step up. Is this row of buttons the main stuff here is our Drive select controller. So we’ll go back to the home screen here and you’ll be able to see the drive modes. We have a comfort automatic. Dynamic is the Sport one and then you got an individual one to go in and tailor each of these sections. To whatever you desire, which is of course a very nice thing. Next to that you have your defeat for your auto start-stop your defeat for your traction control. Turn on and off your parking sensors and turn on and off the display. And then moving on up we have basically the same climate control setup as you find in the a4 and several other outing models. So this is your standard three zone automatic climate control. So you got all your buttons represented physically here two big knobs to adjust the temperature and then you have the little touch. Sensitive toggles that can give you a preview. And then if they are metal when you push them. As far as the seats. Three-stage heating is standard equipment. But like I already mentioned you have to go for the warm weather package to get seat ventilation. Which does actually change the entire seat design?. But anyways that brings us up here to the Audi MMI system, so let’s go ahead and take a quick look. It’s your traditional MMI system. It’s not quite the newest version that the touch one so you still have to use this knob and touchpad down here. It’s not a touchscreen. heading into the phone you’ll find all of your contacts. You also have text messages support and you can go into your directory here. Of course. We do have the Google Earth navigation and it does give you the ability to write the address. out with handwriting. Then you can click over go to your map. For Steve, so you can have this pulled up at the same time as you have it pulled up on your virtual cockpit. Now let’s thing I’m going to talk about is just your Audi smartphone interface. This is where you can connect both apple carplay and android auto and they are standard even if you have these smaller. 7-inch display with the base model. But anyways, that pretty much sums up a quick look at the MMI system. But we do have a really detailed tutorial. If you want to learn more a link to that additional video is in the description. Moving on up you do have an auto dimming frameless mirror with the built-in compass. And then you’ve got your home link universal remotes mounted right here. You’re probably also noticing that we have a standard moonroof it is across the entire s4 lineup. I’m not sure. You can’t remember if howdy calls us panoramic or not. It’s a little bit larger than normal. I would say but. Obviously, it doesn’t go all the way back. But anyways overall the cabin is a phenomenal place to spend time, you know. Just like in the a4 there’s not a whole lot of difference here for the s4 model. But there doesn’t need to be it’s just a really a lovely cabin with a lot of Technology and a lot of luxury. But anyways now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason who will check out the back seats and the trunk. All righty, so checking out the s4’s rear seat. You are gonna find a good amount of space for all of your family members. So you’ll find 36 inches of your legroom and 37 inches of rear headroom. That just place it on par with a lot of the rivals and like I said that is plenty of room for all of you. Who are concerned about that. Now turning over here to the door trim. You do have a really nicely appointed one. so you do have leather wrapping across all the bottom area and it does have a stitching detail going all the way through here as. Well as a nice aluminum trim with a nice aluminum door handle as well. Now up here, you will notice that we do have a manual side window sun shades which are included in the warm weather package. Now turning over here to the seat itself it is a beautiful design it does have nice stitching details and it is very comfortable. Now here in the center area every s4 will come very nicely equipped. So you do have standard rear vents across all models as well as your own climate controls back here. Now off to the side you will notice that this particular model does have three-stage heated rear seats. which are included in the cold weather package and. Down below that you will find two smart charging USB ports for 2020 as well as a 12-volt power outlet. Now here in the center you do have a fold-down armrest with some storage inside and your cup holders do pop out at the end. Up top you have LED lighting a really nice headliner as well as your assist gripping coat. And. Coming down. Like I said, this is about middle of the pack when it comes to space and that shows behind drew seating position. I have about 6 to 7 inches of her legroom. Especially thanks to these nice neat cutouts. Now the seats on the s4 do fold. 40/20/40 split so you can’t pull them up here just by grabbing this little lever and it will fold right down. And coming around to the trunk, all you have to do is locate the button under the lid and it will open right up. And once inside you will find 13 cubic feet of space in the s4. Which is class competitive with the Mercedes C 43 and bmw m340i. Now, like I said, it is finished very nicely back here. So, do you have a nice carpeted floor board. And if you lift up you will find a spare tire and off to your sides. you do have some netting as well as a 12 volt power outlet on this side and. Like I said the seats do fold. 40/20/40 split if you need more space. Now coming to the passenger seat it is 12 white power adjusting across all models and. In front of the passenger you do have nice amenities. You have a really good sized imp and glove box, which is felt lined as well as your CD and DVD player. And up top you have a Sun Visor with an LED light and mirror and it does also detach and extend. But anyway that sums of all the rear areas of the s4. So now let’s go ahead and get out on the road and see why you buy an s4 in the first place. All right, so getting into the part that really matters of course the powertrain and what’s under the hood. So this model of course does come with a three liter twin-turbo v6 engine. Power has been adjusted slightly this year. It’s down five horsepower. that’s just, you know, like a little rating change to three hundred and forty nine horsepower and. 369 and lb ft of torque. But as far as your overall zero to sixty that does not change it continues to be rated at 4.4 seconds. And that’s gonna be ever so slightly slower than the brand new m340i wish we drove about a month ago. Now as far as your transmission, there’s only one way to get it. You actually have an 8-speed automatic transmission versus the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic that comes in the a4. And then you’ve always got standard Quattro all-wheel drive. As far as your fuel economy, since there’s only one way to get this model. There is only one rating and that’s going to be twenty one City thirty Highway 24 combined. When he weighs us enough on the numbers, let’s see how it actually performs out in the street. So just tapping into the throttle there for the first time. And when you push into it a little bit it does get it going fast. You can definitely tell there’s a lot of power on tap. Yeah. And a lot of torque it really pushes you back in your seat. Now since we’re just kind of rolling at suburban speeds here it’s a good time to talk about the comfort. Definitely very comfortable very easy to drive. if you can’t drive it slowly it’s not one of those cars that has so much power that you. Can’t hardly control it. This is a car that. Like everything in this class kind of has a dual personality. Really puts the power down. When you expect no less with Quattro, but it’s still honestly like it’s surprising. You know and I want to commend this car, you know when he turned. I mean, we’re like he said we’re in normal mode and he just pushed the gas down harder and I mean it no hesitation just. Dropped a gear and got us up to speed. Super fast, you know and the Quattro like he said it really plays a great job. I mean you could tell this so planted and there was not even a slightest hesitation. Giving us up to speed. Okay, yeah your guests didn’t realize that you had the s4 instead the a4 they will realize that yeah. Sure once you start moving. Also will say that the 8-speed automatic versus the dual clutch. Will test it out a little more as we keep going here, but it seems a shift. Just as fast but definitely extremely quickly, but it’s also a little bit smoother than the a4. I’m noticing as far as just kind of cruising around town. Not that that had any type of real issue to it. But you could tell just a little bit at least if you’re too into it like we are that it is a dual clutch. There’s a small hesitation between shifts at low speed. Versus this. The one thing I’ll do is we’ll go into a different driving mode here. We’re going to try out the dynamic which one escalate things up a little bit. This little construction looks like. Something’s going on up here, but you can. Even at the just taking off lightly, you can definitely tell we dial up the exhaust and everything. Very enjoyable car to drive. Now when we drove the m34 di we were I’m stuck in the city. But here we can come out on the road and the Deaf one allows us to enjoy this. more. But for one thing you can instantly tell how quick it is. It responds to just a time the tiniest. Change of direction with the steering wheel for says you had one for a sports sedan. I’m at least initially here. It does feel a little kids a little bit lighter than what I remember the C 43 and them M340i being like. But it does tighten up nicely if you’re in the dynamic mode from the other mode. It is one of the parts that it’s adjustable since most of the parts are. Your are able to adjust using the individual mode inside of the my system. I’ll bump it into the manual mode. We can try out the manual shifting for a little bit. Well. It definitely shows has a really important ounce kick, you know, that’s a I. Really like that is a real satisfying sensation. And going over there no, I hear some burbles – that’s right. That the steering definitely feels great and this thing also has just outrageous grip. you know, I just. Happy absolutely just planted onto the road. But we do have the s4 package. So we have summer performance tires on this specific one. Definitely amazing. You know and this is what we mean by dual character, you know. You can take your whole family on a nice road trip and cruise down the interstate in comfort. but if you’re. You know coming home from work on a Friday night and want to enjoy yourself and take a country road back home. This is you know, you can Canyon carve in this car, which is a really really neat thing. You definitely you definitely have to watch your speed because you’ll be speeding quite quickly if you just. Let into it for more than just a few seconds at a time. But what a fun car to drive. Get the steering setup is a lightning fast and you stand by what I said earlier. it is a little bit lighter in terms of your. Your feel versus the C43 and the M340i. but. Certainly, not like super light or anything like that. It still has a good heft to it. It feels very nice in the hand. Like I said, it’s extremely fast extremely accurate. And then prepared with these summer performance tires, it just feels like you could. Go like I can’t I don’t even know just you can go crazy with it. What crazier than I’m willing to do a car that’s not like. But all in all, I’m really really impressed by the s4, like I mentioned at the beginning all the cars in this class. they really stand out for me as being some of the best like all-around vehicles that you can buy just. because of the fact that. They can both do family duty and it can be sedate. they can drive your granny to the airport or something like that without. Making her get road sick or breaking her back. But then you can unleash it and have a lot a lot of a lot of fun on a back road and. This board it does all of those things and it does them extremely extremely well. And honestly, there’s really. Nothing that I can come up with to complain about except for the fact that I don’t all one. And I wish I did. All righty. and let’s talk a little bit about the pricing for the. 2020 audi s4 so this is actually an area where you’ve seen a little bit of changes for this model year. So they’ve introduced a new premium trim as we’ve talked about throughout the review and that was to decrease the starting price. which is. $700 less less than last year’s base model and that is now fifty thousand two hundred dollars. Now last year’s base model was the Premium Plus trim level. And now that model is going to come in at fifty four thousand five hundred dollars. Which is actually a thirty six hundred dollar price increase over last year. So you’re kind of getting a little bit of a decrease on the premium end. But if you wanted to go for the premium, plus you’re getting quite a bit of an increase this year. And then for the prestige trim of the fully loaded model, that’s fifty seven thousand eight hundred dollars. But that still undercuts a lot of the German competition as far as the basement price. Now as far as how this particular model is equipped we do have the Premium Plus model with quite a few options checked off. So we have the optional mythos black paint for five hundred ninety five dollars the S Sport package for twenty five hundred. The black optic package for fourteen hundred the optional Bang & Olufsen sound system for nine fifty. Cold weather package for seven fifty the warm weather package for seven hundred and how D beam rings for 250. And then finally when you add in the nine ninety five. Destination charge this particular model as equipped comes in a sixty two thousand six hundred and forty dollars. Which I will point out is still quite a bit cheaper than a lot of the German competition. Like drew said we drove the C 43 and that was upper 60s as well as the m340i. As can’t have some work it can it can let it close but it’s normally a little bit less expensive. So even though you have seen that price increase on the Premium Plus trim level it still is going to come a little bit lower. Than a lot of the competition. Bull guys who’ve enjoyed watching this in depth look at the 2020 out s4 Premium Plus. automotive delicacies!.

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