2019 Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs Price and Release date

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Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we make a test at 9000rpm!. Here are again with another car of the 777 collection of Andrea Levy, president of Gran Premio Parco Valentino. today I’m behind the wheel of a rather special car and noisy as well!. I’m happy you’re testing this as the last one because as you’re gonna see, it’s a special car. Between all the cars you have, I think this is the most special one because this, the Porsche GT3 RS mk2 is basically a road legal racecar!. Yeah look behind there’s the rollcage, very sporty suspensions, we worked on them and later I’ll tell you more,. so it’s truly a racecar with a numberplate, I can’t think of a better definition. Once you get behind the wheel and start the engine, you have immediately the feeling to be inside a racecar,. now we’re even using the more civilized seatbelt because you have also the racecar seatbelt. We’re gonna use it later on, now build up some confidence – You wanna make me suffer!. You’re gonna ask me shortly!. It’s getting hard to find a N/A engine pull ’till 9000rpm these days. Power delivery is endless because ’till 8000 it shouts!. Amazing!. I see you’ve becoming friends!. I have a soft spot for the N/A engines that rev that high!. PDK gearbox is excellent. I remember when I drove the 488 Pista you said good things about PDK, it’s wonderful. Even the germans know to play music!. Yup, above 5000rpm ’till 9000 – It shouts!. As soon as Marco jumped in the car, he pushed the button to open the exhaust valves, I have to say that – It’s the first thing to do!. You can’t see that trough the camera, you didn’t put PDK Sport you didn’t see yet, I’m gonna push it for you, so gear changes are even quicker. And Marco tests it immediately!. You know about the suspensions, bit of extra camber between 2 to 3. Suspensions are set in normal, we can make ’em stiffer but in normal are already quite stiff!. Compared to the Aston we drove in the previous video, it’s another world!. The Aston was the break because we did 488 Pista, Dallara then I wanted to give you a break – A comfy test!. We relaxed in the AM DB11 and then we’re back in our world, considering we’re always on track on weekends. Due to the rollcage, massive wing and side air intakes, visibility is very low!. You see the wing in the back, then you can’t put anything in the back due to the rollcage so you need to make some sacrifices – It’s all about the performance!. This is my first 911 – Really? – Yup, I’m happy to have joined Porsche with this excellent product. With your racing spirit, this is your car. Marco, it’s time for the race seatbelt! – Situation is getting serious because here starts the nice road!. I see you’re at ease, and then pull. You look better with this!. On track or during sports driving, these seatbelts help very much. They ain’t the best for daily driving but when you drive the RS for its real purpose, these are top. The day that sadly Porsche will be forced to retire the N/A due to laws and C02 emissions, it will be very sad day for us petrolheads because this engine is marvellous!. Let’s hope this day will never come because everyone say this will be the last one, we don’t know if the 992 will be the last one or not. but there could be another N/A, we hope so. These 520 german horses are amazing, this engine is so linear it redlines at 9000rpm. How amazing!. The rear wing help us for the breaking, it offers so much stability even if with the wheels straight, you can rely on an impressive breaking. I’d say we experience mostly on track, the benefits of this wing. Yes because you can brake late, the car is stable, you can corner at high speed and accelerate early because. bewteen downforce of the wing, impressive tires with +300 front and back, you have massive traction. I’m impressed by the tracion and agility because it truly flies!. And also by the fact it has such progressive and linear N/A engine, I find it easy to drive fast. It’s easy because it’s intuitive, of couse it goes so fast it requires experience because you’re getting the corners fast and the breaking moves much later. but yeah, it’s easy and intuitive, you can make hot laps but you need experience (and you got it). Sure like any car you need to understand its behaviour but yeah, what a feeling with the RS!. I have to admit, I’m not a Porsche guy but if I had to buy one, I’d go for the Carrera GT which is tremendously out of budget. or something more affordable like a GT3RS. I’ve followed your thought, maybe I waited too much and I regret a little because even the previous RS,. I thought about it with the 500hp version, then I realized on this version lots of nice upgrades have been done including the suspensions. 20hp aside I’m very happy now because it’s an extraordinary car. Here we also have the 4 steering wheels, there’s lots of tech behind. The sensation is to have a track car and well done Porsche, you managed to put a numberplate, register it for us. we’re on the road with such an incredible car and when you get on track it’s the apotheosis because it allows to do many laps,. we don’t have problems of brakes overheating because it’s a light car. Here you dind’t go for carbon ceramics but steel brakes. I went for steel brakes because the car being light, I already tested it on track and I’m happy with the choise because. steel brakes are more ready even on daily driving, it handles good like the Dallara Stradale which has steel brakes too,. when the weight is around 1300kg or slighty more here, steel brakes are enough and maybe they’re better too. Running costs are lower too – Also because carbon ceramic disks aren’t eternal like many people think,. you just even need to get off the track once and end up in the gravel to damage the disks, they’re kinda delicate. They need a lot of attention but sure, when you don’t need them (according to the weight) you can keep the steel brakes with great satisfactions and performance. You like to go on track and use your cars properly, how does the RS behave on track?. Very well, you don’t have the sensation to be doing the lap of your life and in reality, you’re doing it!. Because when you look at the chronometer, it offers incredible satisfactions. From 7000 to 9000 it shouts insane but it doesn’t have the boost like on a turbo or more powerful cars. but you’re fast in every point of the track, so the lap times are spectacular. I think it’s the ultimate track car because you drive to the track being road legal, you have fun – With a big smile!. The wing helps a lot on track, isn’t it?. The wing offers much downforce that helps in the corners, in the breaking,. I noticed in the Dallara because I received it without the rear wing – Sorry, can’t hear you at 9000rpm!. I let you play! I received it wingless and once I fitted it, benefits aside in the corners I noticed lots of benefit in the breaking. because it helps to give more downforce to the rear tires so you can brake with 4 wheels. You made me notice, you can adjust the wing of the GT3RS. Yes, adjustable in 3 positions, for example at Mugello I set the position with the highest downforce but for example at Monza. you can put less downforce to gain speed in the long straight. How do you feel with these tires on track? I have these on my M3 and I’m quite impressed as I did a trackday at Monza. Tires are very good, now there’s even the new Michelin called 2CUP R,. it’s an extraordinary tire, an alternative to the Pirelli Trofeo R that this car can fit. and maybe for the hotlap it’s even more performing, it has a shorter life but these tires are amazing. It has good tires and they big also and if you work a bit with camber you have an immense grip. How do you feel it?. I’m for italians but.. I’d do an exception for this car because I love it!. I’m in love!. I love such spartan, rough and noisy cars and the GT3RS packs all I want in a car!. Yeah and it’s so balanced, if you look at the steering the feeling it gives. it’s everything at such level that you notice how they improved an already remarkable product with continuous improvements. This is the great thing, Porsche presents the new RS and you’re like ” damn what a job, will they manage to overtake themselves? “, apparently yes they can!. This engine is indescribable!. 9000rpm, when I feel this crescendo of power from 5000 and pull ’till 9000 with this sound break your ears, it’s a special cars!. I see the confidence is building up!. Where’s the closest track from here?. You see in this rough road, it doesn’t have the stiffness of a road car, here Porsche wanted to make a car with no compromises. a car like this must be bought from those who want to go on track, here the aperitif is another world!. The GT3 is the best compromise for all those want to enjoy the car in the city but also drive around roads like this or on track. whereas this is the real deal to all those look for proper performance without caring about comfort or useless things. You notice it in many details, I think it’s the lowest car I’ve ever owned. you see also the thickness between the tire and the wheel arch – Not even a finger ain’t passing from there!. With the speed bumps, this car raises from the air, I saw it fly with the 4 wheels multiple times because it takes off!. You’re very politically correct, after the Tesla you have a second green car. I suppose we’re gonna see and hear this RS shout at 9000rpm during Gran Premio Parco Valentino?. Yup, several will come because Porsche group is always active at Gran Premio Parco Valentino this Sunday 23rd June. we also have Bugatti, Pagani, lots of Ferraris, Lambos, one-offs so Marco prepare. because you’ll see many friends with beautiful cars! – I’m always in to make noise!. I wanna ask you, 488 Pista or GT3RS?. Both are amazing, I love both. The Pista has more power, 200hp more, 2 turbos, it has the Ferrari charm and it’s awesome,. if I think about Monza and the places where the engine rules, I imagine myself on the Pista. which is less extreme than this, the Pista is more comfy – I have the same sensations because when I drove yours from the dealer to home,. I had the sensation it was a track car but civilized, whereas this is truly rough. This is the difference, here Porsche wanted to make a truly extreme car, on a scale to 100 where 0 stands for the road and 100 the track,. here we get to 95 so for the other kind of uses the compromises required are high. Despite the name, the Pista is less extreme so it can be more usable, Ferrari can even raise the bar towards 100 but they decided not to do it. so around these rough roads the suspensions work better. This is ideal for tracks like Mugello where with such rigidity, suspensions and race character, it can show its performance properly. Basilica of Superga is always worth a look, I like to come here once in a while to make some reviews and enjoy this view. Today there was no traffic and we didn’t took a lot of time – It’s been quick and pleasant to come here!. Here it’s always amazing, we’re a few steps away from Turin. Kids always enjoy! – He’s bowing!. It’s not the first car of your collection I drive but among them all, I think this GT3RS is the one that impressed me mostly,. I think it’s the most special one, as well as the one that made me feel more emotions because it’s literally a road legal racecar!. I think that Porsche with the GT3RS mk2.. a masterpiece!. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expec such extreme car so designed for the track. with such aggressivity and behaviour so close to the racecars because if you drove racecars, this is the closest car designed especially for the track. but it truly has race suspensions!. Do you think it’s more extreme than the Dallara, under this point of view?. Yes because at the end, the Dallara has comfy suspensions, even the name Dallara Stradale, it’s the road legal car for every day. and it’s not so extreme for the suspensions, this one has also more power (+120hp). it’s more extreme – A surprise to me! – I should work on the Dallara to make it more glued to the road. Sadly, the time has come to return back to Andrea’s house and leave his car!. I told you, I’m not a Porsche guy but I love the GT3RS.. one day I’d love to have a 9000rpm beast, crazy!.

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2019 Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs Release Date

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