2019 Jeep Wrangler Truck Redesign and Price

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When you say that the new gladiators. built from the ground up it is made as a. pickup truck it’s not adapted from. something else you’ve got its own unique. frame the towing capacity on this is. higher than anybody else in the class. has so many unique features and really. within its class of midsize trucks I. think it’s it’s just it doesn’t blend in. and rightfully so it shouldn’t have our. brand isn’t one that really blends in. hard to say exactly how long we’ve been. working on this it feels like forever. this happens to be the Rubicon version. and there’s a lot of differences on the. Rubicon we went out of our way to keep. the box side very low hey you can easily. access items on the inside you can I can. reach over here also keeping the. tailgate nice and low for off-road. maneuvers when I want to look behind me. tailgate is damped drops down and. there’s lighting inside inside of the. box and there’s two cleats here on the. tailgate so I can clip that in there. leave it halfway open the box is five. feet long six and a half with the with. the tailgate down the tonneau cover has. a couple cool features to it first it. has what we call this the the weekend. warrior mode so I can simply flip this. open keeps the tension on it I can put a. 2×4 in here all the way to the front it. hangs out but it’s I can leave the. tonneau cover in place and the tonneau. cover is is a simple latch and then it rolls up to the front. and then straps into place easily here. so it doesn’t play around unique here. the 33 inch tire so we offer a base. all-terrain tire and then an optional. muttering tire it’s a falcon tire. brand-new for us 17 inch wheel and. that’s that’s got a really cool sort of. a unique retro style to it the grille we. actually had to enlarge the grille for. cooling the the truck demands so much. more cooling for towing also new on the. the gladiator featured here is the. off-road camera so it’s a forward facing. camera it looks 2 feet in front of the. truck for navigating obstacles shows up. on the screen in the radio and actually. has a washer nozzle to keep the lens. clean so that’s a unique feature we. retained the the windshield folding. feature so the windshield frame again is. aluminum four bolts to pull off at the. top of the windshield header pull the. windshield wipers and then windshield. bolts down why does the windshield fold. fun things that don’t have windshields. surfboards skateboards mountain bikes. roller coasters it’s just part of the. Jeep story we’ve always done it and I. hope we always do it’s just a really. cool function but now it’s easier than. ever the soft top unique to the to the. gladiator that has a soft top and open. air function we’ve already taken the. doors off the soft top has two latches. on the header you flip those and simply. push it back you can drive around like. that with it open simply push it forward. that has these gas struts to hold it. down two latches and you’re done doors. are removable and we give you the tool. to do that it’s very easy operation to. pull the doors off it doesn’t matter. what level you get sport overland. Rubicon there’s we give you a little. tool kit and you pull a screw top and. bottom of the hinges and you there’s a. quick disconnect on the wiring the doors. being aluminum or very light and there’s. a handle inside. lift them off beer seat storage has of. course this this large floor area here. this removable secure storage a lot of. people asked us for this do we get. removable storage its lockable bolts. into the floor here it’s removable with. this large handle it runs all the way. through and there’s dividers to divvy. this up baseball bats footballs whatever. fishing poles where you want to put in. here and the seat puts down revealing. three child child seat tethers and a. removable speaker which recharges and is. bluetooth so that’s unique is an option. on the truck the Overland version of the. gladiator visually a little bit. different than the rest of the trucks. first off the some of the details are. picked up in a silver paint around here. around the fog light body color fender. flares which are lower than the Rubicon. of Rubicon’s higher these are lower. unique 18-inch tire wheel combination on. this vehicle the roof is fully removable. the front features the to freedom panels. those come off first and then the rear. cube and that’s again accomplished with. the toolkit that we provide for the. vehicle along that along the bottom is a. full-length step assist the tonneau. cover which is fitted to the truck it’s. a factory option as the weekend warrior. mode to it in the rear bumper this. happens to be the the composite bumper with a single tow hook to it. the name honestly comes from an earlier. truck for my bike 1963 the naming. process took almost longer than a tip to. make the truck and that’s that’s really. no joke we did go it we get to go and. look at the historical names of jeep. trucks gladiator Comanche scrambler and. Wade the possibilities of all those we. looked at some other new names in the. end gladiator was the one that bit. because it was again our first. full-sized meaningful pickup truck. finally getting something that we we. knew in our hearts was the right thing. enthusiasts we listened to enthusiasts. when we go to Moab they they’ll tell us. all the time how much do you pick up. with me to them timing is right the. truck is right I think we have a very. unique answer to the equation it’s a. convertible truck all time we can. convert it doors off when chilled down roof off has has a lot of great features. roof off has has a lot of great features in the bed it just fits.

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2019 Jeep Wrangler Truck Redesign

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