2019 Fiat 500E New Release

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Fiat 500e the e stands for electric. electric cars have been in the news more. and more often these days but you might. be asking yourself what is it like to. actually own one well wonder no more today I will explain it all. the Fiat 500e is a sporty stylish. compact car and in my opinion the retro. styling looks just as good today as it. did when it was first released inside. you’ll find just as much style as he do. outside a color keyed dash panel eye. catching orange stitching and stripes on. the seats and plenty of retro design. cues even though the car seems small. from the outside there’s actually enough. room in here to sit fully upright like a. full-sized car the steering wheel is. perfectly positioned and it’s actually a. very comfortable car to sit in the key. fob features an actual real key that you. put into a real ignition the instrument. cluster is very easy to read you can. also set it up to display how much power. you’re using one of two trip odometers. or tire pressure the entertainment. system in this car sounds surprisingly. good you can play music through a USB. stick CD or through the radio satellite. FM or AM the climate control system is. very well laid out the buttons are easy. to operate while driving without taking. too much your focus off the road if you. want a certain temperature select Auto. and then simply adjust the display to. whatever temperature you like pushing. any of the other buttons takes you into. a manual mode. you can adjust the fan where the vents. are blowing recirculate the air. you also have seat heaters and right. below it the fog light button the gear. selector in this car reminds me of. something straight out of a Ferrari or. Lamborghini you’ve got these stylish. push buttons simply put your foot on the. brake and put it into drive to change a. gear all you do is simply press the. button and a little light will. illuminate right above the gear you’ve. selected it’s a very easy to operate and. elegant solution the rear seats are. there adequate it’s a little tight on. space in a pinch you can fit two adults. back here or perhaps some of your. feathered friends this car is a. hatchback which comes in handy when for. example loading a dumpster dive all if. you need more room you can simply fold. down both rear seats remove this little. sunshade and presto you’ve just created. enough space I don’t know to take a nap. in under the hood there’s really not. much to see which is a good thing no oil. changes no spark plugs no belts no. filters no transmission flushes no. radiator fluid I haven’t touched a thing. under this hood in the three years that. I’ve owned it keeping this car running. has been as easy as plugging it in. believe it or not there are thousands of. locations to charge your Fiat 500e in. the Los Angeles area where I live you. don’t have to look far to find one a. full charge gets you a little over 100. miles of range which is adequate for. most commutes or running errands now I. know what you’re thinking sure this car. will get. but it’s probably really slow and boring. right. on the contrary the zero to 60 on this. car is a lot of fun just don’t be. testing the zero to sixty too often or. you’ll be spending a lot of money on. tires all right so let’s get down to. brass tacks there are pluses and minuses. to just about everything in life so. let’s answer the great question here. should you consider owning a Fiat 500e. and also how about owning an electric. car in general the number one reason to. consider this particular electric car at. the moment at least on the resale market. is price these things are going dirt. cheap this car retails for around. $35,000 which is way too much to pay. most of the Fiat 500 ease that enter the. resale market are off lease returns like. this one will be very shortly there were. special deals on leasing which is why. the majority of them were leased instead. of purchased the advantage for you now. is that instead of paying thirty five. thousand I’ve seen this model go for. between five and ten thousand dollars on. the resale market oftentimes with very. low miles 15,000 to 25,000 miles and. they’re all in like-new condition so. would I pick one up used yes definitely. at that price it makes sense would i buy. one new today and pay full price. absolutely not. because for around the same price now. you can pick up the Tesla Model 3 or the. Chevy Volt both of which have much. better range than this car does and. they’re a little bit bigger you get the. extra two doors a little bit more space. but more importantly they also feature. quick charging capabilities which is. something the Fiat 500e. lacks another advantage of this car and. any electric car you don’t have any fuel. costs there are plenty of places to. charge out in public for free. nothing like a free tank of gas every. day right or if you’re lucky enough to. live in a place where you can install. solar panels you can charge your car. from the Sun it doesn’t get any better. than that and that’s another positive is. a car like this or any electric car is. good for the environment. another advantage electric cars are. quick powerful and fun to drive and. they’re quiet too on the road and the. list of advantages goes on and on you. don’t have smog checks oil changes. filters spark plugs belts transmission. fluids you know all of these expenses. that you incur with an internal. combustion engine are gone and an. electric car is so reliable I have not. had one single issue the whole time I’ve. driven this car it’s it’s been a dream I. think by now the technology is. rock-solid there’s no reason to be. scared of it I say go for it oh yeah. another positive depending upon your. location some places have preferred. parking for electric cars one of the. cities near where I live. you can park at a meter for free during. certain hours some of the stores have. upfront parking reserved for electric. vehicles and if they have free charging. for example at a store it’s usually. closer to the door so you get VIP. parking or free parking and at least in. my state I’m allowed to use in this car. the carpool lane even if it’s just me in. the car so there are a lot of advantages. now let’s go into some of the. disadvantages disadvantage number one. and this has to do with this Fiat 500e. more so than electric cars in general. because for example the Tesla’s. the new Chevy bolt they don’t have to. deal with problems like this this car. gives you about 100 miles of range for. most purposes that’s fine but in all. honesty it’s just it’s right at that. point where it does get a little bit. frustrating at times. now 200 miles in my experience that’s. the magic number if you can get an. electric car that will give you 200. miles or above in range you don’t have a. lot of these little frustrations that I. have experienced in the past the other. sort of related issue to that number one. issue is this particular car has no. quick charging capability at all which. means to charge the battery it takes a. long time you have to leave it charging. overnight on a wall socket charge if you. have a charger that runs on 220 volt. I believe I’ve charged this car from. zero to 100% in about four hours I’m one. of those level two chargers but in the. long run it’s not something you want to. deal with all of the time so if you do a. lot of driving and you can swing it go. ahead and get a Tesla Model 3 go ahead. and get a Chevy bolt it’s really worth. the money another disadvantage and it’s. a minor one for most people since this. is a two-door you don’t have the ability. to participate in ride-sharing programs. such as uber or lyft they all require. you to have a four-door car another. negative at least of the Fiat 500 ease. the ride in this thing is kind of stiff. you feel the jolts a lot more than you. do in your average car test drive one. make sure it’s gonna be comfortable. enough the next negative you know I I. think I’m out of negatives that’s that’s. it really there aren’t a lot of. negatives to this car or electric cars. in general I mean in the past three. years that I’ve owned this thing I’ve. been very satisfied a lot more satisfied. than almost any. car I’ve ever owned before in my entire. life and that says a lot. electric cars are quick they’re. efficient they’re fun to drive they’re. quiet I mean what’s not to like it’s. it’s awesome if you’re thinking to. yourself oh you know an electric car. it’s it’s gonna be boring it’s gonna be. slow why would I ever be interested in a. car like that no those are all those are. all misconceptions do yourself a favor. try one out for a while I think that you. will be absolutely amazed at the. experience anyway it looks like it’s. getting kind of dark out now so I’ll. wrap up today’s vlog I hope you enjoyed. it I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section take care everybody.

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