2019 Jeep Wrangler Colors New Review

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Be taking a look at colors of the 2019. Jeep Wranglers stay with us hopefully. wheel will be able to show you just the. right color for you and your family stay with us. . a writer by first one taking a look at. the day is black clearcoat on your 2019. jeep rubicon can’t go wrong the black. folks I mean it’s always a great color. definitely is a hot color when you’re. living down here in the south from the. summertime so to get a black vehicle. make sure you got tinted windows and all. that good stuff the one thing is for. sure the black definitely looks good. I like the red little hooks down here. and then you got your matte black finish. there with your lighting what a good. looking color here on the Rubicon the. word Rubicon stands out a whole lot with. a kind of a dark grey with the red. lettering around there let’s keep. looking at the Jeep and see what it’s. all about black there’s the rear of it. and also like the wheels that you get. with the black and then you got a. machined face going around the edges. again just stands out quite nicely let’s. move forward we have a ton of jeeps to. look at with a ton of different colors. alright everybody let’s take a look at. billet silver metallic you’ll notice a. lot of the colors on jeeps Dodge. Chrysler Ram or going to basically kind. of transfer over to other models. throughout Chrysler’s dodges jeeps and. Rams anyways bill its silver metallic. nice-looking color there now one thing. I’ll point out to you today like this. one here has got the silver on the. fenders compared to this one over here. having the black trim so you get a good. shot here of what it looks like to have. one with black and a black top and then. one with the painted panels and all that. let’s take a quick look and see the. rears of the jeeps and see what we got. going on I definitely like the billet. silver metallic and it looks really good. with the top paint and silver of course. you are gonna spend an additional amount. of money to be able to get all that. painting going on. compared to your Jeep Wrangler Sport. over here that doesn’t have it going on. one thing I noticed it was kind of cool. on this vehicle is that they have the. backup camera built-in right here to the. fifth wheel in the rear so that’s kind. of interesting these are again 2019. jeeps let’s move forward and take a look. at the next color down the line. here’s one for you pumpkin metallic it’s. OMERS with the black panels on it. orange is great color some people love. orange right some people would like to. have an orange car anyways with that. being said maybe you want to be a little. different maybe you want to stand down a. little bit and have something kind of. bright jeeps definitely are all about. bright colors and as we keep moving down. the line. the colors keep getting even cooler but. there’s your orange looking pretty good. another thing I’ve noticed today folks. while walking through the jeeps looking. at them this one’s got a soft top on it. Jeep is not charging you extra for some. of these cool colors a lot of car. manufacturers out there are gonna put an. extra additional cost. you know attached to the price of the. vehicle considering if it’s a metallic. color this that and the other it could. be 400 700 up to $1,000 on the color. Jeep hasn’t done that at least not to my. knowledge just yet but there’s yours. looking pretty sweet well here’s your. blue looking pretty good some people. love blue just like they love horns. another bright color you got a lot of. great looking metallics in that paint. look at it a lot a silver metallic just. a really nice good-looking shade of blue. with the silver and the black not bad. don’t know the exact color name since. there’s no window sticker on this one. but as we move farther down the line. there’s another blue one down there. we’ll see what we can find out here’s. the cool name for ya Ella yeah hello. yeah. it’s definitely yellow for sure the boys. had actually had a yellow car many years. ago I had a Ford Probe GT and it didn’t. come in yellow but I sure did sand it. down and paint it and do all kinds of. cool stuff to it and I sprayed it in a. beautiful shade of yellow that was on. the type our acura integra. but anyways hella yellow what a nice. looking color on Jeep looks good again. with the black silver and all that good. stuff let’s take a look at the back back. here see how that’s looking oh man they. got these keeps part in some tight spots. they do have a ton of inventory here. today in Charleston South Carolina but. man what a good. looking say to yellow and I really do. like with the black gives it that nice. kind of bumblebee look not bad. here’s one of my favorites out here. today firecracker red with the tan soft. top pretty classic color for a jeep you. know getting one with red and the Tang. on top up there I like it man it. definitely stands out Reds just good. looking colors sporty it’s fun and you. definitely can find your vehicle out in. the parking lot along with the hella. yellow and the blues but there’s your. tan top up top looking nice Teddy. windows let’s go ahead and take a look. at the rear shot of it there you go. firecracker red what you think guys and. girls let me know in the comments. section today what’s your favorite Jeep. color if you could pick one another. favorite of mine out here today is this. bright white clear coat now main reason. why I like it is because it has all your. paneling pretty much for the most part. painted in white from the roof to the. fenders and all gives it a really. luxurious but still sporty look jeeps. have definitely come a long way you know. the body styles haven’t changed up all. that much but I mean just take a look at. the lighting on the vehicle I mean they. have really gotten to be pretty. high-tech and I bet the prices of them. have also gone up as well we’re gonna. take a quick look at the price on this. white one because I got a feeling a lot. of y’all are really gonna like this. color combination I like the wheels the. tires. good-looking rims there with the machine. face got your black paneling or your. blood side step down here this is. actually a Sahara 4×4 but there’s the. white top and this one wrangler. unlimited so it’s a four-door we’ve been. looking at a lot of two doors a day but. 53,000 295 gets 24 on the highway but 53. 295 is suggested MSRP and then when you. add on nitrogen door edge guards window. tinting wheel locks we’re putting our. price up to 54,000 391 okay but what a. good looking color that white with the. white top I mean that’s got to be. probably my favorite as a pick today I. do like the red with the soft top as. well but that’s just got. charisma about it while we look at that. green green green right. mulatto Machado green whatever they want. to say on that please forgive me folks. in the comment section but that is. definitely green there you go. black fenders black soft top corner. looking pretty you me let’s take a look. at the rear of this one and see how that. looks in the back I hope you all are. enjoying the colors review today I know. there’s a ton of y’all out there looking. at buying a jeep and probably having the. hardest time picking out which color to. get some people know exactly which color. they either like buying white cars or. black cars or reds and this done the. other and then there’s those other. people out there that just aren’t all. that sure what color they want you know. you got to live with it once you get it. folks on me unless you’re trading it in. a couple years later but once you get. you jeep you got to keep that color on. it but there is green let’s move right. over to the blue we took a look at the. blue earlier but I didn’t get to mention. the color name of it and it is called. ocean blue metallic that one’s got the. hardtop up there but again ocean blue. metallic looking really nice liking that. one a hardtop sport 4×4 is right around. 38,000 275 so there’s that one let’s. move right on down we got a few more. cars to look at so stay with us. here’s another ocean blue with the tan. top looking pretty good you know blue. and tan always a nice looking color. combination you know when you got that. tan interior with that pretty blue on. the outside so there’s that with a tan. and there’s that with the black top so. it gives you a nice little color. combination it took take a look at and. figure out exactly what you want there’s. that ready in there with the black soft. top and here’s a green with the hard. black top okay keep moving right on down. another blue with a black soft top so. now you’ve seen a black hardtop on it a. tan soft top and black soft top so. there’s that then there’s a black. two-door Wrangler sport looking pretty. good there okay and then another one and. then another one and then here’s one. that we haven’t gotten look at but I’m. really thinking this is. as well this is a jeep wrangler. unlimited sport white with a tan soft. top looking really unique again I think. my favorite color today on the jeeps and. I hate to say man it’s just got to be. white with the white hardtop but the. white with the Tam soft tops looking. really good. alright guys if you find any more colors. out here today we’ll definitely review. them but for right now I think that is. gonna be about it if there’s a color of. a Jeep Wrangler that you would like to. see visit your local Jeep dealership. wherever you live that it’s always. helpful to get out get out there on the. lot walk the lot and look at them for. yourself thanks for watching everybody. today I hope you’ve got to see some. colors that you really were excited. about thanks for watching again guys. make sure you like comment and subscribe. here or in Charleston car videos we need. your support to make this channel grow. so I continue to go out and get great. content for you to watch we’ll see you soon on Chad I’m signing out. soon on Chad I’m signing out.

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