2019 New Trucks Review and Specs

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first of all thank you so much for. watching secondly please take two. seconds support this channel by clicking. subscribe I really appreciate it now. here is today’s video every full-size. pickup truck ranked from worst to best. let’s get started. tries of might the grain Toyota Tundra. is not quite up to the challenge of the. competition despite standard active. safety features and a spacious interior. power trains include two v8s the maximum. towing and payload ratings of ten. thousand five hundred pounds and two. thousand eighty pounds. Toyota’s largest truck is shown as age. though as much hasn’t been touched since. its last major redesign way back for the. 2007 model year fuel economy is abysmal. the ride is rough and exterior styling. is outdated. Nissan’s second generation Titan is a. valiant attempt to challenge established. trucks from the American big three but. it doesn’t quite hit the mark although. it can give you up and go and have. sufficient braking power its ride. steering and handling aren’t as refined. as the competition’s and disappointing. infotainment system Mars the otherwise. large comfortable cabin towing is a. highlight at least the Titan can tow up. to nine thousand seven hundred and forty. pounds which is more than enough for. most owners and every model can pull at. least ninety one hundred pounds to. ninety seven hundred pounds despite. having much in common with the equally. new Chevrolet Silverado the Sierra 1500. has a uniquely chiseled design some. might say that GMC is better looking. than it’s over styled Chevy sibling it. alone is available with an adaptive. suspension a versatile multi position. split folding tailgate and a resilient. carbon fiber cargo bed. the Sierra has a rougher ride than the. RAM 1500 but at least the steering is. responsive and body roll decently. restrained too bad the high-priced. Denali model fails to feel high-class. like the Silverado the Sierra is saddled. with an interior that despite being. all-new feels carryover and old with. subpar materials although GM sees. marketing types would like you to. believe that the Sierra is no longer. just a pricier Silverado the two remain. very similar in their execution. Silverados weapon in the ever raging. truck wars is the recently redesigned. Silverado 1500 it’s easy to spot the new. silverado because it looks distinctive. but if it’s new skin the Silverado 1500. doesn’t feel all that new. agile handling comes at the expense of a. busy firm ride and the rear axle hop and. chatter on washboard surfaces as a. throwback to the bygone era in pickup. trucks suspension behavior and the. interior is plain looking and seemingly. identical to the old trucks there is a. new turbocharged four-cylinder engine. that joins a range of v8s and a v6 the. f-150 Raptor is the best pickup for. pulse-pounding desert running and pure. dumb fun and at more than does its part. to hold up the f-150 lineup as a solid. pick among full-size trucks the Raptor. features a 450 horsepower twin-turbo v6. that can deliver 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. braking is a weak point thanks to the. off-road tires but the Raptors soft. suspension provides a comfortable and. surprisingly controlled ride on and off. road of all Raptors the super crew has. the best maxxtow and payload ratings at. 8,000 pounds and 1,200 pounds but the. stubby Super Cab model looks the most. like a trophy truck and therefore is. much cooler and fuel economy is decent. around 80 miles per gallon on the. highway below for its legendary. capabilities the f-150 was until. recently car drivers favorite full-size. pickup nettie multiple 10 best awards. those accolades bolster the Fords. position as a strong second place choice. in this segment behind the newer Ram. 1500 that recently beat it in one of. their comparison tests engine options. include a 3.3 liter v6 with 265 pound. feet of torque a 2.7 liter twin turbo v6. 400 pound-feet of torque a Power Stroke. diesel 3 litre v6 440 pound-feet a twin. turbo 3.5 liter v6 470 pound-feet of. torque and a 5 liter v8 400 pound-feet. of torque. all engines saved the base v6 get a 10. speed automatic transmission a. touchscreen infotainment system is. optional as is 4G LTE Wi-Fi adaptive. cruise control and automatic emergency. braking and finally Rams new for 2019. 1500 it has proven itself in car drivers. latest pickup truck comparison test. against its segments rivals from GM and. Ford and winning that 3 truck showdown. the RAM leapfrogs. 2018 s full-size 10 best trucks. the f-150 and f-150 Raptor to become car. and drivers favorite efficiency takes a. front seat with automatic stop start. active aerodynamics and a 48 volt hybrid. powertrain option another class. exclusive air suspension smoothes out. the ride and the truck is outstanding to. drive to cab styles quad and crew join. three engine choices that top out at ten. thousand six hundred and twenty pounds. of towing capability several carry over. two thousand eighteen trims badged. classic help fill in the gaps as the two. thousand nine trucks enter production. that’s my video for today now take two. seconds click subscribe if you haven’t. already and leave some comments below. about some upcoming videos you’d like to. see until next time I’m Dave Erickson. thanks for watching. adios one more thing before you go I’ve. added links to some of the best-selling.

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2019 New Trucks Review and Specs

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