2019 Dodge Ram New Interior for 2019 Dodge Ram Exterior and Interior Review

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this babe right here is a 2019 Dodge Ram. 1500 limited crew cab and I think it. probably has the best luxury truck. interior I accidentally deleted old. footage of me talking in person by the. truck so you’ll be not able to see my. amazing face and I got to hang out with. this truck in Hunter Dodge Ram of. Lancaster California [Music]. we’ll begin checking out this Rams. interior by looking at the door panel. trim first and as I go through the. interior I’d like for you to remember. the word storage because this truck has. a ton of it when opening the door right. off the bat we are smacked in the face. by nice stitching on leather parts and. shiny silver components like this door. handle and speaker that just feel robust. and premium to the touch we see a small. cubby underneath the window switch panel. but there’s another larger cubby down. there that also houses two cupholders. they’re made out of the soft rubbery. material that I imagine can expand to. accommodate various size cuffs and. bottles and to my right a big shiny. silver speaker with a super dope grill. design this Ram is equipped with a. Harman Kardon 19 speaker premium sound. system moving onto the carpet trim which. nobody probably talks about the floor. mats on this truck have the word limited. protruding on the sides this dagger-like. graphic is also located here and it. pretty much makes an appearance almost. everywhere and the rear seat mats have. the same design so there’s not much else. I can mention there now I want to talk. about the seats the design quality and. electronic adjustment switches starting. with design quality these black leather. perforated seats with contrast color. stitching feel great on my hands but. most importantly we’re comfy to sit on. as well the rear seats look just as good. and are just as comfortable and I would. say that they’re even more comfy in the. first row seats because of the crazy. amount of room you have in the back I. mean just look at this shot the power. seat switches are straightforward you. can move the seats forward backward up. down and adjust the angle of the seat. backs the wheel there next door adjusts. lumbar support I don’t know if you can. see the change in the seat and this shot. or not I don’t know I tried my best for. it to be visible as possible but it’s. time to move on to the meat and potatoes. of this interior that is ladies and. gentlemen everything and anything the. two people in the first row seats get to. experience the instrument panel center. console and for the driver the steering. wheel. I must sit in the driver’s seat and. start by checking out the steering wheel. I love the shiny 3-dimensional Dodge. emblem in the center but also have a. look at how that black leather with. white stitching theme is carried on here. as well. it’s just so cool my husband get. distracted by the gauge cluster I’m. probably one of the few weirdos that. appreciates a cool-looking gauge cluster. and this one is pretty damn cool I love. the baby blue outline around the silver. speedometer and tachometer also look at. how they’re both linked to the fuel and. temperature indicators by these silver. links it all just looks so dope and of. course a protruding Ram logo in the. center to remind you what truck this is. it’s worth noting that the shifter in. this Ram looks and operates like a knob. you’d use to adjust the volume of your. speakers it does however feel more. robust than the average knob I want to. shift focus and attention to this huge. Tesla s display in the center of. everything I just want to mention that. I’ve never seen a truck with this big of. a display before I had someone mess. around with it to show a better view of. how responsive and quick it is it isn’t. laggy at all the user interface not only. looks elegant but it is also. straightforward and easy to operate Here. I am playing with it myself just to. double-check responsiveness and. quickness oh look it’s the word limited. again with that dagger thing let’s now. have a look at some of the storage and. features we have in the center console. inside here we have a lot of space and. something I personally find pretty cool. is this little divider that helps keep. some order for all of this room that you. have there’s also yes an upper. compartment with this super soft. material and look a USB port for I don’t. know your phone but wait there’s more. storage here and again you have a lot of. it something I want to note here is this. wireless charging area for your. smartphone here’s my Samsung Note II so. you can get an idea of what it can hold. right next to my phone you’ll notice. four USB ports two of them type C and an. aux board coz dodges an apple and if we. look under to the wireless charging. zones there’s a 115 volt outlet like. what am I gonna plug into here we are. not done with the center console yet. because we have two more cupholders and. this little compartment here that I’m. not sure what it’s for but it’s the. store send really cool things just when. you think I’ll stop saying storage. there’s more of it along the sides of. the center console in the form of. cubbies to finally finish off the first. row I’m going to acknowledge the. existence of the. box and the storage area above the glove. box that is enclosed by this pretty door. with a familiar stitch pattern and the. limited logo when we move on to the. 60/40 back seats it doesn’t take long. before we uncover with the flick of a. switch what do you know it’s more. storage and you can uncover more storage. underneath the 60 seats as well in the. same manner now sitting in the middle I. can point more things out behind the. center console two cupholders here a. little cubby for little storage here. more USB ports four more USB things and. another 115 volt outlet and now that I’m. back here I have a better view of the. huge dual pane sunroof that is just wow. and that’s going to be it for my. walk-around of the 2019 Dodge Ram. Limited’s interior I hope this was. useful and/or that you enjoyed it share. your thoughts with a like dislike or comment and subscribe if you want more. comment and subscribe if you want more chill automotive content bro peace out.

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