2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport Concept

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Look we’re just at the den’s stand. jaguar land rover in gaucho lands on. expointer 2018. she tell you nothing more nothing less than. this fantastic car that is running. it’s time for you to leave us. comments to where you would use the. discovery sport in the city or in. farm. in my opinion he is much more than. a gray car simply at the perimeter. urban. watched the video until the end you go. understand what I’m talking about. we are talking about a car that has a. fantastic design a streamlined. amazing and an enviable ability and. of course without losing the brand dna. the off road spirit and discovered the. sport has fully led favors. the classic land rover front grille. the name spoke in prayer on the hood in. side. 19 inch wheels and a distance. 2-point wheelbase 74 meters. doing all this internal capacity. many matching the back of the. discovery sport is made up of the. rear upper wing and. double exhausts led flashlights and the. discovery name invest in door lid. suitcases holds more discovery has. 981 liters with five seats in 1698. links with two places inside the. disco the sport we have a lot of technology. in an exceptional finish right after. front of the driver we have a steering wheel. multifunction paddle shift. we have the center console with door. glasses and the Land Rover rotary. 9-speed the classic modes of. land rover driving. the terrain response meet soon. above the digital air conditioning exchange. multimedia system besides rose. found could be the 8 touch. inch the 10 inch touchplus. the front seats are fully. electrical and in as premium test. drilled the rear seats are. adjustable and also accompanied the fiction. sport1 meridien disc sound system. watts with 10 speakers and one. subwoofer can reach even more than the. twice its power 825 vacancies 16 high. speakers and one over the other. the fixed panoramic sunroof increases the. feeling of space inside the cabin. coupled with natural lighting. the sunroof comes with a full shutter. size and tinted tempered glass that. helps maintain cabin temperature and. protect from sunlight. [Music]. so guys we got the best part. of the video let’s put discovered the sport there. proof in the three challenges that the track has. for us. king tilt trapezoid and let’s go. see what he is capable of the people arrived at the first challenge. first obstacle here that we will. face sport discovery and the cool one is. that we will be able to understand the. traction control acting we will. have a negative lateral slope that. is our high hitchhiker and is very. interesting and we have to stand with. traction control act and we come. working right. here we are on a slope. negative and now we’ll go through. positive slope and it’s very very. interesting the car o the control of. traction acting. we have to stand up he can pass. for this obstacle and now we ugly. and he passed the positive slope. Now we just missed the brake. to be naturally automatically and. also the abs goes working on this. moment will be able to make you. can get through this obstacle of a. much more efficient way and much more. quiet. we are here on the side slope. positive it is interesting that the control. traction is also in action here at. we can see that some. wheels get out and at that moment she. stay out we always have to walk is. very important that we step on. throttle by car make this. mapping this conversation inside the engine. and technology so he distributes more. force to the wheel that is having. really grip on the floor. we arrived here in the third challenge. of the track and the cool thing is that the disc in sport. he owned the tpc what he is he is the. off-road cruise control is. very interesting this mechanism the. we press the tpc button he already. the option for us appears on the panel. regulates the speed in this case we. already set the minimum speed and it’s very. interesting this technology came into. action that we look at just goes. simply take your foot off the brake and the. car will already do a mapping and he. will tell you what is really the. acceleration you need can use in this. moment apple could celebrate people is. really cool and it’s a technology that the. sport discovery delivers eli sabia. clip in a very subtle and very. hold this is very good when we. is doing some kind of off road that. need and you don’t want speeding. maybe not to walk too fast. really set a speed. specific to do that kind of. obstacle that we will now use. another resource that discovered the sport. also gives us that hdc and. very interesting descent efficient. that this mechanism does not use a brake. engine it only uses the distribution. of abs. if you want too you can come down. in the neutral that the car can do. this kind of procedure also. clearly and now i’m just going. take the brake foot I get there stated the. steering wheel which is very important that the. car will do his job alone. it’s very cool we see this technology. in action because we really see that. it is an extremely technological rich car. in safety comfort stability and. of course a lot of technology. [Music]. the sport discovery he has a. technology I shot in the sport that the. we saw an increase of these. obstacles is cool that it modifies the. car so we can pass by. different types of terrain we have to. see him off which is for us at. road and everything. we have the snow gravel part that. it modifies from acceleration. motorization direction that we can. go through this kind of obstacle we. we have a mud and hole that was what the. we participated here in this kind of. obstacle procedure we have. also the sand option that will also. modify the steering wheel from. acceleration and braking and motorization of. car that we can ride in this. kind of cool terrain we’re. speaking of an extremely car. extremely safe technology. always the greatest comfort and greatest. efficiency now that you already know. all about how sport let us. comments what did you think and of course. to talk about the top car to take a test. drive and get to know this beautiful.

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