2019 Camry Redesign and Price for 2019 Camry Picture, Release date, and Review

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There are still hundreds of thousands of. people who would rather have a Camry. than anything else that’s why we’re out. at Frankfort iota this lovely fall. morning to check out the latest 2019. version in the loaded X se trend if. you’re in the market for any new Toyota. be sure to stop by physically or visit. their web address which we have provided. a link to in the video description so. with that said let’s go ahead and see if. the Camry can continue to stay on top against the all-new Altima and Accord. now the biggest way Toyota has decided. to keep people’s interest months of. dance is by giving you a lot more style. than crossovers or rival cars typically. have last year’s redesign made the Camry. the most aggressive it has ever been by. far and that’s regardless of whether you. choose a sport oriented s model or a. luxury minded elma SE and X se both have. this grille design though the SES is. finished in a plainer matte black. instead of this metallic if you choose. to go the luxury route instead you get a.

Totally different design with either. matte black or metallic gray bars that. go across the entire front end sliding. over to the headlights Toyota actually. includes LED headlights standard across. all trims. however only the more expensive X trims. come with this fancier setup that. includes LED daytime running lights and. turn signals. Bogg lights however are not included on. any trend around at the side the. aggression grows further with an. athletic stance and especially that. blacked-out roof now this is an option. on the XS II only and it can be paired. with this white silver or blue and as. far as length it comes in at 192 point 7. inches long which is a few tenths larger. than the Accord and a few tenths shorter. than the all-new ultimate of course like. the rest of the vehicle the back is also. surprisingly aggressive here with the XS. deep trend since we have the black roof.

2019 Camry Specs and Review for 2019 Camry Redesign, Price and Review

We also get a matching black spoiler in. addition to the already crazy quad. exhaust outlets naturally the le and xle. do have a more subdued look as far as. your taillights at least some of the. elements are LED across all trims though. the xle and X se get this fancier. arrangement that looks straight off the. Lexus overall the Camry offers something. for everyone since it has several. distinct designs ranging from mundane to. intensely sporty another aspect of the. aggressive design on this X se are the. wheels they are the largest option. coming in at 19 inches with a black and. silver design and the SE has similar. looking wheels just 18 inches on the. other side of things xle has 18 inch. chrome finished alloys le has 17 inch. alloys and the L has 16 inch steel wheels with covers. next up we have the mirrors which are. heated and have standard blind spot. monitoring on the extras. they are also metallic black if you have. the black roof option however besides. for BSM all the other active safety. features are standard across all five. terms of the camry that includes. pre-collision braking with pedestrian. detection lane departure warning with. steering assist automatic high-beam. headlights and dynamic radar cruise. control most rivals with the exception. of honda accord still make you pay extra. for those features the last thing to. address before getting inside is the. fuel range now there are several. different MPG figures which we’ll. discuss later but for now just know that. the highest volume four-cylinder. configuration can travel 512 miles on a tank of regular gas. well that concludes the outside of the. vehicle so now let’s see if anything has been changed on the interior. so on your ex trim Camrys you’re going.

To have standard smart entry and. push-button starts with this really nice. new key fob now this system is available. on the SE and le through the optional. convenience package to get inside the. vehicle there is a sensor behind the. door handle so all you have to do is. grab it alright so looking inside the. 2019 Camry honestly it’s still shocking. to me that you can get a red interior. but other than that there’s not really. many changes from last year so you. continue have the same new modern design. as far as your material choices on the L. and le you have cloth seating on the SE. you have leather trim seating with cloth. in the center and then on your 2x trims. x SE and x le you have full leather. seating and then as far as your color. options the three regular trims come. with black grey or macadamia color. schemes and then the SE comes with black. or grey with the XS II adding the additional option of this red color. I turn to your door tram it has a really. cool look you have leather padding of. course on the armrest and then on this. red model all this plastic and they. speaker grille is also red so that’s. really cool our windows are one touch. automatic for all four windows so that’s a nice touch as well. they’re coming to the seat Toyo is nice. enough to include eight-way power seats. with two-way lumbar on all but the very. base L model which gets a six-way manual. seat and like I already said xle and XS. II do have full real leather seating has. a nice stitching contrast stitching. design nice piece here and then perforation in the middle. so looking around the cabin it does have. a very modern design to it and that is. backed up by very nice materials all of. your upper dash is made from a nice high. quality soft touch plastic and then in. the middle here you have this flow. aluminum trim on the SE and XS II this. would be fake or real wood on the other. trims below that you have a leatherette. trim with color contrast stitching that. continues down through here and then all. of your other materials do fit together.

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Really solidly like I already mentioned. the X trims have standard push-button. start or it is available in the convenience package for the lower traps. now what you’re looking at is the. optional 8 inch display booting up the. standard display is 7 inches across all of the trims. all right so looking at your gauges you. do have the same red trim as the leather. seating and then in the middle you’ll. find a 7-inch multifunction display on. the X se and x le on the other terms it. is a smaller 4.2 inch one this does have. lots of different features you’ve got. all your traditional stuff as well as. like your map and then you can also. customize your safety systems through. here as well so very nice in addition to. that you do also have a 10.1 inch. head-up display now I believe this is. class exclusive at least for now so a. very nice feature to have and coming. back to your steering wheel of course it. is electric power assisted steering and. it is leather wrapped on the SE and up. up top here you got your buttons for. your multifunction display phone and. voice commands and then you’ve got your. adaptive cruise control and your audio. controls right here coming down the. steering wheel is manually tilt and. telescoping however heating is not. available now off to the left of the. steering wheel you will find a series of. buttons but the one I want to point out. is this button which launches your. 360-degree camera this is optional on. the X se and xle and when you press that. button it goes into a perimeter scan. mode so you basically get to fly all. around the vehicle see your surroundings. and then it goes into your traditional. view you can also click this button to. get a different type of animation where.

2019 Camry Review and Specs for 2019 Camry Picture, Release date, and Review

You see it from like the cars perspective. but moving past that let’s talk about. the storage where the Camry excels so to. start off with you have a really large. center console this is quite big for a. midsize sedan and then the bottom you do. have a felt lining as well in here you. do have two charging USB ports and then. up here in the front on the X trims you. have a Qi wireless phone charger so you. just turn it on right there and then you. can stick your phone right on top to. charge it. this also slides out of the way to. reveal another deep area where you can. hide some stuff and maybe if you have an. additional USB port aux jack and 12-volt. outlet now coming back to your shifter. in a time where a lot of rivals have. switched to electronic ones thankfully. Toyota stuck with an easy-to-use. traditional one so all you have to do is. pull back your drive then you can bump. to the left to shift manually here one. more via the standard paddle shifters on. your SE and xse trims now when we go. into reverse depending on your trim you. will find a series of different backup. cameras you have a standard one on all. trims you get dynamic guide lines on the. XS e and x le and you then you have the. option of further adding this bird’s-eye. 360-degree camera so as you can see we. do have a traditional view over here and. then your 360 view over here and you. can’t press this button to switch. between a close-up view if you rather. see that. I believe this is a class exclusive. feature and then back behind the shifter. on xle and xse you will find an. electronic parking brake and a brake. hold feature though all models do have. three drive modes your ex trims will. also come with three-stage heated seats. for both the driver and passenger though. ventilation is not available coming up. to your climate controls you will also. find a series of different options on L. and L II it is manual on the SE it is. single zone automatic and then on the X. le and X se it is this dual zone. automatic setup as you can see controls. are very simple you just have two. temperature knobs over here band buttons. down here and then your zone button so.

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You don’t have to go into the display to adjust anything everything is right here. and now that brings us up to our models. optional JBL audio system so let’s go ahead and take a listen. sound quality is definitely very good. and I’d say it’s worth the upgrade now. that brings us to the Toyota NT system. with a couple additions this year so. let’s go ahead and get into that so like. I said this is the larger 8-inch display. which is optional and it does come with. the dynamic navigation system so you. can’t click on these sections to go into. them as you can see this is Toyota’s new. navigation system has upgraded graphics. and it’s very responsive and looks nice. and you do still have the shortcut. buttons along the side regardless of. what size screen you get so you just. press that to go back to the home screen. and from here we can also go into our. audio and we have standard Bluetooth. audio so we can play and pause it from. here and change our source from over. there now clicking the menu button will. bring you to all your applications and. there’s one really important one for. 2019 and that’s that you now have apple. carplay finally so you just press into. that you have the same controls as in. all other vehicles so you can jump into. your audio your Apple maps get your home. button messages Toyota has also. announced plans to restart rolling out. Android auto to their vehicles so that. should be available as a software update. eventually now as far as other features. in the vehicle we go into our settings. we can find the new Wi-Fi hotspot that. comes in the Camry it is powered by. Verizon and you get 2 gigabytes or six. months free access and then you can add. that to your phone plan if you want to. continue to use it so that pretty much. sums up the main features of Toyota. Entune 3.0 and we do have a very. detailed 3.0 tutorial available for. those of you who want to learn more and. a link to that video will be in the. description now moving up from the. screen we do have an auto dimming mirror. with homelink. universal remotes this is standard on. the ex trims and available through that. convenience package on SE and le and. then coming back you will also find your. moonroof controls now no model comes. standard with a moonroof however on xle. and X SP you have the option of getting. the panoramic roof so this is really. cool as you can see it’s gigantic and. the front portion does open up just like. a regular movie the SE and le can option. on a standard size moonroof if they want. but this is really nice I believe it is class-exclusive. so overall the Camrys interior is a. really nice place to spend time it has a. lot of luxury features that are just not. that common in the class and the design. really stands out especially in this red. so overall I’m still impressed now I’ll. go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish up the rest of the cabin. the back door trim of the Camry is. really nice you’ve got leather where. your armrest with some stitching and it. is even read down by the speaker grille. above that you do have some silver trim. and the top is padded additionally your. back windows are fully automatic now as. far as your space is concerned for the. 2019 camera you’re going to find 38. inches of buff leg and Headroom that. does place it behind some of the. competition like the Honda Accord but is. plenty overall your receipts are this. nice leather design they’re very. comfortable and I’m a really big fan of this red leather. in the center Toyota does give you nice. rear air vents on the XS c and xle. models or optional through the audio. package on le and se they also give you. a nice armrest with couple cupholders. inside and above that you do have some. LED lighting additionally our model. since it’s fully loaded has the panel. roof which I have to say is a really. nice touch for a sedan over here you do. have an assist grip and coat hook and. the headliner is pretty nice now as far. as your space is concerned the seat is. adjusted to Druce 5/8 driving position. and I have plenty of room I have. probably about a foot of leg space and. my feet can easily slide up under the. seat scooting over even with the seat. all the way back I still have several. inches of legroom and it’s worth noting. that this seat slides back a really long. ways so overall I’m a huge fan of the. 2019 Camrys rear seat this is the first. time I’ve been in a fully loaded camry. and this is an amazing rear seat it’s. honestly doesn’t feel like a midsize sedan at all very impressed. heading around to the trunk all you have. to do is find the button under the trunk. lid and it is nicely dampened so it. opens all the way and once inside you’re. going to find fifteen point one cubic. feet of space and fourteen point one. cubic feet of space on the L model. that’s also a little bit smaller than. the Honda Accord but it’s on par with. most in the class it’s also worth. knowing that seats do fold 60/40 split. and there is a spare tire located under the floor. the passenger seat is that same leather. design and it is also 8 way power. adjusting on the X models now in front. of the passenger you do have nice. materials with this nice red leather. some silver trim and a padded dashboard. down below that you do have a dampened. glovebox it’s pretty good-sized it goes. back a good ways and above that you do. have a Sun Visor with a mirror and light. you can also detach it and there is an. extension over here well guys that sums. up all I have to cover up here so let’s go ahead and talk about the powertrain. all right so as far as the engines are. concerned in the 2019 Camry you aren’t. going to see any changes from the 2018. model you start out with this 2.5 liter. naturally aspirated four-cylinder on all. models which produces 203 horsepower and. 184 pound-feet of torque that is unless. you get the X I see like what we have. and then it produces 206 horsepower and. 186 pound-feet of torque now unlike a. lot of rivals the optional engine isn’t. a 2-liter turbo it’s actually a 3.5. liter v6 which produces 301 horsepower. and 267 pound feet of torque that engine. is available on xle and xse models and. regardless of which engine you choose. you’re going to have an 8-speed. automatic sent to the front wheels. meaning and I’m sure a lot of you are. concerned about the fuel economy and the. 2019 Camry does well there are three. different fuel economy figures for the. base l model you’re gonna come in at 29. City 41 highway 34 combined and if you. choose any of the other trims with the. four-cylinder you’re gonna come in at 28. City 39 highway 32 combined now with the. v6 obviously you are gonna see a. reduction in your feet economy but it’s. actually not that bad. coming in at 22 City 33 highway 26. combined well guys we hope you enjoyed. watching the first in-depth look at the. 2019 toyota camry xse stay watching for. a quick look at the pricing and don’t. forget to those like and subscribe. buttons below we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest. as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies.

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